Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 95

Their screams were more than enough to freak out all the young couples out there... They started walking towards one of them.. "Hey you people are drunk?" The guy asked... Randhir and Sanyukta smiled weirdly and nodded in a yes... "Waise Tum dono lovers ho?" Randhir nodded in a yes while Sanyukta nodded in a No.. "Haa ya na" he asked again.. "Ok fir se Pucho Tum..." Randhir said... "Kya puchu?" The guy seemed confused.. "Arey Wahi Jo abhi abhi pucha tu ne.. Last time galat Jawab diya meine iss bar sahi Jawab dunga.. Puch tu.." He stammered... "Tum dono lovers ho kya?" He asked again.. This time Randhir nodded in a No while Sanyukta said a yes.. "Arey kya Sanyukta iss baar tumne galat Jawab de diya.. Ok ek aur baar karte hai.. Bhai sawaal repeat Karo" Randhir said like a cute little baby...
The guy was on the verge of going mad.. "Bhai Mujhe Kuch nai Jaana.. Tum log please Jao yaha se.."
"Arey bhai.. Hum log lovers hai ya couples yeh zaroori nai.. Hamare beech pyar hona zaroori hai, Jo hum me bara pada hai.. Lovers samajna hai toh samjho couples samajna hai toh samjho.. All your choice..." Randhir announced while Sanyukta jumped in "Haa siwai bhai behen ke..." And they both laughed at their own lame joke, while the other confused couple departed from the place.. Randhir's eyes fell on something behind the boat.. The area was pretty dark.. Sandhir proceeded towards that place to find a couple hugging each other.. Randhir coughed and they both parted.. "Hey Kaun ho tum aur yaha kya kar rahe ho?"
Sanyukta came forward "Same question repeat.. Kaun ho Tum dono aur yaha especially yaha kya kar rahe ho?" The girl blushed while the guy seemed embarrassed.. "We are lovers.. Hum pyaar kar rahe hai.." He said.. Randhir pulled him up "Pyaar? Woh bhi iss Andere me? Bhaiya pyaar na khulke karte hai, like us... Chip chipke toh galtiyan hi hota hai, pyaar nai... Samjha? Jaa jaake khulke pyaar kar, Khone me nai.." They departed too... "Kyu Sanyukta sahi bola na Mein!" He lifted his collar.. "Haa ji Haa ji.. Ek dum sahi kaha aapne.. Keep it up my boy" she patted his cheeks..
"Next target Kaun hai?" Randhir asked like a chubby little kid.. Sanyukta looked all around.. I'm a span of 15 mins, Sandhir had managed to vacate the whole beach.. There were nobody around now.. "Good job Randhir.." Sanyukta laughed.. They were still into their acting mode.. Randhir suddenly remembered something.. He pulled out his mobile.. "Kisko call kar rahe ho Randhir?" 
"Arey Wahi hamare Vidarth!" Randhir stammered.. "Vidarth Kaun?" She wondered.. "Budhu u don't even know this.. It's Vidushi plus Parth equals to Vidarth" he tapped her forehead.. "Oho..!"
Randhir dialed Parth's number and put it on speaker.. After 4 long rings, Parth answered the call.. He was breathing hard.."Ran Ran Randhir.." Randhir got tensed "Parth sab thik hai na? Why are you breathing so hard? Vidushi kaha hai?"
"Vidushi Vidushi.." He stammered, making Randhir more tensed.. "Parth bata toh sahi hua kya? Where's Vidushi? Is she in danger?" Sanyukta chipped in... Parth found it hard to grasp his breath.. "Vidushi nai I am in danger.." He said.. Sandhir exchanged a confused look "Matlab?" 
"Matlab Chudail kal se mere piche padi hui hai.." When he said that, they heard a loud knock on the door.. "Parth open the door...!" Randhir yelled "Parth what's this pagalpanti? Why did you lock her inside the room? Is she an animal or what? Open the door I say.." 
