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Always Be Mine - Part 80

Randhir's eyes got fixed on a particular message in Ankit's sent items.. "Saale.. I know its unethical and galat bhi.. Par kya karun tum jaise kamino ko toh aise hi deal karna padega.. U reap what you sow isnt it? Chal.. Ab dekh Randhir ka kamaal" He turned the phone to silent mode and quickly did something in Ankit's phone. When he was done, he had that charming smile, one could die for, on his face.

"Hmmm.. Chalo Randhir.. Bahut kaam kar diya tumne.. Its break time.. Sasur ji hai kaha bahut der se dikh nai rahe hai" his eyes were looking for Kishore.. Since the time, Randhir entered Agarwal Mansion, Kishore had made sure to do onething without fail. Before you would go anywhere, he would first check if Randhir is already there or even around.. If he spots Randhir anywhere close to where he heads, he would immediately take a U-turn. To put it in simple terms, Randhir and Kishore were playing a virtual hide and seek. Pathetic part of it was, Kishore even forgot the fact that he is hiding in his own house. Such was the impact Randhir had created. Presently, he was hiding behind a wall, and peeping in through a window.

He screamed aloud "Ouch!!!" Somebody had tapped on his back.. That somebody was nobody other than our very own Desi Damad Randhir himself.. "Kya hua Sasurrrr ji.. Yaha aise khade hoke waha kya dekh rahe ho? Aapki biwi meri biwi ke saat mandir gayi hai.. My wife informed me par lagta hai aapki wife ne inform nai kiya.. Kya sasur ji! Ghar me b koi izzat nai hai aapka.. Kya zamana aa gaya hai..I really pity you..!" he mocked at Kishore who had a frown expression on his face..  "Nai beta.. Anju ne inform kiya mujhe(he obviously lied) Mein bas aise hi.." he pulled up a lame excuse..

"Ab samaj gaya mein" Randhir exclaimed

"Kya?" asked a puzzled Kishore..

"Iska matlab aap yaha khade hoke hide n seek khel rahe the.. Woh b mere saat hai na?" Randhir didnt have to think too much to arrive at this conclusion..  It was not of his level anyway.. He had recollected the way Mr. Kishore made himself invisible after the embarrassing lunch session they had.. Everytime they met, there was a clash and one of them will be forced to regret "Why did i even face him?" and that one of them was always Mr. Kishore himself.. These things made it pretty obvious that Kishore was checking Randhir's availability before barging into the hall..

"Arey nai Randhir beta..!" Randhir gave him a loud stare.. "Don't call me beta Mr.Agarwal.. Coz you neither deserve a son like me nor a daughter like Sanyukta.. " Randhir never let a chance go.. He was making Kishore regret each and everything he did to Sanyukta.. As usual, Kishore had no answer to this straight punch.. He turned to leave.. "Sasur ji.. Mujhe na bahut tired tired feel ho raha hai.. Ek coffee milega kya?" Ankit who had been looking for his mobile, overheard this conversation.. Kishore at once nodded his head and proceeded towards the kitchen while Ankit followed him.. "Papa.. Bahut zyada ho gaya yeh.. Zeher milake pila dete hai isse.. " he pulled something out of his pocket..  "Yeh kya kar rahe ho Ankit? Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Agar yeh mar jayega toh hum jail Pahunch jayenge.." Kishore warned Ankit.. "Papa aap bhi na.. Mein super intelligent hu.. Ullu nai.. Yeh Zeher nai hai yeh aise tablet hai jisse lete hi pet me dard shuru ho jayega aur pura din yeh toilet me hi pada rahega.. Ek din ke liye hi sahi hum iske torture se bach jayenge" Kishore gave that same proud look at his son, the one he gave while Ankit uttered Newton's law for thermodynamics.. "I am proud of you my son..! " Ankit mixed that tablets in a glass of milk and mixed it with the coffee powder. Kishore smiled and took it to Randhir..

Randhir was now, sitting by the computer table, reading something vigorously.. Kishore handed him over the coffee cup. Randhir smiled and took it from him.. Ankit who was hiding, made a V symbol at his dad and Kishore acknowledged it.. Randhir took the coffee cup near his lips, thought a little and called out for Ankit.. "Saale ji idhar aayiye.." Ankit came at once.. "Haa Jija ji"

"I am really sorry for misbehaving with you people.. I really shouldn't have done that.. I apologize from the bottom of my heart.." Randhir took a U turn..

Ankit and Kishore exchanged a puzzled look.. "Its not easy for you guys to forgive me.. Par hum koshish toh kar hi sakte hai na..! " Randhir kept confusing them..

"Papa is he good or bad? Mujhe toh confusion ho raha hai.." Ankit whispered to Kishore..

"Ankit, I offer this cup of coffee, to you.. Take this as my complimentary gift.." Randhir forced Ankit to drink the coffee.. He struggled to break free but Randhir was too strong.. All Kishore could do was to stand there and watch, as he didn't want to risk his image.. Randhir let Ankit go only after finishing the whole cup.. His expression was worth watching.. "Kaisa laga? Papa's coffee with a pinch of Jiju's love?" Randhir asked him with a smile.. "Bahut acha thaaa" somehow he managed to answer..

Randhir's eyes fell on his computer.. "Yeh kya Ankit?  Yeh ladki kaun hai? Koi Nisha? Sasur ji dekhiye na aapka ladka koi nisha naam ki ladki ko pata raha hai" Randhir complained.. "Jiju.. Uske baare me papa ko pata hai.." Ankit gave it back "Haa beta.. Nisha hamare ghar ki honewali bahu hai.." Kishore defended Ankit.. Ankit gave Randhir a sarcastic look "Yeh plan flop ho jayega" type of look it was.. Randhir smiled..

"Agar Nisha aapke ghar ke honewali bahu hai toh yeh Usha kaun hai?" Someone screamed at the top of their voice.. Everybody looked at the direction from where the voice emerged.. A girl was fuming, breathing heavily.. Ankit's eyes popped out seeing her.. She rushed upto him like a storm.. "Usha tum yaha? " Ankit blabbered.. "Haa mein.. Kyu? Expect nai kiya kya?" she fumed.. Next moment, her punches landed on Ankit's face, followed by her loud abusive screams.. Kishore tried hard to stop her.. Randhir was having fun watching all of it.. "Usha please.. Its hurting..!" Ankit screamed but there was no stopping Usha.. After 10 mins, that seemed like 10 long years, Usha finally stopped beating him.. Randhir interrupted, taking a closer look at Ankit's already badly beaten body "Sis.. U haven't touched his right shoulder.. Rest of the parts have been covered" Usha fumed again and landed two more heavy punches on his right shoulder.. She walked upto Randhir "Thanks Brother, for making me realize his truth.. I ll never forget this all my life.." Randhir accepted her thanks generously "Its okay sis.. Instead of thanking me, promise me that you ll give a tight slap on this losers face whenever n wherever you see him.."

"I will.. I promise.." she walked upto Ankit,  and gave him a tight slap on his face.. "Like this..!" she said..

"Looks pretty cool to me.." Randhir winked at Ankit while she dashed out of Agarwal Mansion.. "This is your son Mr.Agarwal.. Hope you have got the reality punch.." Kishore put his head down in shame.. By now, the adulterated coffee had started to do its work.. He pushed aside Kishore and rushed towards the washroom..

"My job is done.." Randhir proceeded towards his room whistling.. "Sasur ji mein sone jaa raha hu.. Aaram se sounga mein ab toh.."

Ankit had shifted his bed to washroom as he had to spend the whole night there.. By the time Sanyukta returned, Randhir had fallen asleep.. "Its only 9 pm and Randhir is already asleep..? Strange.." Sanyukta felt disappointed.. She tried waking him up coz she missed him.. Somehow they hadnt spent much time with each other since they reached Agarwal Mansion.. But it seemed Randhir was in his deep long sleep.. She cuddled near him in the bed and turned off the lights.. Once the lights went off, Randhir opened his eyes.. He waited,  waited and waited.. Randhir turned on his mobile light.. It showed 11.55 Pm.. He kept staring at his mobile.. 11.56,11.57,11.58,11.59.. He could feel his heartbeat.. The moment it struck 12 AM, he jumped up on the bed, screaming "SURPRISEEEEEEEE!"

All coloured lights got turned on.. There was a flower shower going on, right above their bed, slow romantic music played on,  fragrance and perfumes filled the room.. Such a romantic ambience he had created, all for his princess.. Sanyukta woke up in a jerk.. It took a while for her to even differentiate between dream and reality.. Randhir didn't allow her to come out of the trance.. He kissed her on her cheeks and screamed "Happy Birthday Wifey.. I love youuuuuuu..!" Sanyukta rubbed her eyes and yawned "Randhir.. Kiska birthday hai aaj?"

The moment she asked that, Randhir went numb.. "Matlab it's not yours?" Sanyukta nodded her head in a No...

Precap: Romantic moments coming up 😍😍😍

Always Be Mine - Part 79

Part 79:

Images of all the happenings, one year back flashed before Ankit's eyes.. The way he had manhandled Randhir when he was creating chaos in Sanyukta's engagement.. "Kyun Saale? Kuch yaad aaya ya mein help kardu?" Randhir's voice brought him back to reality.. Ankit couldn't say a word as justification.. His back was aching like hell, he put his head down.. Randhir offered him his hand and helped him to get up.. "Is this guy good or bad? Pehle Khud dakka deta hai and ab haat b deta hai.." Ankit wondered

"Don't be too surprised ki I helped you to get up.. Picture abhi Baaki hai.." Randhir roared, that sent shivers down his spine.. "Yeh Wahi stairs hai na jaha se Tumne mujhe dakka diya? U dared to touch THE RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT.. Pata hai us Waqt mein chup chap yaha se kyu chala Gaya? That time, you were disguised as Sanyukta's brother.. I didn't wanna give her a double shock.. I didn't want her to get more humiliated.. That's the sole reason why I left the place without creating more chaos.. Warna, you would now be going around in a wheel chair for daring to touch me, THE RANDHIR.. My hands were tied then, but not anymore.. You are just Ankit Agarwal now.. Ab mein dikhaunga tumhara Aukad kya hai.." Randhir kept roaring, leaving behind a frightened Ankit.. He stood before Randhir like a deer facing a roaring tiger..

"Randhir...!" He heard Sanyukta call him from behind.. Randhir changed his expression pretty quickly.. "Haa Sanyukta.. 5 mins me aata hu.." He signalled Ankit to pick his bags up.. "Pick those and follow me Saale..!" Ankit did as instructed, he had no courage to speak against him..

Sanyukta and others had occupied the dining table.. "Randhir come let's have our lunch.." Sanyukta summoned him.. "Sanyukta your bhai is so sweet.. He isn't even letting me carry my own bags.. Kabse argue kar raha hu inse yeh maan hi nai raha hai.." He signalled Ankit to carry the bags to his room, he did as said and returned in a flash..

"Kya baat hai bhai? To see you both so comfortable with each other is like a bliss.. By the way, what are you both engrossed with? Any specific topic?" She queried..

"Haa Sanyukta.. I just came to know that even Ankit is a Engineer from ABC college, which is known by virtually no one.. Felt really proud.. So I was just checking with him about the laws of thermodynamics.." Randhir pulled his leg "Ankit.. Please Batao na.. I would like to hear the famous laws from your mouth.. Chalo shuru ho jao.." Kishore gave his son a proud look..

Ankit gulped hard "Laws of Thermodynamics? Haa bataunga na.."

Randhir: Bata na..

Ankit smiled at everyone seated on the dining table.. "To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.. This is first law of thermodynamics.." Kishore patted his sons back.. "Well done son.. I am so proud of you..!"

Randhir: Haan, and so would Newton.. Sanyukta, humhe toh padayi Gaya tha ki that's Newtons Law of Motion isn't it? Sanyukta smiled at her bhai's foolishness..

