Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 81

"Whattt? Then the birth date you had entered in the application form of FITE?" Randhir looked puzzled.. 
"Arey woh toh bas ainvayi likh diya tha meine.. Ab so Jao.. I feel so sleepy" She yawned
Randhir felt like hitting his head hard on the wall.. He murmured to himself "Popat ho Gaya tumhara..! Ek aur baar verify nai kar sakte the.. Tum iss duniya ke worst nai dumbest husband ho.. Pagal.. Ab bukto..!" His was cribbing like a cute little baby, who had just been denied a chocolate.. Such a sweet chubby baby he was.. He came out of his self criticizing mode, on hearing a huge laughter.. "Hahahahahahahaha Randhir...!" It was Sanyukta, who was pretending to be innocent a while ago, was laughing like a maniac.. 
"Sanyukta Tum has kyu rahi ho?" He was annoyed..
"Randhir shakal dekho apna.. God, you are so cute.." She pulled his cheeks hard "Ouch! Sanyukta Chodo.. What's all this Haan?" 
"Randhir.. Records weren't wrong, You found it right.. Today is my birthday.. Mein toh bas masti kar rahi thi..!"
"Masti? You mean, by making me Poppat? Seriously? Maza aaya Hoga na! How insensitive..!" He made an angry face..
Sanyukta pulled her ears in a Sorry.. "Acha baba Sholly Haan.. I know Tum Gusse me ho.. Par let me explain.. When I came here na, you were pretending to be fast asleep.. I knew something was coking in your head.. Sach me Mujhe nai pata tha Ki itna bada surprise plan kar rakha hai tumne.. Thought of playing a prank on you.. Sach me I am shollyyyy..!" She apologized like a cute kid.. The moment she said "Sholllyy.." Randhir couldn't stop himself from smiling.. 
"Hmmm.. But now on earth did you find out Ki I was pretending?" He threw one more question at her..
This time Sanyukta smiled.. "Let me explain that too.. When I came in and saw you sleeping, I tried waking you up, I called you so many times, till then your performance was okay okay types but when I shook you slightly by your shoulders, this pink lips of yours(holding his lips with her fingers) curved into a cute smile.. And all the while when I was in the process of waking you up, your eyeballs kept moving.. Normally, according to science, people's eyeballs doesn't move when they are asleep.. It stays constant.. That's when I realized something is fishy.."
In Engineering terms, Automatic curving of lips to an extent more than the permitted limit + Constant movement of Eyeballs + No response to the noise bothering the ears = Randhir is pretending to be asleep., Hence proved..
That equation totally cracked up Randhir.. He burst out laughing.. She joined him as well.. After 5 long mins of laughing session, Randhir pulled her hand "Chalo.. Aur b surprises baaki hai.. In the hall.." Sanyukta stopped him.. He turned to look at her angelic face and got lost all over again.. She pulled him close.. He stumbled and fell beside her.. Music was still on.. "I want to spent every single min of this special night with the most special person in my life.. I can sacrifice all the other surprises to gain this moment.. Please Randhir.. Don't say No.." She snuggled closer.. Randhir was loving this intimate moment.. He lowered his head and rushed for her lips, that was waiting for his attention.. She made it easy by moving forward.. Their lips touched.. Huge noise of someone screaming from the hallway, forced them to break the kiss.. Randhir and Sanyukta rushed towards the hallway.. Randhir switched on the lights.. Room lit up with all the special decoration Randhir had made for Sanyukta's birthday.. She was totally "Wowed" seeing it.. Ankit was lying on the floor, like a twisted cockroach.. Randhir went for his aid.. "Ankit.. How did you fall down? Get up..!" He helped him up.. Ankit's face was fully covered with the cake, Randhir had arranged for Sanyukta.. While on his way to washroom, Ankit must have accidentally stepped on the cake table and fell down, taking a cake shower on his face.. Kishore came running towards his son, "Ankit Tum thik ho na? Ahhhh" he had placed his foot on the cream.. It dragged his foot all the way till Ankit, and stopped hitting his head on Ankit's already damaged face.. Cake covering the faces of both father and his beloved son.. It was such a funny sight to watch.. Randhir rushed to Kishore's aid as well "Sasurji aap thik ho na?" 
