Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 88

Sanyukta could feel his inner pain, a tear escaped her eye, but she wiped it away before it could kiss her husband awake.. He, finally, managed to grab some sleep. Sanyukta was in no mood to spoil his sleep.. Waking him up would rekindle all the bad memories in his heart, he would again get into his self destruction mode. When she was very sure that he was in his deep sleep, she slowly made him lie on the pillow nearby.. Dressed quickly, covered him up with a blanket, kissed him on his forehead, and slowly crawled her way out of the room, without disturbing her sleeping prince.. Before stepping out completely, she threw a quick glance back at him.. Cool breeze, blowing through the window disturbed the hair that was dancing on his forehead.. His lips curved in an unusual smile, may be he was atleast dreaming something good. She looked up and prayed to God, “May this smile always be there on his lips.. Don’t take it away from him.. Coz he deserves to be happy, more than anyone else”.. She made her way out of the room, came down to find someone sitting alone in the dark.. It didn’t take much time for her to realize who was sitting there, it was the Great Sanyal, who had given birth to Sanyukta’s lovable husband, yeah, she had just given birth to him, and did nothing. He grew up by himself, he fell down while walking and stood up on his own.. In childhood, it was quite easy for him to pull his bits together and get up but now it was getting out of his control. Who is to be blamed here? So many factors are to be blamed, unfortunately, his mother tops the list for him. Sanyukta slowly went and sat beside her so called mother-in-law. Mrs. Sanyal came out of her trance, by some movement beside her.. It was Sanyukta.. She smiled seeing Mrs. Sanyal, and she returned the smile. “Sit down Sanyukta..” she said.. “Has Randhir slept?”
“Yeah he has.. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here..” she answered looking elsewhere..
“Tum bhi naraz ho kya mujhse? Let me tell you one thing very clearly.. I am so happy to see you as my son’s Life partner.. As a person, I have always liked you and your attitude. There cannot be a perfect match for my son other than you. It might give him a new direction in his life. I would want him to understand me a bit. I know you ll make him understand, wont you?” She seemed to have so much of expectations from her daughter in law. She had right to think so. Sanyukta turned to face her.. Somehow, she felt, she wasn’t the same Renuka Sanyal, whom once inspired Sanyukta to become like her.. She had won so many business deals in her career but seemed to have lost the biggest deal of her life.. Her responsibility towards her son, the pride of being a Mom, she seemed to have failed in it big time.. Her face was a clear depiction of the “Longing mother” she had buried somewhere inside. Sanyukta spoke "Mam... So you mean to say you understand him but he doesn't is it?" Her question was sharp.. Renuka gazed at her deep and blurted out "Yes I know my son well.. Wish he understood me someday too..!" She finished...
Sanyukta stood up.. "Hmmm.. Interesting... Then it's very bad on Randhir's part.. I will surely make him understand.. But before that, I would like to ask you few things Mam.. I hope you won't mind.." 
Renuka nodded in a yes.. Sanyukta kick started her query session.. "What's his favourite Color?" She replied "Red.."
Sanyu: Red?
Renuka: Yep it's my favourite Color..
Sanyu: Sorry, I guess you misunderstood.. I asked what's HIS matlab Randhir's Favourite Color?
Renuka hesitated for a while.. "Favourite colorrrr.. I am not sure.. I never discussed that with Randhir.. May be black.."
Sanyu: That's the Colour you both as parents managed to paint his life with.. His favourite is blue.. Renuka put her head down..
Sanyu: Never mind.. What's his favourite dish?
Renuka: Dishhhh... (She had never shared a table with her son, never ever saw him eat.. No way she was going to get it right..) I don't know.. May be something that's related to chicken.. Again she took a wild guess.. Sanyukta nodded her head in a No..
Sanyu: No way.. He likes Dal chawal and Rajma chawal and his favourite cuisine being Chinese.. Have you ever cooked a dish for him? Once atleast?
Renuka could not glance at her at all.. She nodded in a No even without looking at her.. 
Sanyu: Okay.. I know you are not going to answer this.. Still it's my duty to ask you.. Here it goes, your last question of the night to know how much you understood your son.. What's his favourite destination?
Renuka as usual did not have any answer for that question, coz she knew she had never asked her son that, never.. Sanyukta continued.. "Nai pata na? Mein batati hu.. His favourite destination is neither a lavish place nor a dream destination, it's his MOM's LAP, yani ki aap.. He has never felt your lap.. You never let him feel your motherhood.. Ab aake keh rahe ho ki, you know him but he doesn't.. What an amazing mother you are.."
It was a tight slap on her face.. The fact was she knew NOTHING about her son, nothing at all.. Even now, she wanted him to understand her, never tried to understand him.. She finally realised.. "Sanyukta.. I want my son back.. I can do anything for it.. I have realised my mistake.. I did.." She held her daughter in laws arms.. Tears flew uncontrollably from her eyes.. Sanyukta wiped it out and smiled at her "Thanks for the Realisation.. I ll take care of the rest.. Aap rona mat..! It's already too late.. Jaake so jayiye.. I ll see you tomorrow" renuka thanked her from her heart and left the place with a sense of satisfaction..
Sanyukta smiled "Task 1 toh khatam ho Gaya and it was relatively easy.. Par task 2?" She glanced upstairs towards her room.. "Anything related to Randhir isn't easy.. But I have a solution for everything.. After all, I am an Engineer" she winked.. When she went back to the room, he was still smiling in his sleep.. She adored him all the night, hugged him tight and closed her eyes... 
Next morning, at around 7 AM Sanyukta rushed out of the washroom.. She had a towel wrapped around her hair.. Shampoo smell filled in the room, thus provoking Randhir to wake up.. When he opened his eyes, he saw his Angel standing in front of the mirror.. She smiled at him "Good Morning Hero..!"
"Hero huh? Kya baat hai? Aaj madam Badi khush nazar aa rahe hai.. Kuch hua hai kya?" He got up asking... 
"Kuch nai.. I thought of preparing breakfast for you.. Your favourite dish.. So thought was taking charge of the kitchen.. Kya chahiye bolo?" She was happy..
"Kitchen?" He glanced at the clock.. It showed 7.10 AM.. "Tum ab niche nai jaogi.. Baad me Jaana..."
"Kyun na jao?" She threw a question back at him..
"Sanyukta.. Har baat pe argue karna zaroori hai kya? I have told you before.. Don't go in front of that Sanyal.. She must be down there now.." 
"Arey Randhir.. She ll be in her room na.. Mein toh bas kitchen jaa Rahi hu..! Who knows she must've even left for office by now.."
"She wouldn't have..!" He said in a strong voice..
"Tum antaryami ho kya? You haven't even gotten out of your bed.. How on earth do you know that she hasn't left?" Sanyukta was in no mood to back off.. Randhir got up and reached for the window.. He screamed in the highest tone possible.. "She goes to office exactly at 7.30 AM.. I have spent all my childhood, standing right here, behind this curtain of the window, and watched her leave.. I wave my hand to say Good Bye but she never turns back, thus I end up waving in the air.." His eyes were moist and so was Sanyukta's.. 

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