Sanyu: Bhai aap b na.. Kya Bol rahe ho?

Kishore couldn't stand his sons insult anymore.. "Sanyukta Aise kya has rahi ho? Bhai hai woh tumhara.. Agar tum itne smart ho toh tum Kyun nai batati..?"

Randhir: Shaant Sasur ji.. Sanyukta tum Batao.. Laws of thermodynamics..

Sanyukta was waiting for this moment

"1st Law: Also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.
2nd Law: The entropy of any isolated system not in thermal equilibrium almost always increases.
3rd Law: The entropy of a system approaches a constant value as the temperature approaches absolute zero" Right Randhir?

Randhir: ABSOLUTELY.. (He gave a sarcastic look at Kishore and Ankit) Sanyukta, can I get a glass of water?

Sanyukta rushed to the kitchen.. Randhir spoke up once she went out of sight "Look Mr Agarwal, this is how your son studied Engineering and that's how my Sanyukta did.. Hope Ankit u got your Aukad.. Never ever dare speak rudely to Sanyukta. If you do, then I might even forget you were once her brother.. As long as you behave nicely with her, you ll be safe.. Else pachthana padega and that goes to both of you.." Ankit and Kishore nodded their heads.. Sanyukta returned with a glass of water.. They had their first family lunch together..

All the while, Randhir was looking at Sanyukta.. She seemed so happy.. He had never seen her dine so happily before.. It was a blissful sight to watch.. After the lunch, everybody retired in their rooms, except Randhir.. "Damn.. How could I? How could I forget that it's her birthday tomorrow? How mean I am.. Is Agarwal's ke chakar me I forgot my own wife's birthday? Randhir, you are the worst husband in the whole world Damn it!" He was talking to himself facing the mirror in the restroom.. "I have to make something special.."

When he came outside of the washroom, he saw Sanyukta taking a cute nap in the bed.. She looked no less than an angel.. She had that smile on, even while sleeping.. He smiled at her innocence and kissed her on her forehead.. He laid beside her and dozed off almost immediately.. When he woke up in the evening, she wasn't there beside him.. He got alert.. Rushed out of his room, "Sanyukta...! Sanyukta.. Where is she?" His mobile rung.. It was her message "Randhir I have come to the temple nearby with Ma.. I ll be back soon.. Love you..!" His tensed face muscles relaxed when he knew she was safe and his lips curved in a smile "Love you too..!"

Randhir came out of his room and found Ankit smiling all by himself, staring at his computer.. It seemed as if he was chatting with someone.. Randhir went and stood beside him carefully.. Ankit was chatting with some girl named Nisha.. His mind quickly calculated something.. He pulled out Ankit's mobile from his pocket, without being noticed by him.. He was too busy drooling over the pic that girl that had sent him.. "She looks too beautiful.." Randhir reached his room, with his mobile, opened his messages and scrolled down.. One particular message caught his eye.. His eyes grinned "Wow It's gonna be interesting, very interesting!"

Precap: Sanyukta comes to know the truth.. She gets devastated.. Emotional moments coming up.. 😒

Always Be Mine - Part 78

Randhir and Sanyukta bid Goodbye to Vidushi and Parth, who were on their way to Darjeeling.. They had decided to spend their holidays together, rather than staying away from each other as 15 days seemed like 15 years for them.

​Sanyukta had a big bag and a suitcase with her.. It seemed as if she had packed even Vidushi's clothes along with her's, so heavy the bags were. It clearly implied how excited and happy​ she was to get back home.. She tried dragging the bags all by herself. Randhir signalled her to pass the bags to him to which she denied..  "No Randhir I ll manage..!" Randhir had no option left other than snatching thr bags "Is it necessary to argue Everytime?  Kabhi na kabhi toh baat maan liya karo.. Pati dev hu mein..! Yaad hai na?"
"Hai na?  Mein toh bhul hi gayi Mr. MCP..!" her words sounded more cheerful than ever.. It was so soothing for Randhir..

"Oh Hello!  Isme Mcp wali baat kaha se aa gayi? I know girls duniya ke har kaam kar sakte hai they aint inferior to guys.. They are never behind.. But ek sach yeh b hai.. Girls are physically weak and we are mentally weak.. Hum jab b mentally down hote hai, toh you girls come to our rescue.. We cannot share your physical pain in many a cases.. All we can do in return is to lessen your physical burden.. Wahi kar raha tha mein..  Ab aage argue mat karna warna bus chut jayega.. Chalo..!" he started walking with her bag hanging on his shoulder, suitcase in his left hand and her hand in his right..  He was dragging her towards the bus stand.. All the while, Sanyukta looked at him with a "Awwww how can this guy be so damn perfect!" look.. She forgot even to wink..

After five mins of walking, they reached the bus stand.. Thankfully, they spotted the bus to Delhi almost immediately.. Randhir got in and reserved a seat for her.. Apparently, there was only one empty seat.. She asked him to sit, "Randhir tum bait jao.. I ll travel standing.. I am used to it..!"

"Everytime you try to steal the things that give me pleasure.. You know na? I love standing.. This time, I aint going to listen to you. Chup chap bait jao..!" Randhir leaned on the seat, folding his hands.. Sanyukta knew he was clearly trying to convince her.. She kept arguing.. "Mein nai baitungi..!"

The person who was sitting in the seat, got up "Hello.. Tum dono bait jao.. I ll travel standing..!" he offered the seat.. Randhir readily accepted the offer and occupied the seat.. "Thanks bhaiya..!" Sanyukta stared at him " Randhir ek baar decency ke liye mana toh kar lete.."

"Arey bhaiya ne itne pyaar se offer kiya hai, mana karunga toh dil dhukega na unka.. Tum argument band karo aur bait jao..!" he pulled her hand.. She smiled at the naughty Randhir and went past him to take the window seat. Somehow, Randhir looked more happier than him today and she was loving it..

Bus started to move.. Cool breeze blew inside through the window, disturbing the locks of hair resting on her forehead.. She was continuously talking about something or the other, that was of no relevance to the current situation. It clearly indicated how happy she was. To share your happiness with your loved one, you basically need no specific topic. Just talk whatever comes in your mind and the other ll understand.. She looked unusually beautiful today, its not that she wasnt beautiful earlier, its just that there was a special shine in her face which went missing the day, her family dumped her. To see her this way, Randhir could even commit a murder.. He carefully, removed the hair locks and tucked it right behind her ear.. She turned to smile at him.. That smile, made him fall in love with her all over again.. Randhir was totally lost in her smile and some random thoughts.

"Randhir kya soch rahe ho?" She asked him to which there wasnt a response. He was too busy to give her a reply.. She shook his shoulders "Randhirrr..! kya soch rahe ho?"

That touch brought him back to his senses.. "I was thinking about the last time when we were on bus, going back to FITE.. Its been a year and how things have changed.. Tumhe yaad hai? You werent even speaking with me, bas goor goorke dekh rahi thi.. Us waqt toh tum muh kholti bhi nahi thi ab muh band karne ka naam hi nahi le rahi hai..!" he laughed.. She hit him playfully, and he caught her hand "Sanyukta.. I want you to be always happy.. Keep smiling.. Kabhi b chehare se yeh smile ko fade mat hone dena.. Remember one thing always.. No matter what, I ll always be by your side.. Chahe woh tumhari Engineering ho ya life, you can't escape my lovable torture..!" Sanyukta held his arm and rested her face on his right shoulder.. "I know Randhir.. I love you.. I have nothing more to say..!" He rested his head on hers "I don't need anything else other than your love..!" He kissed her forehead, she kissed him back on his cheek.. They got closer, almost forgetting the fact that they were oh the bus..The person standing next to them coughed "Hello aur b log hai is duniya me..!" They pulled back with a sheepish smile..

Rest of the journey, they spent smiling at each other.. Almost after 2 hours, they reached Delhi.. Randhir took a cab and they were on their way towards the Agarwal Mansion.. Sanyukta pulled out her mobile to call Kishore.. Randhir stopped her from doing so "Sanyukta don't spoil the fun.. Let's give them a surprise..!" Only he knew what surprise he was referring to.. 😜 she readily obeyed.. Finally, they reached Agarwal Mansion.. Sanyukta jumped out of the cab and rushed inside the gate, while Randhir followed her with a smile..

Anju was in the kitchen preparing food.. Kishore was sitting in the hall, with a newspaper in his hand.. Ankit(let's ignore him, anyway he would be doing some useless task, so let's chuck itπŸ˜‚).. Kishore was reading the horoscope column for the day "Dear Scorpions..! Beware.. Today will be a very bad day in the history of your life... You ll meet someone who ll make your life hell.. I am warning you yet again, be careful..!" He was reading that loud and wondered "Aisa kya hone wala hai?"

"Sasur jiiiii... Namaste! Kaise ho aap?" Kishore turned towards the direction from where the voice emerged.. He was stunned to see Randhir.. "Aaj hi aa Gaya yeh? Matlab the horoscope might come true?" He whispered.. Randhir replied "Of course.. Mein kis liye hu phir? Maza Ayega..!" He had read Kishore's lip movement.. Sanyukta rushed straight towards her mom and hugged her tight.. "Mumma.. I missed you so much..!" Anju hugged her back "Meri bachi..! Kaisi hai tu?" They shared few mother Daughterly moments.. Sanyukta came to her dad and hugged him too "Papa.. Thanks a lot for inviting us.. I never expected this to happen at all in my life.. Thanks a lot Papa..!" Kishore faked a smile "Tum meri beti ho Maaf toh Karna hi tha na beta..!" Randhir smiled seeing all of it.. "Kyun Sasu ma.. Aarti nai utharna hai kya?"

Anju immediately pulled the Aarti plate and rushed towards the door.. Randhir instructed Sanyukta to join him "Sanyukta idhar aao.. Formality hai..!" She joined him for the Aarti session, while Kishore kept staring at Randhir.. "Trouble ko khud Aarti leke invite karne Walon se Aaj Pehli baar mil raha Hun Mein..!" Randhir smiled.. Soon after the Aarti, Sanyukta joined her mom and went straight upto her room, leaving behind Randhir along with his In laws.. Kishore and Ankit turned to leave...

"Abey Saale..!" Both Kishore and Ankit turned to face Randhir.. "Arey Kishore ji meine aapko nai bulaya... Aap mere Sasur ho.. Mein na mere pyaare Saale Ji ko bulaya.. Mr. Ankit Agarwal idhar aayiye.!" Randhir teased.. Ankit looked at Kishore who signaled him to go ahead..

"Our luggage is lying at the doorstep.. Get that to my room..!" He ordered.. Ankit whispered to Kishore "Papa yeh Kuch zyada kar raha hai.. Nai?" Kishore replied back "Ankit.. Property ke liye Kuch b.. Chup chap Jao aur Jo keh raha hai woh Karo.. Baad me dekh lenge use..!" He left the place.,

"Hello kya ho raha hai waha? Tum dono ke naye naye Shaadi hui hai kya? Dulha dulhan ke tarah chup chupke baatein kyu kar rahe ho? Saale jaa bey, jaake luggage leke aa.. Aur b Kaam hai tumhe.. List de dunga..!" Randhir ordered.. Ankit obediently followed his instructions.. He reached the doorstep and bent down to pick it up.. Next moment, he lost his balance and rolled down the stairs, as if someone had kicked him from the back.. It was like a dream, it happened all of a sudden.. When he opened his eyes, there was someone standing opposite to him "Kyun Saale ji.. Kuch Yaad aaya? Woh Engagament wali raat?" Randhir smiled, leaving behind a shocked Ankit..