Sanyukta burst out laughing seeing this sight... Ankit looked no less than a joker.. He looked embarrassed.. He couldn't stand there anymore not because of the embarrassment but because of the nature's call, that was inviting him to the washroom for the "n"th time now.. He rushed out followed by Kishore, forcing Sanyukta to laugh out loud.. Randhir watched his lady love laugh her heart out.. It was the only sight he ever wanted to watch.. He lifted her up in his arms, she enclosed her hands around his neck, carried her all the way to their room, he shut the door from behind, she locked it up.. He dropped her slowly on the bed, "Can I have you, Love?" She closed her eyes "I am all yours..!" He turned off the lights.. This time, he didn't even want the moon to witness their togetherness.. His hands, travelled all over her, sending cold shrills up her spine.. He held her hand and enclosed it with his's firmly.. Kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, his lips travelled all over her body shamelessly.. He freed her of her clothes, and so did she.. Every time she felt his lips on her, she would hug him more tighter.. He smooched her neck, shoulders, sending her gentle love bites all over her body.. This time, they both were at ease.. They were quite comfortable with each other.. That's all what it takes for a relationship to be successful.. To be at ease with each other.. She kissed him on his lips, he responded back, he entered her slowly, taking good care of not to hurt her.. He could never hurt her anyway.. They became one.. After few hours OS passionate lovemaking, Sanyukta rested her head on his chest.. She had fallen asleep.. He was admiring her face.. He silently thanked God for making her come into his life.. Randhir kissed her forehead, just then a thin ray of moon light peeped inside the room.. Before it could reach his Sanyukta, Randhir rolled over and covered her up completely.. "She is my possession and I am so damn possessive about her.." He denied moon rays the right to fall on her.. 
Next morning, Randhir woke up with strong smell of coffee hitting his nostrils.. He opened his eyes to see an angel standing before him, holding a cup of coffee.. "Is it Sanyukta? Wait a minute.. It can't be.. She definitely looks like Sanyukta.. But saree? Am I dreaming?" Randhir was wondering, so early in the morning.. Familiar voice disturbed his trance "No you aren't Mr. Shekawat.. It's indeed me, Mrs. Shekawat..!" 
"God Sanyukta.. You look so damn beautiful man.." He pulled her hand.. "Randhir Besharam.. Chodo mera haath.. Have this coffee and go take a bath.. We ll go out in the evening.. It ll be fun.." She giggled..
"Nai Mujhe abhi Jaana hai.. Abhiiii" he seemed adamant.. Sanyukta placed the coffee cup on he table and leaned closer to him "Randhir my Shona baby.. We ll definitely go in the evening.. Sanyukta promise.. Please zid mat karo na..!" She puppied him..
"How will I wait till eveninggggg?" He made a puppy face.. Sanyukta hurriedly gave him a kiss on his right cheek, "Yeh lo.. Ab toh maan jao" Randhir showed his left cheek "Yeh bhi..!" She smiled and kissed him on his left cheek as well.. "Hmmm evening tak yeh kaafi hai..!" She left the room with a smirk.. 
Randhir got ready in almost 30 minutes and reached the hall.. "Ankit.. Mere saat aana.. I need to go somewhere nearby.. Would you mind driving me there?" He was being polite..
Ankit was surprised but then agreed at once.. They left the place.. Sanyukta smiled seeing heir relationship bloom.. She suddenly noticed some shadow by the doorstep.. She followed it.. It was of two men.. One was Kishore and the other man's face wasn't clearly visible.. Kishore dragged him all the way, till the far most corner of the lawn.. Sanyukta followed them quietly.. 
The other man spoke "Kishore ji Sab kaise Chal raha hai? Is everything okay?" Sanyukta felt as if she had seen him somewhere very close.. She concentrated hard.. Something suddenly struck her mind "Yeh Wahi hai na? The one who is handling Renuka Sanyal's case? I have seen him in FITE when he came to meet Randhir.. But what is he doing here and that too with Papa?" She wondered.. Kishore answered "I am tolerating this Randhir only for that one reason.. Had he not been there, this would have been much more easier.."
Sanyukta was shocked "Papa is talking to this advocate about Randhir? Is he trying to harm Randhir? Is there some web being spun around my Randhir? How can papa do something like this? No, I ll not let him harm Ranhdir.. I ll have to find out what this is all about.. I will..!" She edged closer to hear their conversation more closely.. She had no clue what she was about to witness.. She would forever regret this moment of her life.. FOREVER..
Precap: Get ready with a tissue box.. You may end up crying.. 

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