"Arey Randhir.. Meine usko nai khudko lock kiya hai bathroom ke andar..." Randhir giggled "Kya? Par kyu?"
"Kyun Ki meine kal khate waqt, khud problem ko nyota de diya.. Fir kal raat sote waqt, sapne me Katrina kaif ke baare me Kuch Bol diya meine, aur yeh Chudail ne sun liya, bas tab se mere waat laga rahi hai.. I had to shut myself in this Ganda bathroom to escape from her.." Parth seemed like he was too terrified, forcing Sandhir to laugh out loud.. "Abey chal nikal bathroom se.. She won't eat you" Randhir teased.. 
"Nah Randhir nah... Bathroom hi kaafi hai.. I won't go out until you come here to pick me up.. Dost hai na tu.. Kal subah aa jaa jaldi.. Tab tak Mein bathroom se Bahar nai nikalunga..!" He indeed seemed terrified.. Randhir smiled "Sorry boss.. It's your love your choice.. Mein nai aane wala Tum dono ke beech.. Enjoyyy.." He disconnected the call... Parth was left helpless.. "Parth open the door ya fir I ll break it" she kept banging the door... He shut his mouth tight.. In a few minutes, her tone changed "Parth I love you na.. It's okay if you get KK dreams in the night.. I won't mind.. Tum please Bahar aa jao.. You're my darling honey.." She puppied him.. "Vidushi I love you too... Yeah I like KK a bit more than you.. But kya karun you are my reality woh toh sapna hi rahega na" he slowly opened the door, to find her smiling.. He proceeded to hug her.. She hit him with the pillow and he jumped in the bed "KK dreams Haan? Nai chodungi Mein tumhe.." She attacked and he screamedddd...
Randhir and Sanyukta were totally tired after their "Mission Beach Cleanup" session.. "Rannu, shall we go back home?" She asked cutely.. "Haa Sanyu.. Mein bhi Bahut tired hu.. Chal let's go.." He dragged her and she stopped.. He turned "Kya hua?" 
"Arey Rannu you are drunk na! Drive kaise karoge! It's drunk n drive.. Illegal hai.." She pouted.. "Sanyu it's okay.. Mein manage kar lungs tu chal.." A policeman saw them arguing over drunk and drive.. "Aaj fine khub milega.. I ll let him start the car fir pakadunga.." He decided.. Randhir jumped on the driver seat and Sanyukta sat beside him.. He started the car, when the policeman stopped him.. "Hey chal utar.. Drunk and drive.. Fine lagega.."
Randhir turned to smile at Sanyukta.. "Sanyu utarna.. Maza Ayega.." She immediately got down.. Sandhir approached the guard, he stood there clueless, Rannu winked at his Sanyu, "1, 2, 3, Go..." They both blew air right on the policeman's face, leaving him stunned.."Sir do we smell drunk?" He asked innocently... Guard nodded in a No.. "Toh fine Kisi aur se le Lena... Hum bas drunk hone ka natak kar rahe tey.." He steadied his voice.. "You guys behaved like drunk?" 
"Haaa because we wanted to check if you are doing your duty properly.. Hai na Sanyu?" He looked at her, she nodded in a yes.. "Haa Rannu.." 
"Sir... Humne pee nai hai, isliye humhe ullu mat banana.. India ko No ullu banaying no ullu banaying" they sang in unison and got onto the car smiling, and left the place.. Guard kept scratching his head.. "What the hell just happened here?"
Randhir stopped a car at a fair distance.. They looked at each other, next moment bursted out laughing... She rushed into his arms and he hugged her tight... "What an amazing evening Randhir.. Totally loved it... I love you more than everything.." He looked into her eyes.. "Ek evening hi itna amazing hai toh Socho Hamare life kitna amazing Hoga.. Promise me that you ll Always be mine Sanyukta and I promise to be yours always.." He kissed her forehead..
"I promise Randhir.. I really do.." She hugged him tight and kissed his neck.. They were Two souls madly in love each other... They were Sandhir, the inseparables..
Precap: Sandhir Back in FITE... 

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