Precap: Agarwals dancing to the tune of Randhir Singh Shekawat 😜

Always Be Mine - Part 77

Sanyukta was in ninth cloud.. She could hardly believe her eyes.. She kept staring at her mobile, still blabbering something in disbelief, which only Randhir could understand. He hugged her warmly, making Vidarth jealous. They hugged each other too, inspired by Sandhir, rather Randhir.. Randhir smiled, remembering what he did just a while ago..

5 mins back..

Randhir slipped out of the room, excusing himself.. The moment Vidushi mentioned "Holidays and Vacations" everybody's face in the room lit up except Sanyukta. Her expression clearly conveyed what was running in her mind. Such an expert mind reader he had become..

Holidays, the word itself, is enough to illuminate even the most boring person on earth.. No matter if he is hardworking or a completely 'velle' person, everybody wants a holiday. Holidays means happiness, but somehow he couldnt even find a hint of happiness in her face, instead she put up a dull expression. It didnt take much long for Randhir to crack the real reason behind her 'Muted' expression. Yes, she was missing someone, may be many.. Her family.. Every semester holiday she is used to spending in her home.. This year, all of a sudden, it has taken a beating. So many things had happened in the past one year, she was forced into a marriage, married a guy whom she once thought would be the biggest enemy of her life, she was pushed out of her own house, her own family disowned her, she hated Randhir, eventually fell in love with him, struggle in her Engineering, Gosh how many stuff she had to deal with.. He had lost count of it.. It was very obvious that she was missing her family.. Randhir exactly knew what he had to do..

He pulled his mobile out from his pocket and dialed Mr. Agarwal's number.. Kishore attended almost immediately.. It seemed as if he was awaiting Randhir's call any moment.. He had his own reasons though..

Kishore: Randhir.. ? Kaise ho!?

Randhir: Mein kaise hu Isse aapko koi farak nai padna chahiye phir b since you asked let me answer that first.. I have my Sanyukta with me, so it's obvious I am the happiest person in this whole world.. N yeah, you are the biggest loser coz you have thrown away something precious that you had with you.. Whatever, chuck it.. Let me come directly to the point.. You know why I called you?

Kishore: Regarding the property matter na? I was really expecting your call.. Did you speak with Sanyukta? Did she agree?

He kept shooting the questions.. Those questions indeed made him stoop more low in Randhir's eyes.. "This guy is such a ... ******!" For the first time ever Randhir felt like abusing.. But he couldn't say it out as he had a task in hand.. He had to keep his emotions in control..

Randhir: Yes and No.. Yes because I wanted to talk to you about that.. And No because I wanted to talk to you in person.. I wanna meet you..

Kishore: Sure Randhir.. Where do you want me to come?

Randhir: You don't have to take so much pain.. I ll come and meet you myself, in your home..

Kishore: Sure.. When? I ll be waiting..

Randhir: Soon.. But tell me one thing, what will I get in return?

Kishore: In return? He paused for a moment.. "Ask me whatever you want to.. You want a share in my property?" He asked shamelessly..

Randhir: Oh no thanks.. I already have my share(he looked at Sanyukta) I want you to invite Sanyukta to your home to spend her semester holidays and behave nicely with her.,

Kishore: (let's out a huge sigh of relief) Bus itna hi? I ll do it definitely, right now..

Randhir: Hmmm hang on.. I don't believe you.. I ll give you the script, say exactly those words.. Nothing less and definitely nothing more.. Got it?

Kishore agreed readily.. Randhir gave him the entire script of what he was supposed to speak.. He noted it down.. Called Sanyukta and let out the exact words.. It was Kishore's voice but Randhir's words.. ❤️ (Guys, 3 cheers for our ABM Randhir 😘)


Sanyukta was hell happy.. Randhir asked her to pack her bags, to which easily agreed.. She was so damn excited.. "Randhir, I have started packing my bags.. Tum b Jao aur ready ho Jao.. We must catch the next bus..!"

"Mein kyu? Sasur ji ne Mujhe invite kiya kya?" He asked like a cute little baby.. Sanyukta thought for a second and lied instantly.. "Of course Randhir.. Papa ne tumhe b invite kiya hai.. In fact he is excited to see you more than me.. Pata hai?"

Randhir smiled at her "She wants to make me feel happy.. Why to spoil it? She doesn't even know that I didn't include this line in the script..!" He murmured..

"Randhir tumne Kuch kaha kya?" She queried..

"Nai Sanyukta.. Of course Sasur ji Kitne sweet hai.. He must have invited me.. N trust me, I am more excited to meet him than himself..!" He winked..

His heart screamed "It's Show Time baby..!"

Precap: Cute moments in bus.. Randhir arrives at his Sasur's place 😝 Bad time starts for the Agarwals.. 

Always Be Mine - Part 76

Sanyukta and Randhir focused on their exams rather than their relationship.. They both were in a common relationship with their Engineering.. They enjoyed and loved their Engineering.. Even though their full focus was on their exams, Sandhir never missed a chance to exchange a lovely glance, a cute smile between them.. It kind of motivated and pushed them to perform well.. Finally, the exams came to an end.. Everyone was satisfied with the way they performed..

Same evening 6 PM:

Sanyukta was in her hostel.. She was trying to call Randhir.. The call abruptly ended, throwing back a busy tone.. "Where the hell is he? Exams khatam hone ke baad b pad raha hai kya? No wonder.. Aisa ho b sakta hai..! Pagal hai Pura.. I think I need to go to the boys hostel..!" Sanyukta made an attempt to get out of the room, while she heard some noise by the window side.. She immediately rushed to see what it was.. The sight she saw, made her go crazy.. Randhir was desperately trying to climb up the window... He had "pasina" on his face, that clearly depicted for how long and how hard he was trying to climb the Wall.. Sanyukta yelled "Randhir..! Yeh kya kar rahe ho tum?"

Randhir: "Hmmm.. Kapde do raha hu.. Tum b aao na.." He sounded sarcastic "Dekh kya Rahi ho? Haat do na..!" He instructed.. Sanyukta immediately offered her hand for him to hang on to.. She pulled him up slowly and he jumped inside her room..

Sanyu: Randhir.. What's all this? Tum Hamesha is tarah mere room me Kyun ghuste ho? You could have come inside through the door too na,. Hostel me warden b nai hai ab.. She seemed frustrated..

Randhir for the first time, saw the door of her hostel room.. "Tumhare room me door b hai kya? Pehli baar Dekh raha Hun...!" Indeed he was looking at it for the first time.. Everytime he wanted to meet Sanyukta, he would choose this window way.. He had almost forgotten that the room might even have another way to enter, the orthodox way, (ie) through the door..

Sanyukta's anger vanished like a fog.. She smiled at his innocence and pulled his cheeks hard "Tuj kitne cute ho.. Pata hai?" He smiled and pulled her close... He was holding at by her waist while she had her hands wrapped around his neck.. They were standing in close proximity.. "Acha.. Toh kya Karne wali ho is cute se boyfriend uff hubby ke liye..?" His eyes teased her... "Kya karun? Tum hi Batao..!", she blushed.. "Mein jo b bolunga woh tum karogi kya?" She nodded in a yes..

Randhir pulled her more close... He turned his face and showed his right cheek to her.. "Do the honours..!" He said.. Sanyukta brought her lips close to his cheeks, and pecked it slightly.. He said "Hmmm.. Punch nai tha.. Let's do it one more time..!" She smiled again and this time, kissed his cheeks so hard, leaving imprint of her lips on his cheeks.. "Was it better?" She asked.. His smile said it all "Much better" he murmured.. "Okay now lets do it French way..!" And brought his lips closer to her's.. The way he said that, made Sanyukta go red big time.. Randhir leaned forward, Sanyukta closed her eyes, he brought his lips closer to her's, he was only a millisecond away from going for a kiss, when they heard some knock on the door.. Sanyukta pulled herself away.. They turned to look at the door.. It was Parth..

Randhir was totally annoyed to see Parth there, at that time.. Parth immediately apologized "Sorry Guys.. I hope I didn't disturb you..!"

Randhir: Please don't hope.. Kyun ki Tumne exactly Wahi kiya hai.. He sounded sarcastic.. Sanyukta hit his stomach with her elbow and prevented him from talking further "Randhir kya kar rahe ho! Don't sound so sarcastic na.. Bura lagega use..!" She whispered..

Parth: Arey Sanyukta it's okay.. Meri galti hai.. By the way, I am sorry for turning up all of a sudden.. But mein kya karta? I am so tensed..

Randhir felt bad.. "Tensed? Par Kyun Parth? Sab thik hai na?" He was concerned for his buddy..

Parth: Nai Randhir Kuch b thik nai hai.. I can't find Vidushi.. I am looking for her for the past 10 mins, I can't find her anywhere.. Pata nai kaha hai.. I am worried now..

Randhir became alert.. "Parth.. You mean to say Vidushi fir se gayab ho gayi kya?" He looked at Sanyukta.. "Parth don't be tensed.. Pehle yaha aao.. Baito tum..!" He made him sit on the chair.. "Tension mat lo.. We ll find her.. Tum Pehle yeh Batao ki when was the last time you saw her and where?" He investigated..

Sanyukta calmed him down.. "Haan Parth.. Randhir is right.. Vidushi ll be alright.. You tell us na, when and where did you see her last?"

Parth thought a little and replied "Sanyukta.. Randhir.. I saw Vidushi ten mins back.. She was with me in the canteen.. Ab pata nai kaha Chali gayi.. 10 min se dund raha hu..!"

Randhir gave a angry look at Parth.. "Parth.. 10 min Pehle Vidushi tumhare saat thi.. N tum 10 min se usse dund rahe ho..! Does that make any sense to you Sanyukta..?" He looked at her for an answer, to which she smiled.. Infact, now even Randhir joined her laughter, leaving behind a confused Parth.. "Has Kyun rahe ho tum dono?"

"Parth such a love sick puppy you are.. Sanyukta, I told you na.. Yeh pyar me pagal ho Gaya hai.. Aaj tak meine sirf suna hai ki log pagal ho jaate hai pyar me par Aaj Pehli baar Dekh raha hu apne Aankhon se..!" He was still laughing.. Parth blushed "Meij kya karun Randhir.. I was missing her..!" He started to say while Randhir finished "for the last tennnnn mins na..!" Sanyukta and Randhir was almost rolling on the floor laughing..

Randhir turned towards Sanyukta.. "Sanyukta I warned you.. Yeh Pura din room me baitke Aisa hi Kuch na Kuch karte Rehta hai.. Iska romantic Romeo version sirf mere saamne nikalta tha.. Thank god Aaj tum ne b Dekh liya.. Shakal Dekho iska.. He is blushing..! Mera Shona bacha..!" Randhir pulled Parth's cheeks.. While the teasing session was on, they heard someone murmuring outside, it was more of someone complaining.. The moment Randhir heard the voice he said, "Lo tumhari girl friend aa gayi..!" Parth was shocked "How do you know Randhir?"

"Duniya me woh Ek hi piece hai, jo Hamesha complain ya bak bak karti rehti hai. I bet its Vidushi.. 2 seconds me pata Chal jayega.. Dekh Lena..!" Randhir pointed towards the door.. Parth and Vidushi shifted their focus towards the doorstep.. Bak bak continued for 2 more seconds and finally, the reason behind the bak bak arrived at the doorstep.. It was indeed Vidushi.. Parth and Sanyukta looked at Randhir, stunned they were, while Randhir pulled up his collar..

Parth rushed towards Vidushi.. "Vidu kaha Chali gayi thi tum..? I was worried you know!"

Randhir: Yeah Vidu.. Kaha Chali gayi thi tum? Parth was looking for you in the whole college for the past tennnnnn mins.. I was about to rename him as Milkha Parth Kashyap Singh.. He mimicked..

Vidushi smiled at her Romeo.. "Arey Parth.. I just went to look at the notice board..!"

Parth: Notice board? Exams are over na.. Ab kya likha hai notice board me?

