Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 85

Randhir couldn't believe what he was hearing and that too from none other than, his Sanyukta.. "Is she out of her mind? How can she even think of going to that damn place?" He wondered.. "Randhirrr..!" Sanyukta shook his shoulders. "Kya soch rahe ho? Chalo ghar chalte hai.." She dragged him with her.. Randhir pushed her hand away.. "Sanyukta have you lost it? Dimaag karab ho Gaya hai tumhara? How can you even say this man? Hum waha kaise jaa sakte hai? Howwwww?" He yelled..
"Kyun nai jaa sakte hai Randhir? Agar hum Agarwal Mansion jaa sakte hai toh Sanyal villa Kyun nai?" She questioned him back, to which he had no answer.. Still he argued "Sanyukta when we went to Agarwal Mansion it was your house, you had all the rights isliye Gaye tey hum waha..! But this place... How could you call it a "Ghar"?" He was annoyed...
"Jaha Ma Papa hote hai woh ghar hi hota hai Randhir...!" Something hit hard on his face.. May be some random Realization.. She continued "Dekho Randhir.. Hum hostel nai jaa sakte hai abhi.. We have very little amount of money left.. Do you think we can spend the next 10 days of our holidays on the road? Kya woh safe rahega? Selfishly Socho.. We are just gonna go, spend the remaining holidays in your home and leave for FITE bas.. Nothing ll go wrong trust me.. Aur mujhe meri Sasural bhi dekhna hai Ek baar.." She said.. Randhir had no other option in his hand.. Had he been alone, he wouldn't have even spent a second thinking about this option but now after the last night "Cobra" incident it seemed so terrific.. No way, he could let his "Ego" hurt Sanyukta.. He had no other option but to nod in a Yes.. "Tum yahi rukho.. Mein Taxi leke aata hu..!" He left.. 
Sanyukta smiled, remembering the last night's incident.. She had no track of the time, might be half past two, she was fast asleep when her phone rung.. She got up to find Randhir in a half dozing state.. It was as if he was in between awake and sleep mode.. Anytime he might fall asleep or anytime he might wake up.. With no intentions of disturbing him, Sanyukta quickly changed the phone to silent mode.. It read "Vardhan Sir" calling.. She slowly got up and went to a corner from where she couldn't be heard..
"Sir? Is waqt?" She was surprised...
Vardhan: Sanyukta tum thik ho na? I called your parents last evening and they said you and Randhir left their house.. I don't wanna discuss much on that part on why you left coz I bet I know.. Just tell me where are you both now? I have been trying to reach you both for the past few hours.. Kisi ka bhi phone nai lag raha tha.. You both alright? He kept bombarding her with his concern..
Sanyu: Yes sir we are fine.. Just that we ended up staying on the road.. We couldn't go back to hostel as it's closed.. So we decided to spend the night on the road.. Our families have abandoned us ab hum kar bhi kya sakte hai.. Her voice broke..
Vardhan: Sanyukta I know it's not easy for you to come out of it.. But it's life you have to face it.. Face it with a smile rather than tears.. I don't like to see my students cry.. 
Sanyu: Smile? I can smile only in my dreams now sir.. I have nothing to lose now.. I have lost everything already.. Life can never be the same once again.. 
Vardhan: That's basically your problem Sanyukta.. You know what, hurts me the most.. You always think about yourself, your problems, your troubles.. Your happiness and worries revolve upon you.. But you know, Randhir's world revolves around you.. His happiness depends on you.. It ll kill him to see you cry.. He forgets all his problems when he sees you smile.. He loves you more than anyone else in this world could ever imagine.. For once, why can't you apply his technique? Why can't you smile seeing him smile? Why can't you be the reason behind his happiness? What have you actually lost Sanyukta? You have lost only a star but have gained a sky.. Randhir is your sky.. Solve his sorrow that he has been carrying in his shoulders since his childhood.. Make him feel what he has never felt before.. I don't wanna explain how you ll feel when you see him happy.. I ll leave it to you to experience..
As Prof. Vardhan kept speaking, Sanyukta glanced at Randhir from the corner of her eyes.. His each word was like a hard prick in her heart.. "That guy over there, kya Kuch nai kiya hai usne mere liye.. Par meine kya kiya? Kuch bhi nai.. I cried for my own sorrow, he cried with me, I laughed for my own happiness, he laughed with me.. But what did I do to make him smile? Literally Nothing.. I didn't mean to be selfish.. But meine kabhi dhyan hi nai diya uspe.. Hamesha apni problems ko leke roti rehti thi.. Woh Khud Itna bada dard apne sad pe leke ghum raha tha and I went blind.. What kind of a wife I am? Sir was right.. Real happiness is when you see your loved ones smile rather than your own smile.. I will make Randhir smile and I will feel the happiness that's felt afterwards" She now knew what she had to do...
Sanyu: Sir Aage Kuch mat Batana.. Kyun ki Aage jo karna hai mein Khud hi karungi.. Thanks a lot for being with us all the time.. I can't thank you enough for all the strength and guidance you are providing us.. 
Vardhan: No way I can ever let my best students be in trouble.. I ll be there for you both anytime, anywhere.. So Go Sanyukta.. It's time for you to rewrite your love story, Randhir's way.. Prove it to the world, nothing is impossible in love.. God bless.. Remember whenever you need me, just call me... 
Sanyu: Thanks a lot sir..
Vardhan: Sanyukta by the way, I would just like to remind you guys haven't graduated yet.. Your dream is still awaiting you.. So would you mind coming back to FITE after this next task of yours? My Dream Team will be awaiting you.. He said with a smirk.. Sanyukta smiled "Yes sir..!" 
"Chalo Sanyukta.. Taxi mil Gaya..!" Randhir pulled her hand to bring her out of the trance.. They boarded the taxi.. "Dekho Sanyukta.. I agreed to this creepy idea of yours just considering the safety factor.. But let me make myself very clear.. If you get insulted there, we ll exit the place then and there, no more arguments on that.. Most importantly, you ll stay away from Madam Sanyal.. Got that?" His expression made her panic.. "Yes Randhir!" She nodded.. Turned to the other side and smiled "Agar tum mere liye Agarwals ko jhel sakte ho toh yeh Sanyals/Shekawats kya cheez hai.. Mein handle kar lungi Randhir..!" She said to herself...
"Ek aur baar keh raha hun... I ll take whatever comes my way, but if it comes to you, then it won't be good.. I hope everything goes alright otherwise I swear !" Randhir gave a second warning to Sanyukta...
"I ll make it alright Randhir..!" She murmured to herself, caressing his hands with a smile.. That smile, after a long time, just took his breath away.. "If you give me this smile, I ll even go to hell with you, yeh Sanyal villa kya cheez hai..!" He smiled back..
She had no clue what he was about to go through in Sanyal Villa, she had no idea how much pain he would be forced to deal with.. Neither of them had any clue... 

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