Vidushi: Haan Parth.. Ab hostel vacate karna padega for 15 days.. Semester holidays hai na.. Ghar Jaana padega.. I don't know mein kaise jaungi..

Parth: Ghar ka rasta bhul gayi kya?

Vidu: Parth, tum bhi na.. Tumhare bina kaise rahungi mein 15 dayssss,. It's impossible.. Kuch aur karna padega..

While Parth and Vidushi were discussing about the holidays, Sanyukta was lost in her thoughts.. Randhir jumped into the conversation "Kyun na hum Sab Milke kahi tour chale? Maza ayega.. Saat me b rahenge and Khub enjoy b karenge.. Kyun?

Vidushi jumped in joy.. "Superb idea Randhir..! I am in..!"

Randhir looked at Sanyukta.. "So kaha chale? Sanyukta, suggest karo na..!' She stood still.. Randhir noticed it.. Next moment, he knew what to do.. He excused himself and went outside "Guys I ll just be back..!"

Sanyukta didn't even notice Randhir going out.. She was so deeply lost in her thoughts.. Parth and Vidushi were lost in their own dreamland.. After exactly 5 mins, Sanyukta's phone rung.. It took 3 complete rings for Sanyukta to realize that her phone was buzzing... She picked it up without any interest.. Her eyes widened seeing the name flashing on her screen..

"PAPA CALLING..!" Sanyukta so wished she could die that very moment.. She was missing them and there he was calling her.. She could hardly believe her eyes.. Sanyukta picked up "Papa..!" She paused for a second, waiting for the person in the other side to respond..

"Beta..!" Was the word that came out from her dad at the other end.. That's it, her heart stopped.. She went numb.. All she could manage was a feeble "Papaaa..!"

"Sanyukta beta.. Kaisi ho? Holidays hai na? Ghar kab aa Rahi ho? Tumhe dekhne ka man kar raha hai.. Jaldi aa Jaana beta..!" Kishore Agarwal kept giving her shocks after shocks. Firstly he called her "Beta" secondly he was saying all such things that she had never heard him say before.. "Aa Rahi ho na Sanyukta? Kuch Bol Kyun nai Rahi ho? Please beta.. Jo b hua bhul jao.. Mein aur tumhare mumma tumhe dekhne ke liye taras Gaye hai.. Aaj Shaam hi aa Jaana ghar..!" Sanyukta replied "Haa Papa..!" Her mobile slipped from her hands and fell down.. She cried, laughed, cried.. It was mixed emotions for her.. Randhir was looking at her with a smile from a far distance.. Her eyes immediately looked for him.. Once she spotted him, she rushed towards him and hugged him tight.. He asked "Kya hua Sanyukta? All okay na?"

She pulled herself back, placed her hands on his cheeks.. "Randhir you won't believe kya hua.. I jussstt received a call from Papa.. He has invited us home.. He told me that he is missing me.. He loves me Randhir.. I am so happy.. I am so damn happy..!" She cried..

"I am happy for you too Sanyukta..!" He enclosed her in a hug... Such an emotional moment it was.. Sanyukta kept talking, her words weren't meaningful but it depicted how happy she was, at that moment... Randhir hugged her more tight.. "Anything for you Sanyukta.. Tumhare liye Kuch b karunga.. All is fair in love and war..! To see you happy, I ll leave no stone unturned.. I love you Sanyukta.. I love you so much..!" His whispered within himself...

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Always Be Mine - Part 75


By: Aishwarya Ravi

First of all I would like to thank all the readers of mine, for letting my ABM travel till 75th part and still counting.. Love you all so much for being such a sweethearts 😘 This Platinum Jubilee part is dedicated to all of you ❤️

Part 75:

Prof. Vardhan barged into the exam hall, leaving all the students stunned and so was Randhir.. "Randhir.. Hand over your paper to me..!" Randhir did as instructed.. Prof. Vardhan almost grabbed it from him.. Opened it and scanned each and every paper carefully.. His eyeball stopped moving when his eyes stopped gazing at one particular point.. For a moment, Great Engineering Professor. Vardhan himself was left numb.. It looked as if he was in a shock.. He soon managed to come out of the trance.. He looked up and smiled at Randhir.. Proceeded towards the centre of the hall..

"Guys I am sure you all must have completed answering all the questions you knew.. So pens down please..! It's almost time.. If you haven't completed answering till now, then you wouldn't finish it anyway.. I need your attention for 5 minutes..!" Sanyukta looked up.. She had managed to finish the paper too, 10 mark question somehow she solved it and the 5 Mark one she tried attempting..

Just then Vardhan sir had entered.. "Guys Forget about the 10 mark question and the 5 mark question that's giving you hard time.. It isn't from your syllabus.. Infact, it isn't a question from 3rd year Mechanical.. That's the toughest question from 4th year Mechanical.. Those two chapters will always give nightmares to the final year students, so no wonder, if it drives you crazy.. Don't worry.. Marks will be rewarded if you had even attempted to answer the question.. Those who haven't tried, please forget it.. I want Engineers who try first and then lose not the ones who accept the defeat right at the beginning without even attempting.. So the moment you decided to skip the question, you failed.."

Randhir remember something all of a sudden.. In the two days, he had completed almost all the books assigned for 3rd year Mechanical.. So he had decided to go through all the books yet again.. Just then he had come across a book, that seemed pretty interesting.. Anything about machines attracted him so much(his love for machines had doubled after seeing Sanyukta's love for them).. He pulled it open and started to read, without even realizing the fact that the book he was reading belonged to 4th year Mechanical.. That's how, he had managed to crack the 10 mark question that bothered Sanyukta.. What's the big deal? He had anyway read it but not Sanyukta.. What surprised him more was the fact that he was able to solve even the 5 mark question, that he had never even read for once.. Now that's called the spirit, the passion and dedication..

All the students were left dumbstruck.. Many of them hadn't even bothered to attend the question as it looked alien for them.. Their attitude towards it was "I can't solve it anyway.. Why to waste my time attempting it?"

Vardhan sir continued "Guys, it's a lesson for you all.. Nothing to be ashamed of.. Also, I would like you all to meet the Best Engineer of the lot, hmmm, No, Best Engineer I have ever seen.. He is right here, in front of you all, Randhir Singh Shekhawat.. Yes, the questions that gave nightmares even to the toppers of the 4th year, had been solved by Randhir like a beautiful dream.. I am extremely proud to say that I am HIS mentor.. That's my student.. I am truly overwhelmed by the way he had responded to my test.. Randhir.. You truly deserve to be the Rank No. 1.. You are way too awesome.. Finally, I found someone who is in love with his Engineering too along with his Girlfriend.. You both amaze me at times.. Keep the passion growing.. God bless you both..!" He looked at Sanyukta and smiled.. Handed over the paper to PKC, gave a proud pat on Randhir's back and rushed out of the class..

Randhir had almost been pushed to the verge of tears..Sanyukta handed over her paper to PKC and went near Randhir, who was still in trance.. She offered him her hand, he gladly accepted it.. She smiled "Randhir.. You've made me feel proud about myself today.. I truly feel honoured to be associated with your name as your competitor.. I have no words left to describe you.. I haven't accepted this fact before, but then if I don't do it now, then I ll never be able to do it.. You are the BEST Engineer.. I bow down before you.. It's not like a girl bowing down before a guy.. You know me.. I don't bow down before any guy.. But it's an honour for me today to bring my hands together to clap and bow my head before you as a mark of respect.. Hats off and hands down.. I take a bow, before the best engineer my country would ever produce.. Love you Randhir..!"

That was all needed for Randhir to break down.. He pulled her up and hugged her tight.. He had absolutely no words to utter whatsoever.. His hug was saying it all.. She hugged him back.. All the students including PKC left the hall, with a smile.. They knew this moment, belonged to Sandhir and their Engineering..

Precap: Sandhir holiday planning..

TO BE CONTINUED.. Hope you guys liked this Platinum Jubilee part of ABM.. Readers do leave your comments.. Love you All 😘 #Ash

Always Be Mine - Part 74

Part 74:

Randhir was shuffling his paper... Never once in his life, had he faced this situation before.. When it comes to studies, he had always been the master.. No matter how hard the subject is, for Randhir it's just a piece of cake.. This moment, he clearly understood what Vardhan sir meant when he mentored them last time around..

Sanyukta saw Randhir through the corner of his eyes.. "Randhir seems tensed.. That indeed means, even he doesn't know how to solve this 5 mark question.. But what about this 10 mark question? Even this seems alien to me.. Would Randhir be able to solve this question? Kaise pata karun?" She got restless..

Randhir closed his eyes, whenever he gets tensed, he used to close his eyes tight and meditate.. That would solve almost all his problems.. It had such healing powers.. This time around too he did that.. "Randhir concentrate.. Remember you ain't some above average student.. You are Randhir singh Shekawat.. Keep that in mind.. Come on.. Start answering the questions.. Once you start writing, answers ll keep flowing..!" He motivated himself.. Opened his eyes, let out a heavy breath and started to pen down whatever was asked..

Randhir felt "If I don't deserve to be Rank No.1, then so be it..  It's mine and I ll make sure it stays that way. If she deserves, let her grab it from me.. I ain't going to gift it to her.. If she wants to take it away from me, then let her do the hard work.. I ll give her a tough fight.. Only then, she ll work hard for it.. That way, I ll push her to go for it.. She ll get motivated.."

Sanyukta was getting restless "Oh God..! I don't remember reading such stuff.. I missed few lectures probably that's affecting me.. It's not about Rank no.1 it's about Randhir.. It's about letting him know that I deserve to be his competitor.. Aise under perform karungi Toh use Kya motivation milega? To compete with a Genius like Randhir, I need to be at his level.. I should never let him feel that he is competing with someone weaker than him.."

Randhir and Sanyukta were now totally into their Engineering..They had forgotten the outer world. Its only them and their Engineering now.


Now that's called True Love.. If you are really in love with someone, you ll be the reason for their growth not for their downfall.. Nobody is perfect, everyone in this world has flaws.. Love is just accepting someone the way they are..Its unconditional and truly motivational.. Rain or shine, make sure to be by your love's side when they need you the most..

Vidushi was still smiling at Parth.. PKC who was noticing her from his desk, shouted "Vidushiii.. Parth.. Tum dono ko exam dene ka irada hai b ya nai?" Parth shook her hands, "Vidu.. PKC sir keh rahe hai na.. Kisi aur ke liye na hi sahi sirf unke liye answers de de.. Look at his face, isnt he looking so pathetic? We shouldnt be the reason for his BP to rise.. Chalo, answers do baby.. Jaldi.. sirf 2 hours hai..!"  He turned to smile at PKC, who was giving a weird unexplainable expression.. "Sahi keh raha hu na sir?" PKC gave a sarcastic smile "Haan Parth.. You are absolutely right.. Bahut khushi hui yeh sunke ki Vidushi is gonna give her exams for my sake..! Aankhon se aansu nikal Gaye, yeh Dekho..!"

"Uff.. Yaha Aaj kal Engineers kam Romeos Zyada dikh rahe hai..!" He blurted to himself..

Parth and Vidushi smiled at each other and proceeded to fill their answer sheets with "what they felt would be the answers"

Randhir had almost solved all the questions, he still wasn't sure of the 5 mark question that was haunting him.. He was pretty sure to have read the chapters before and after this one.. Just this one, slipped out of his mind.. "I am an Engineer.. I shouldn't get disheartened just because I didn't read one chapter.. I know the basics and have surely got them right.. If my basics are right, then I can solve any problem, let alone this one.. Method of application and approach might be the different but at the end of it all, it's a simple problem.. Randhir Chalo give it a try.." He motivated himself again.. His eyes scanned the question one more time.. He thought a little, did some rough work in the space provided and stared at the wall.. He could see the answers unfolding, step by step.. "Yes this is got to be the first step.. Let me start.. If I get the first step right, obviously I am gonna end up solving this question.. Even if I don't, what's the harm in trying? I should give it a try, nah, my best try.."

Randhir started to solve the question.. He had hesitated only before his pen touched the paper.. Once it did, there was no stopping him.. Answers were flowing like a smooth river.. He was pretty much confident that he was giving his best shot... Sanyukta somehow managed to finish the paper except the 5 mark and 10 mark ones.. She was wondering what could be the reason for her not being able to solve it.. Randhir finished filling up the answer sheet and demanded for an extra sheet.. While he was waiting for PKC to attend to him, he glanced at Sanyukta.. She seemed tensed.. He knew she might be having problems solving the 5 mark question.. He leaned over and whispered "Sanyukta.. Take a deep breath.. Give a loud stare to the question that's creating trouble, watch it closely, remember your basics and you ll get it right..! After all we are Engineers, we should be the ones that create troubles don't let a petty question trouble you..!" He received his answer sheet and focused on filling it again..

Sanyukta got motivated by that cute tip of his.. She did exactly the same way he said.. Even she could see it working.. She happily started to scribble.. Randhir finished his paper before the allotted time.. Just when he was about to hand over the paper to PKC, Vardhan sir entered the exam hall.. "Randhir.. Give it to me..!" He ordered..

Randhir was surprised by the sudden appearance of Prof. Vardhan..

Always Be Mine - Part 73

Part 73:

Sanyukta shook hands with Randhir.. This time, the grip meant something else, it wasnt  a lovely caress, the feeling she would always get whenever her hand touches his.. It was something different. He stood there, shaking hands with her like her true opponent.. His eyes shone with sheer brilliance. It conveyed the message beautifully "Sanyukta Agarwal.. You ll be beaten yet again.. Rank No.1 was, is and ll always be Randhir Singh Shekawat..!" Somehow, she loved the sight of him, challenging her.. True that she hated the Mr. Attitude Randhir, somehow she even missed this attitude of his. He had become a chocolate boy, totally immersed in his love for her.. But then, this version of Randhir, was the very reason why she had reached this position. He drove her mad, challenged her ego, even hurt her, but always stood there for her, protecting her "My Randhir is back..!" she smiled..

"Sanyukta... Would you mind releasing my hand? Coz I believe you should be diving into your mechanical books by now. Its okay if I dont study coz I just need to scan the books once `but you desperately need to.. Dont let Rank No.2 slip away from your hands.. All the best..!" he winked.. She truly loved this attitude of his..

"Sure Randhir... I will.. Just a piece of advice.. Too much of dreams, arent good for health.. So stop dreaming.. See you in the battlefield..!"

"I am ON..!" Randhir said at once. She turned to leave and so did he..

Next two days, they believed would be the toughest two days of their lives, coz they had turned off their mobiles and made sure not to step out of their rooms. But it turned out to be absolutely normal.. Neither Randhir missed Sanyukta, nor she missed Randhir.. Every time, they would remember of the other, it would force them to concentrate more..  Why would they even miss each other.. After all, they were indulged in Engineering, their first common love.. Machines were the reason behind them coming close.. Now, its payback time. They decided to thank their Engineering. To Randhir, Engineering gave him his reason to survive.. For Sanyukta, Engineering had gifted her the most beautiful 'Machine' of her life.. That can neither be purchased nor be made in any lab in the world, "Her Randhir"

2 days later:

Exam hall:

Sanyukta rushed into the hall as quickly as possible, as usual, she hadnt given enough time to set her hair.. Randhir still loved her messed up look, his eyes were programmed to expect her that way.. So it wasnt a surprise for him.. She stopped by his table, Randhir stood up and paved way for her.  She made her way inside, while passing by, she threw a quick glance at Randhir "Exam time me b pata nai how does he manage to look so handsome?" she so wished she could get an answer, some day.. He was breathtakingly handsome..

"Long time No see Sanyukta? How's you? Managed to mug up all the lines till last page huh?" he teased her..

She threw a sarcastic smile at him.. "Very funny.. Lets wait and watch the outcome Mr. Attitude.."

"Of course.. I would love to see, who gets Rank No.2 this time around..Is it you or someone else? You better shut up and concentrate otherwise you might forget  the last chapter.. Its right here you see..!" he pointed towards her neck.. "So better dont talk, till you blurt that out in the answer sheet!" he gave a sarcastic smile.

"Look Randhir..! I dont mug things and you know that..!" and thus started their tom n jerry convo.. Whole class was silent but it made no difference to the 'special souls' on earth.. PKC was hell annoyed.. He shouted at them "Kaun kiska paper kha liya ab?"

Sanyukta pointed at Randhir while he pointed at her.."Sir isne.." PKC was pissed to see this silly fight.. "Dekho na hi koi kisika paper khayega, na hi koi mera dimaag khayega.. Samjhe?"

He handed them the papers.. Parth and Vidushi were lost in each others eyes.. PKC handed the paper to Parth, who was physically present but mentally absent.. "Parth.. Paper lo..!"

"Nai.. Mujhe nai chahiye..!" he answered without even looking at PKC..

PKC: Nai chahiye Matlab?

Parth: Matlab I dont want the paper.. (he had translated his previous sentence in hindi to English)

PKC: Parth.. You are testing my patience.. Take this, right now..

This time Vidushi interferred.. "Kaha na.. Nai chahiye.. We are not interested.. Le jao.. We ll call you when we are free" she wasnt in her senses.. Even in dreams, she managed to yell.

PKC shook them by their shoulders.. "Parth... Vidushiiiii..!"

Parth got tensed .. "PKC sir... Aap kab aaye..?" he turned towards Vidushi.. "Vidu.. Sir kab aaye? Meine nai dekha.. Did you notice?" she nodded in a big No "No Parth.. Meine b notice nai kiya..  Sir, why are you breathing so heavily? December ke thand me b aapko pasina aa raha hai.. You gotta consult a doctor.. It might turn out be very dangerous for your health.. Hai na Parth?"

Whole class burst out laughing.. PKC was left numb.. He knew, he wasnt going to win over an argument with the lovestruck Romeos.. "Tum jaise students ho toh mere health ke baare me fikar karne ki kya zaroorat.. Sit down please.. Would you mind taking this paper atleast now?"

"Sure sir.. Aapke liye kuch b kar sakte hai hum.. Jaan b denge toh yeh jawab kya cheez hai.. Do aap!" he pulled two answer sheets and handed one to Vidushi..

Poor PKC left the place.. He soon retired in his chair and closed his eyes..

Exam started.. Randhir and Sanyukta were scanning the question paper, while others had already started to write.

Randhir's POV:

I think I know the answers for all these questions.. This time as well, I am going to end up topping the chart. Uff.. Poor Sanyukta..(his eyes fell on a particular 5 mark question that had no choice.. It was compulsory to attend) Oh Fish.. I just skipped this chapter and here it is, to haunt me.. God, what will I do now? (he rubbed his chin)  5 markssssss.. How will I let a 5 mark question beat me? Cant this be my dream? (he pinched Jiggy who was sitting to his left) he screamed "Ouch".. That was more than enough for him to understand that its not his dream.. "Sapna nai hai Randhir.. Sach hai yeh toh.. Aaj toh tu gaya.." What will I do now? What if she had mugged up that answer as well? I cant let this 5 mark question taunt me.. I must know, if she knows it as well.. Kaise pata karun? He was getting restless..

Sanyukta was noticing all his antics.. She leaned by his side and whispered "Rank No.1 All okay?" He was clearly annoyed "Apna kaam se kaam rakh samjhi? I know paper thoda difficult hai.. Still give it a try, especially 4 marks, 6 marks questions..!" he blurted..

Sanyu: 4 marks 6 marks? Randhir, there are only 5 mark questions and they dont seem tough at all..

Randhir: Really???

Sanyu: Haan.. Kyun? Tumhe tough lag raha hai kya?

Randhir: Tough? Mujhe? Oh hello.. You are talking to THE RANDHIR.. I dont have the word tough in my dictionary.. Just focus on yours and let me focus on mine.. Aur haan, dont dare to peep in my paper.. I know I love you par iska matlab yeh nai ki I ll let you copy from me. Samjhi?

Sanyu: You and your attitude.. Unbelievable.. Jo karna hai karo.. Mujhe kya?

Sanyukta turned back, leaving behind a restless and puzzled Randhir.. "Randhir kuch toh karna hi padega tumhe.. Warna..!" He whispered to himself..

Will Randhir be able to retain his No.1 ranking? Or will Sanyukta go past him?

Always Be Mine - Part 72

Part 72:

Sandhir reached the Green board almost at the same time.. Randhir pulled a chalk, Sanyukta grabbed it from him.. Without wasting any time staring at her, he pulled one more.. Next moment, their fingers were dancing in unison on the board.. Left part of the board occupied by Rank No. 1 wherein the right part was being dominated by Rank No. 2..

Prof. Vardhan was watching them from a corner.. He had a permanent smile on his face, a smile that conveyed many a things, without a word being uttered. Randhir and Sanyukta were hell bent in solving the question. In almost a minute, they both covered up all the writing area of the board. Finally, their hands arrived at the conclusion part.. Randhir finished it as,

Hence, x= a/2 he had a proud look on his face.. He smirked.. "Farzi, kya haal hai?" He turned to look at Sanyukta's corner.. She had the same smirk on her face.. They were happy because they had almost solved it at the same time.. Their proud expression said it all.. "Ek dum badiya..! Tumhara kya haal hai?" She replied proudly.. Their expression changed, when they casted their eyes on each other's answer.. Sanyukta had finished it as, x=a/6... Randhir exclaimed "What the hell Sanyukta..! How could you solve it wrong? Answer is a/2...!" When Sanyukta opposed "Nai.. Answer is a/6.. Accept your defeat Randhir..!"

Sandhir were back in their fighting mode "No way I can go wrong.. Don't you dare call me loser..! It's you, who solved it wrong..!"

"Randhir I can never go wrong.. It's you.. Do you understand?" Sanyukta fumed...

Their argument was interrupted by a similar voice, the same voice that had motivated them whenever they needed one.. Yes it was Vardhan sir.. "Guys, neither of you are wrong.. Now, that's called a Reality check..!" He smiled at them, approached them with a slight smile on his face..

Sandhir were confused.. "Sir.. We don't quite get it..!" Randhir was the first one to express his confusion.. Prof. Vardhan cleared his throat.. "Mein hun na.. ll explain Randhir..!" He looked at Sanyukta..

"When you guys marched towards the board, you both were two love birds madly in love each other.. More than solving the question, you were concerned about each other.. You guys wanted to solve the question but not at the cost of others loss.. When you solved the question, your hands weren't in your control, your mind was wandering all over.. Your heart was controlling your minds.. Isi liye you both arrived at wrong answer.." Prof. Vardhan was explaining.. It was as if they were able to understand everything but nothing.. They were pretty sure that he was upto something.. The topic hadn't come to an end.. Infact, things were starting to get cleared.. Professor continued "I am sure you people still aren't clear.. Let me make it very simple..! So listen..!" He turned towards Sanyukta, who had already lost herself in the magicians speech..

"Sanyukta.. Look at Randhir.. Forget that he is your love.. He is that opponent of yours, who made your life hell when you entered FITE.. He was hell bent in destroying you and your dreams.. He is that one person, you always wanted to beat.. Randhir Singh Shekawat, MCP in your terms..!" As and when he described, Sanyukta could imagine Randhir turn into a MCP right in front of her eyes.. She remembered every single fight, every silly argument.. It was nostalgic.. Prof. Vardhan turned towards Randhir..

"Randhir.. Look at Sanyukta.. Forget the fact that you are madly in love with her.. She is your competitor.. She is that one girl who challenged your ego.. She is the one, who made you feel frightened.. She made you feel insecure.. At one point, she was even about to surpass you.. Remember?" Randhir remembered every single thing, the day he had seen Sanyukta solve Vardhan Sirs question.. He was quite impressed.. But then, his ego stopped him from accepting the fact.. He kept chasing her, she kept challenging him.. Those were the days, they had learnt different ways to hate each other but never once did they hurt each other.. They motivated each other, didn't go hand in hand but then always made sure to help each other knowingly or unknowingly.. Prof. Vardhan neared the board, erased the wrong answers given by Sandhir.. The question still remained unchanged.. "Now, take a look at the question.. Go for it..!"

Sanyukta and Randhir exchanged a glance, slowly turned to take a better look at the question.. It didn't take long for the geniuses to understand that the question was wrong.. Randhir corrected the question, and so did Sanyukta.. This time, for Sanyukta, Randhir was her biggest opponent.. For Randhir, Sanyukta was his biggest competitor.. They triggered each other's ego and ended up motivating each other.. Within a minute, Randhir and Sanyukta arrived at the answer that was x=a/3...

Prof. Vardhan had the timer on.. He very well knew it wasn't needed.. As expected, Sandhir finished it at almost the same time, with only few seconds difference.. (I ll leave it to your imagination, who finished few seconds ahead 😜)

This time, all the three had a smile on their faces.. Prof. Vardhan announced "Now that's called as "Comeback".. I am sure you must have understood what I was trying to prove.. I know you guys hate to listen to a long lecture.. Actually, I myself hate to give one.. So, I am winding up with one last thing.. Guys, let love be the reason for your success not for your failure.. Love each other so much, go mad but after 6, when you get back to your rooms.. While in class, be my Engineers, who are passionate to prove something to the world.. PASSION and DEDICATION, give equal importance to these two words in your life.. I want you guys to be my best Students.. The best engineers, this country could ever produce..! Fight with each other, motivate each other, get inspired but with love.. Got it?" He looked at Sandhir, who were once again lost in his words.. He coughed "Back to your senses guys..!" That brought them out of the trance.. "Yes sir..!" They answered in unison..

"Good.. Very good..!" He patted Randhir's back and left the place with his trademark smile.. Sandhir now looked at each other, this time, their eyes were glowing in passion rather than the love they had for each other.. Randhir offered his hand "All the best for your exams Sanyukta..! Top karunga toh Mein hi..!" His attitude shone in his eyes.. "In your dreams Randhir..! By the way all the best to you too..!" She winked..

Precap: Exam hall.. Funny stuff coming up... πŸ˜›

Always Be Mine - Part 71

Part 71:

Sun rays hit straight on his face, he was forced to open his eyes.. Randhir woke up with a slight “hmmm”, he tried stretching his hands but they weren’t moving.. Only then he realized, his hand was being a pillow for his angel, his sleeping beauty.. Her eye balls were continuously moving, she hadn’t opened her eyes, yet he knew  the rays were disturbing her.. He stretched his other hand, and blocked the rays.. The moment, his hand served as an umbrella, her face went calm.. He was busily admiring her.. This sudden change in the atmosphere, forced her to open her eyes.. The sight she saw, stopped her breath.. How caring he is, “Everytime I see this guy, I fall in love with him all over again..!”  She slowly lowered his hand and smiled at him.. He neared her and she screamed “Oh God..!” It was a wake up alarm for the other pairs who were deeply lost in their sleep.. They sprung up at the same time.

“Kya hua..!” Randhir got tensed..

“Randhir.. Do din me exams hai.. Time table lag gaya hoga na notice board pe.. First exam kya hoga re?” she asked so seriously.. Randhir laughed out loud.. “Jungle me b tumhe exams ki padi hai..? U r a single piece on this earth..!” he teased.. By then, Vidarth and others reached the spot.. “Randhir.. Mazak baad me.. I think we should leave now..!” Parth ordered..

“Haan Parth baba ka nyota hai.. Taal nai sakte... Chalo chalte hai..!” Randhir offered her hand in order to get up… She did, and they left the place immediately.. After a few minutes of walk, they reached the main road, where they had parked their bikes.. Randhir kick started his bike and Sanyukta sat behind him.. Parth looked back at the forest and smiled, Vidushi pulled his hand “Parth chalo na.. We are getting late..!”

“Vidushi.. This is the place that gave me my love.. Let me thank it…!” Parth got emotional.. “Thank youuuu..!” he screamed.. Vidushi pulled him hard  “Bas Bas itna b majnu banne ki zaroorat nai hai.. Agar itna hi pyar hai toh mein tumhe hamare honeymoon ke liye yaha laungi.. Ab chalo..!” Parth started his bike as well.. They were on  their way to FITE..

Prof. Vardhan was concerned about not finding his Dream Team members in the college.. Only Jiggy was dozing in his room, others were missing.. He had scanned nook and corner of FITE.. More than being angry, he was being concerned for them, for his students cum kids.. “I hope they are okay..!” Just then, his eyes fell on the entrance, he saw three bikes entering the campus.. Sandhir, Vidarth and Youstuki.. His lips carved in a slight smile.. “Nightout huh..! Not bad..!” he smirked..

Vidarth and others straight away rushed to their respective rooms, wherein Randhir and Sanyukta rushed towards the notice board..
Sanyukta had guessed it right.. Time table was fixed in the notice board.. She read it loud “First paper is Automobile Engineering..! Thank God mein bach gayi.. That’s my favorite.. Uske baad leave hai toh I ll cover the rest of them too.. “ she breathed relief.. Turned towards Randhir, who was smiling at her “Has kyun rahe ho? Prepared kya??”

“Preparation mediocres ko karna padta hai. Mujh jaise Genius ko nai..!” He said that with his own attitude..

“Hello.. Mr. Randhir Shekawat.. Tumne prepare kiya ki nai kiya.. Sidhe sidhe bolo..!” she behaved like a typical girlfriend..

“Naiii.. I told you na, Mujhe preparation ki zaroorat nai..!”

“Randhir.. say yes or no?”

“No…! Hum toh hamesha prepared rehte hai..!”

“Itne din se kar kya rahe the?” She was serious.. Her eyes were burning red in anger..

He answered coolly.. “Pyar kar raha tha.. Tumse..!” Next moment, her cheeks turned red.. “This guy knows the trick of making me blush anytime..!” She smiled..

“By the way, Mrs. Sanyukta Shekawat..! Don’t worry.. I ll be topping the chart this time as well.. So chill..!" this time, he sounded more like the old Attitude Randhir..

"Yep, you will top..!" Randhir gave her a attitude bari look "Finally maan gayi tum..!"

Sanyukta continued .. "Yes, you will top.... in your dreams..!" She was being sarcastic..

"Really?? You think so? Sanyukta Agarwal(he was sounding like the old Randhir, hence he called her Agarwal, instead of Shekawat) Dont mess with me.. Dont you dare..! No.1 toh mera hai.. Aaj tak koi aisa paida nai hua hai Jo Randhir Singh Shekhawat ko hara sakhe..! Got it?" Sanyukta in a way missed this Randhir.. He was the one who challenged her all the time and brought the best out of her.. Too much of sweetness isnt good for health.. She wanted the old Randhir back, atleast when it came to her Engineering.. Vardhan sir was damn right.. They are born Engineers..

She challenged him back.. "It will be my pleasure to mess with you Mr. Shekhawat.. Watch out for me.. Get ready to experience how it feels to be No.2"

Prof. Vardhan was so happy to witness this convo.. "I have got my Engineers back..!" He was pleased, his efforts hadn't gone waste.. They were triggering each other.. Exactly what he had wanted...

"Sanyukta.. I am warning you for one last time.. Don't even dream to grab the 1st spot.. It's mine n ll only be mine.. Samjhi..!" Her face fell.. Randhir instantly felt bad.. May be he had over done it.. He went for his own defense "Sanyukta.. Chill na.. Tum top kare ya Mein kya farak padta hai? Hai na? Cheer up girl..!" He was trying to cheer her up..  Vardhan sir who was listening to all this convo, got up, smiled, adjusted his specs and left his room...

Sanyukta felt good "Haan Randhir you are right..! Kya farak padta hai! Hum dono Ek dusre se pyar karte hai..!"

Vardhan sir went past them.. They wished him "Good Morning..!" He turned "Good Morning guys..! You carry on.. I have a bit of work..!" He smirked..

"Sure sir.. Please carry on..!" Randhir smiled at him.. Once he left, Randhir and Sanyukta were again lost in their lovey dovey convo.. Only then, they realized Vardhan sir was going up to the board.. He was scribbling something on the board under.. "Prof. Vardhan's Question!"

After a long time, Prof. Vardhan was writing his question on her board.. Once he finished, he smiled at them, threw the chalk away and left the place.. Randhir and Sanyukta exchanged a weird look..

Next moment, their legs weren't in their control.. They were rushing towards the board..

Precap: Who ll solve the question? Followed by the exams and the holidays.. 

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Always Be Mine - Part 70


By: Aishwarya Ravi

Dedication Time: I dedicate this part to those 3 sweet readers who made banners for ABM.. Vindhya, Sonal and Manaswini.. I ll use the banner in the order I received.. First Banner is by #Vindhya, thanks a lot dear! ❤️

Sorry Note : Rutu, sweetheart ❤️ Sholly Haan, maan b Jao na ❤️😘 Gussa nai karte, #Ash ko Maaf kar dena 😘

Part 70:

Vidushi was surprised to see them all laugh at her... "Guys I am narrating the worst thing that happened to me and you guys are laughing? Hadh hai..!" She pouted... Parth, who was hugging her couldn't control his laughter anymore.. He joined them too.. Randhir finally managed to clear her doubts "Vidushi..! Jo b andar hua hai na, hum ne dekh liya hai.. Right from your kidnap till the guy called you Chudail..! Zyada over smart banne Ki koshish mat Karna..!" Vidushi put her head down in shame.. "Pehle kyun nai bataya..!"

"Bata dete toh yeh hasi naseeb nai hua hota na..!" She joined them in laughter too "If I can make my buddies smile with my stupidity, then I would prefer to behave stupid all my life..!" Sanyukta was touched by that statement of hers.. "Ahhh Vidushi.. How sweet!! Guyssss Group hug timeeee..!" She announced..

They all formed a circle, hugging each other.. It was a moment to be framed.. That was the first time, in the past three years, all the members of the Dream team were in sync.. Their first group hug... After five minutes, they broke their hug, Vidushi had tears in her eyes.. Randhir spotted it first "Vids ro kyun rahi ho? Ab se no Rona Dona.. Samjhi..!" Parth gave her a side hug.. Sanyukta said "Vidushi.. Finally we won the mission..!" All of them enclosed Vidushi in a lovely hug, comforting her.. "Chalo guys.. Is lovely moment ko hum FITE pahunchke b continue kar sakte hai..! Let's vacate this place first..!" She said..

She had a point.. Due to all this jhamela, they had almost lost the track of time.. Randhir twisted his wrist to catch a glimpse of his watch.. It showed 12.30 AM.. "Guys it's almost midnight.. I don't think we should get back now.. We don't even know how to go back.. With 3 girls by our side, Best option would be stay back here tonight.. What say guys?" Others agreed instantly..

"Par hum rahenge kaha? I don't wanna get into that scary bungalow again..!" Vidushi said at once..

Parth thought for a while.. "Randhir.. Woh dekho, us corner me Ek ped hai.. I think we should stay under it.. Ek raat ki hi toh baat hai..! We ll manage..! Let the girls sleep that side and we ll sleep the other side..!" The moment Parth said that, Sanyukta's expression changed "No way.. Mujhe dar lagta hai.. I can't stay alone.. How will we girls manage all alone? Parth, bad idea..!" Randhir smiled at her, total Nautanki she was.. "Parth Sanyukta is right.. We ll split in pairs.. YoYo tum Kaustuki ke saat raho, Parth tum Vidushi ke saat, and the rest together..!"

"Rest?? As if there are many left..! Sidhe sidhe bolna Sanyukta ke saat tum ruk na Chahte ho..!" Vidushi teased..

"Very smart Vidushi..!" Randhir blushed.. They were very tired.. All of them retired in their respective corners.. Randhir laid back and signalled Sanyukta to lie by his side.. She did, whenever she looked at him, his eyes were fixed on her.. He never even blinked.. She looked so damn beautiful in the moon light.. "Randhir Aise kya Dekh rahe ho? Kabhi ladki nai Dekhi kya?" She teased.. "Ladkiyan Bahut dekha hai meine.. Par tum jaisi koi nai..! No matter how hard I try, nazar hat hi nai raha hai tumse..! Isme meri kya galti hai..!" He replied..

"Poetic n all Haan..! Not bad..! Finally, tum b typical boy friend ban hi Gaye ho..! Choooo chweeet..!" She pinched his cheeks hard.. He screamed "Ouch..!" That almost disturbed Parth and Vidushi who were lost in each other's eyes.. Parth got up "Randhir.. Tum thik ho na..! Madad chahiye?" He smiled.. "Apna Kaam se Kaam rakhna..! Shut your ears off.. Bataya tha na meine.. Tum ab se Kuch nai sunoge except vidushis voice.. Jo saamne hai uspe concentrate kar, samjha..!" Randhir gave it back.. With this, Parth shut his ears off as instructed..

Randhir leaned forward.. "Sanyukta yeh Itna gap Kyun bich me? Have you reserved this place for someone else?" He pointed towards the space she had created between them.. "Randhir.. It's called safe distance..!" That made Randhir fume "Safe? Really? You think I can't touch you?" He teased..

"Randhir I know.. But you won't touch me without my permission coz I trust you..!"

"Arey Wah.. Itna trust? Hmmm.. Par mujhe na tumhe kiss Karne ka mood hai abhi.. Sirf kiss okay..! So I am going to break your trust.. Sorry can't help it..!" He moved forward, leaving Sanyukta stunned..

On the other end, YoYo and Kaustuki had already dozed off.. YoYo was even snoring.. Parth leaned towards Vidushi.. She enclosed him in a hug, wrapping her hands around his neck "Parth I still can't believe Ki you proposed me..! All thanks to Sanyukta, had she not been here I wouldn't have got you at all..! Ek aur baar bolo na Ki you love me..! Please..!" She pleaded..

"Sorry nai bolunga Mein..!" He freed himself from her hug and got up.. Vidushi was stunned "Parth kya hua! Please don't say something that ll break my heart..! Please don't back out now..!" She was about to break down, when Parth locked her lips with his's.. She gasped for breath.. But there was no stopping him.. That kiss, was more than enough for her to understand his love for her, it was such a desperate kiss as if he had been waiting for it for so long.. She opened her eyes to see him lost in the kiss.. She closed her eyes and responded.. They kissed till the time they both run out of breath.. Parth blurted "I love you Vidushi.. I love you so damn much..!" She replied, "I love you too Parth..!"

He asked "Will you be my Chudail forever? Sorry I broke the promise, please let me call you that.. I wouldn't ask anything more..!" The way he said that, made her feel so special "Yes I will be your Chudail forever..!" And hugged him tight..

"Randhir I said I trust you.. You gonna break my trust? What if someone sees it? Besharam..!" But Randhir was in no mood to stop.. He leaned more closer, Sanyukta closed her eyes tight.. She could sense him nearing.. N then she heard the sound of a kiss.. "I was not touched.. Then from where is that kissing sound emerging?" She opened her eyes and was left stunned to see, what Randhir was doing.. He was kissing her shadow lips, that fell on the tree.. Sanyukta's lips carved in a smile "Dekha Mrs Sanyukta Shekawat.. I wanted to kiss you and I found a way to kiss you..! As I told u before, loving you and being in relationship with you doesn't give me the liberty to touch you without your consent...! Coz I love you Sanyukta.. Love you so much..!" This was enough to trigger Sanyukta.. She rushed into his arms and kissed his face all over.. His eyes were the first one to be attacked, the ones that made her blush Everytime it fell on her, his nose, the smirk, everything about him was perfect.. She couldn't resist anymore from caressing his lips.. What started as a slight smooch, ended up being a passionate kiss, this time it was Sanyukta who had taken control.. Randhir responded just the way she wanted.. She whispered "Love you Randhir.. In fact love you is not the right word.. I owe you all the love, my prince..!" He pushed her down slowly and kissed on he forehead, a perfect place for placing a kiss to show, lust is not everything.. Of course it's an integral part in any love life, but forehead kiss is something that depicts "I cannot live without you, you are my everything, you mean the world to me..!" Sphe whispered back "I love you too, my Princess..!"

Sandhir Vidarth and Youstuki spent that night, in each other's arms.. Love was totally in the air...

TO BE CONTINUED.. Hope you guys liked this part as well 😊 Readers, do leave your comments.. Love you All 😘 #Ash

Love vs Friendship

This is a Sandhir OS by me.. Do read and let me know what you feel πŸ˜‰ #Ash

Dedication Time: I am dedicating this OS to 3 Angels of my life.. Rutuja Jawale, Aishwarya Arnav and Debarati Roy ❤️


By: Aishwarya Ravi

Sitting by the riverside of Ganga, Randhir was letting his tears flow down his eyes, it fell and got mixed up with the pure river of the country.. It was washing away his tears.. Wish even his sorrow could have been washed away.. "God, why did you do this with me? Why me? What will I do now..! I am going crazy thinking about it.. Parth is my best friend.. I love him so much.. I can do anything for him.. But... Can I do this? Should I do this? Please someone answer me.. Mujhe kya karna chahiye?" Randhir was screaming at the top of his voice, tears brimming in his eyes... He was sitting in the dark, all of a sudden the whole place lit up, with lights, marking the arrival of Festival of Lights, Diwali.. His phone kept ringing flashing "Jaan" calling, he disconnected..

Diwali, a festival that brought joy in many lives, had brought sorrow in Randhir's life.. This was the same day, when he had met the love of his life last year.. His Sanyukta... He had visited this riverside temple, last year with his mom.. Normally, he believes in silent prayers rather than loud ones.. So he decided to sneak out of the temple, finishing his prayers soon.. He had just come out and bumped into someone, "Hey Miss..! Can't you see me? Where are you lost?" He was hell annoyed as she had dropped something sticky on his shirt, possibly oil.. She looked at him, with her beautiful, wide eyes.. Randhir was never a person who believed in love at first sight.. But then, he would have become the leader of Love at first sight club, the moment he saw her.. Such was her impact on him.. "I am really sorry.. I didn't see you.. Please come with me..!" She never waited for his reply, pulled his hand and took him with her.. He followed her like a small kid, his mouth still open, her impact hadn't decreased... She took him to the riverside, it was so dark, yet she was so comfortable with him.. "Remove your shirt..!" She said.. He was so lost in her, that he missed her voice.. She said again "Hello.. Shirt utaro..!" That brought him back to his senses.. "Whattt! Shirt Kyun utaru?" His lips asked while his hands automatically did as instructed... She got his shirt, carefully cleaned his shirt with small amount of water.. She made sure not to pollute mother Ganga, at the same time managed to clean his shirt as well.. Suddenly, the place lit up, making the place shine with lights.. But that was no match to the angel standing opposite to him.. Her shining eyes and beautiful face made the place look more beautiful..She handed over his shirt and apologised again, only then she caught a proper glimpse of him.. He had killer looks that could make anyone go mad.. She said "I am sorry !" While he replied "Thank you..!" She smiled and left the place.. His eyes followed her all the way, she was stunningly beautiful.. She turned to look at him, "By the way, you look handsome.. Shirt pehenke bahar jaana.. Warna I can't guarantee your safety..!" She winked and left the place with a smile.. It took exactly five minutes for him to understand what she meant...

Next day, he rushed to the temple, same time, waited for her to show up.. Somehow, he felt she would come.. He couldn't justify what he felt, but then his heart said "If she feels the same way what I feel for her, she will come..!" Hours passed, still there was no sign of her.. He had been waiting for the past three hours, finally he got up.. When he turned she was there "So your patience limit is 3 hours is it?" She said, hinting him that she knew he had been waiting for the past three hours.. He smiled.. She continued "So u can wait for me only for 3 hours is it? Very bad..!" He pulled her close "Who told you I was leaving for my home? I was on my way to your home..! Coz I didn't wanna waste the time, waiting for you" She blushed and so did he.. That marked the start of their beautiful relationship..

Randhir always wanted to say that to Parth.. But whenever he was around, he couldn't gather enough courage to speak up.. Everyday he would get up thinking "Today I ll tell Parth..! For sure..!" But the day ends up like this "I couldn't tell him today.. But tomorrow for sure..!" But tomorrow never came..

That morning, Randhir was sleeping tight in his bed.. Previous night, he had spent every minute talking to Sanyukta over phone, both of them never knew when they dozed off.. Parth's call made him open his eyes deliberately.. His voice sounded different "Randhir.. Come to the railway station right now..! It's urgent..!" He disconnected the call.. Randhir had never seen his buddy sound so restless.. He jumped off his bed and rushed towards the railway station.. When he reached the platform, he saw Parth sitting comfortably.. "Parth hua kya? Tu thik hai na? Tumhe Kuch hua toh nai..!" He bombarded him with his questions.. "Randhir mujhe Kuch ho Gaya hai..!" Randhir was surprised "Kya?"

"Shayad pyar hua hai mujhe..! I wanted you to meet her.. Isliye bulaya..!" When he finished, Randhir felt a bit relaxed.. Thank god he is safe.. "Pyaar? Wah Wah.. Par yaha? Saale, tu station master se pyar karta hai kya?" He teased.. Parth pointed his finger towards someone, Randhir was stunned to see the girl he showed.. It was Sanyukta.. His heart stopped for a moment.. "No Randhir.. Wait.. May be he is pointing at someone else..!" Randhir's heart was optimistic.. 1% of his hopes got dashed when Parth said "Woh blue top wali..! Sanyukta Agarwal naam hai uska..! Kaisi hai..?" Randhir couldn't stand there anymore.. He dashed out of the station, and Parth followed him.. "Randhir Batao na! Kaisi hai? You don't like her kya?" All he could say was "She looks like an angel..! I ll meet you later Parthh..!"

He never attended any calls from Parth that day.. Sanyukta kept calling him, but he avoided her.. Parth was such an important person in his life.. He would be the last person on earth, whom Randhir would prefer hurting.. For Randhir, he meant the world.. Randhir rushed to the place where he had first met her, he wanted some time alone, only him and her memories.. He was going to bury it all at the end of the day..  His phone beeped with Parth's msg "Randhir.. Kaha ho? I have decided to propose Sanyukta tonight.. Roof top cafe aa Jaana..! When I propose I want my best buddy to be with me..!" Parth ke liye, mere friendship ke liye karna hi padega, he decided.. He kick started his bike and rushed to the spot..

Parth was waiting outside with a bunch of red roses... Once Randhir entered he rushed upto him "Randhir finally.. I missed you man! I thought you wouldn't come..! I was quite confused but the moment I saw her here, I knew I should do it.. Don't wanna wait anymore..Please mere saat hi Rehna.. I am actually tensed..! You okay na? Why are your eyes red!?" Parth kept questioning him.. Randhir's eyes were stuck on Sanyukta who was awaiting someone, eagerly.. Yes she was waiting for him to turn up.. Randhir cut him off "Parth go ahead... I ll be with you..! After all you are my best buddy..!" Parth smiled, he gained confidence.. He moved towards Sanyukta... Every step of his, made Randhir's heart bleed.. He hid himself behind a tree.. All the lovely moments they shared flashed before him.. Right from their first hug to their first kiss, he had lived and loved each and every moment of it.. Tears blurred his vision, he couldn't spot them anymore.. He felt like fainting any moment...

Parth went closer to Sanyukta.. She was busily looking at the entrance, her eyes awaiting her love.. Parth coughed a little, she looked up "Hmmm hello.. I am ...!' He started to talk "Parth Kashyap, my best friend..!" Randhir finished..Parth was shocked to see Randhir, talk so comfortably with Sanyukta.. He turned towards Sanyukta "Sanyu I told you na, he is Parth my best friend and Parth she is Sanyukta Agarwal, soon to be Sanyukta Shekawat, my love..!" Sanyukta hugged Randhir side ways, and said "Yeah.. Nice to meet you Parth.. Randhir always keeps talking about you.. He even makes me jealous at times..!" Parth was stunned... Randhir continued "Sanyukta, you please make yourself comfortable.. Parth and I will just be back..!" He took him out..

Once they reached outside, Parth jerked off "Randhir.. How could you?" Before he could talk further, Randhir stopped him "I know Parth.. You ll be having hell lot of questions in your mind.. You might even think I betrayed you.. But please Parth try and understand, had I hid this truth from you, then that would be betrayal not this.. People might say, why can't Randhir sacrifice his love for his best friend? Forget about other people, even I thought so for a second.. But then, she isn't a lifeless material that I can sacrifice for you.. She is my love Parth.. She loves me.. I love her.. Friendship ke liye Kuch b sacrifice kar sakta hu mein par mera pyar nai.. Even if I do sacrifice my love, she wouldn't be happy neither would you.. I don't wanna be a Mahaan, I am a very normal human being.. Madly in love with my Sanyukta.. At the same time, you are my best buddy.. Neither I will sacrifice my friendship for my love nor I would sacrifice my love for my friendship..! Nai kar sakta mein..! You both are important to me.. No way, I would hurt or cheat one to make the other happy..! I am sorry Parth..! If you think I don't deserve your friendship, then I have nothing to say...!" Hep is face fell, he slowly turned to leave the place, when Parth pulled him back and hugged him tight.. They shared a warm hug, tears rolling down their cheeks.. Parth pushed him back and handed him the flowers "Saale ja.. Bhabhi ko propose karo mere saamne..!" Randhir hugged him tight..

Sanyukta was smiling at them from a distance, she was indeed jealous seeing the loveable bond they shared...

Authors Note: Friendship and love are two important part in everyone's life. No way, we can sacrifice one for the other.. Girls aren't a lifeless material, don't ever play with their feelings.. Most importantly, don't assume things.. This applies for both the genders.. Love is pure, let it be pure!❤️❤️❤️

Hope you guys liked my OS.. I have joined Wattpad, you can read my FF's ABM and CF in Wattpad as well.. My id is AishwaryaRavi8 πŸ˜‰ Readers, feel free to leave your comments.. Love you all 😘 #Ash

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Crest Fallen - Part 11

Part 11:

Randhir parked his car in the parking lot of his office.. His mind was still hovering around unwanted things.. He just couldn't get some things out of his mind... On the other hand, Parth's words echoed in his ears "Randhir stop torturing you like this now for Gods sake.. You have been promoted as the Managing director of FITE.. You must behave like one.. Atleast for few days, keep your personal life aside and concentrate on your professional life.. I know it's easily said than done but then Randhir, my buddy Randhir can do anything.. Nothing is impossible for him..!" Randhir screamed "Yes nothing is impossible for me...!" Security guard gave him a weird look only then he realized he had said that loud.. Guard wished him "Good Morning sir..!" To which he slightly nodded his head and moved ahead..

Whole office was staring at Randhir.. They haven't seen him for days together and all of a sudden the news of him being the MD came through. They were quite surprised.. He looked different, he initially used to be very chirpy and cheerful but now he carried that rigid bossy look on his face.. Fame and high position can change anyone, they felt.. Randhir dashed into his cabin and threw himself on the chair.. "I wanna divert my mind.. Best thing is to concentrate on my work..!" He pulled open a file and immersed himself into it, when he heard a knock on his door.. "Sir may I come in..!" Arun seemed permission, Till few days back, Arun used to enter his cabin even without knocking but today things have changed.. Randhir nodded his head and let him in..

"Sir.. I hope you are doing good.. I came in here to introduce someone who has joined our company today..!" He pointed towards a girl standing by his side.. Randhir's eyes scanned her, she was busily trying to find something... He asked Arun to leave.. Randhir kept staring at her, his eyes made her remember who he was.. "It's the same guy whom I met in cafe the other day..! God!! Is he my boss? Am I gonna work under this MCP? Please tell me No..!" She was praying hard... Randhir punched his fist on the table to bring her back to senses.. "Would you mind introducing yourself?" He sounded rude...

"Yesssss sirrr..! I am Sanyukta Agarwal, from Delhi.. I have completed my Engineering.. I have joined FITE as your Personal Assistant..!" She introduced herself..

Randhir's mind could not process anything what she uttered except the first line.. "Come again?" He ordered..

She felt weird "Sir I have joined FITE as your Personal Assistant..!" He cut her off "No.. Before that?" It scared her "I have completed my engineering, hailing from Delhi..!" It raged him more.. He threw the water glass away, it dashed on the wall and broke into pieces.. "Much before that..!" Sanyukta gulped hard "Sir... I ammmm Sanyukta Agarwal..!"

"YOU ARE FIREDDDDD...!" He screamed..

"But sir..?" She came forward..

"No it's no buts... Just get the hell out of here..!"

Sanyukta couldn't take that anymore.. How can he be so rude to her? No way, I am going to let this guy fire me.. "Sir if you want to fire me, fair enough but I deserve an explanation..!"

"I don't owe you an explanation.. You get that!? Get lost..!"

"No I will not move from this place unless I get to know the reason..!"

"Really? Okay listen to my explanation.. You are being fired for NO REASON..! Got that?"

Randhir was fuming in anger somehow he wanted to get her out of his sight.. But she was in no mood to give up.. She stood still..

"Listen YOU.. Don't mess with me.. Don't dare to mess with Randhir Singh Shekhawat.. If you go by yourself, well and good.. If you don't, then I ll get someone to pick you up and throw you on the streets.. Which one do you prefer?" He threatened.. His eyes were red by now..

Sanyukta could sense situation getting out of her control.. She turned to leave.. He fell back on his chair.. She left his room "I am not going to let you win Randhir Shekawat..!" She smirked..

Precap: Randhir shocked to see her back in office.. He promises to make her life hell..

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Crest Fallen - Part 10

Part 10:

I will make it the best birthday for him... He is the special person in my life uske liye toh kuch bhi karne ke liye thaiyar hun mein.. After all its his first birthday after we met n I want him to remember it till the end of our lives.. No matter how many birthdays we celebrate together.. this will always be the best birthday ever.. I ll make it memorable for him..

Sanyukta made up her mind to make his birthday special by giving him a surprise.. little did she know that She was awaiting the shock of her life..
Sanyukta reached Arnav's flat exactly at 6 pm that day.. She knew very well Arnav wouldn't be home.. He usually hangs out with his office friends in the evening no way he wouldn't do it on such a special day, his birthday eve!! When She reached, as expected he wasnt home.. The door was locked.. Being a topper in one of the top most engineering colleges in India, opening a small lock was like a child's play for Sanyukta.. She carefully looked all the sides, just to check if someone was noticing her.. once she made sure that the place was completely isolated, she pulled her hair pin and started to unlock the door..  In about two tries, it opened.. She patted her back, "Sanyukta proud of u dear! you once again proved you are born for engineering!" and entered the flat...

It was a typical Arnav's flat.. He is such a clean guy with clean habits.. nobody would dare to say that they have entered a bachelor's room.. so neat n clean it was... Sanyukta closed the door from behind and it automatically got locked.. this way, only Arnav could get in now..
Sanyukta made sure not to disturb anything in the house.. She wanted it to look the way it was when he had left.. She slowly entered his room and jumped on his bed.. N closed her eyes.. "Arnav where are you baby? I am so excited to meet you.. to hug you.. to wish you happy birthday..! come soon..!" her thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the door knob!! someone was opening it.. possibly Arnav.. "OMG he is there!! Hurry up Sanyukta..!" she rushed towards the hiding point.. "I dont want him to spot Me now.. Chalo Mr.Arnav let's play hide n seek..!" the game she would never dare to play ever again..

Sanyukta pushed herself under his bed.. The moment she would see his legs, she decided to come out and let him get the surprise of his life.. She was dying to see his reaction.. Footsteps were nearing the room.. But there was something strange in it.. it wasn't of a single person, may be two or more than that.. who might it be? She was confused.. the door opened and he(they) barged in.. It was a girl who had accompanied Arnav.. Sanyukta was shocked to see their closeness... She was hugging him all the way... Sanyukta pulled herself more under the bed.. All she could now do was to wait.. "Is Arnav cheating on me?" the thought struck her mind for a minute but then she cursed herself for thinking so.. "My Arnav is definitely not that type" she shut her conscience but couldnt hold for long... when that happened, it shattered her into pieces.. He pushed her on the bed and got on top of her... She laughed "Itni b jaldi kya hai? " He smiled "Raat baaki baat baaki..!" Sanyuktas eyes widened...  The girl again spoke "What about your girl friend? won't she be coming here to wish u?" He replied "Ahhh Kaun? Sheela,  Geetha ya Prerna? " She smiled again "Arey woh engineering college wali!" This time his reply killed everything within her.. "Arey woh Sanyukta?  don't call her my girl friend.. You're my girl friend tonight baby.. Bdw, I am with her only for two reasons.. one is money and the other is obvious..!" he winked.. He fell on her and she giggled... Sanyukta could hardly control the tears rolling down her cheeks!!

He was having fun with the girl.. the noise they created and the creeky sound of the bed just made Sanyukta go mad.. She closed her ears with both hands, shut her eyes tight and cried mutely... "No one in love deserves such a pain... I now know what it feels to be like in hell..! He has betrayed me..! For all the love I gave him, this is what he has in return to give me? BETRAYAL?? Why the hell did I even let him come in my life? I ll not spare you Arnav.. Ab Mein use nai chodungi..!" Next moment she changed her mind "Nai.. I can't see him with someone else in such a state.. First I have to get out of here..!" She could hear all the giggling sounds they made.. She shut her ears and eyes tightly, disconnecting herself from the outer world, only tears for her company... After almost three hours, when she was sure there was no movement, she slowly withdrew her... They had supposedly dozed off.. Sanyukta had no courage to look back, she never wanted to see him anymore.. She rushed out of the room, opened the main door and dashed out of the apartment..

Worst birthday one could ever celebrate with their loved ones.. She had no memory as to how she reached home, so late in the night.. The moment she entered her room, she threw herself on the floor and burst out crying... She didn't feel like touching her bed too.. The moment she saw her bed, it sent a sick feeling in her stomach.. She cried, cried and cried.. .. Two days passed, she never came out of the room.. So many thoughts were flowing in her mind.. Slowly her love turned into hatred for him.. I will sue him, I ll not spare him and everything.. She even tried calling him.. "May be I should hear a justification from him? Or Atleast confront him?" He never picked her call.. Finally decided, I am not going to go after him anymore... He is a finished chapter in my book.. I am not going to reopen it.. NO WAY!!

Sanyukta quickly vacated her flat, and moved on to a PG.. She changed her number as well.. She took a different route to college from then on.. She would see him waiting for her at the same place, but she ignored.. He had been doing the same for almost 6 months, after which he was nowhere to be seen.. He had vanished.. Sanyukta would console herself saying it is over and she has moved on.. But, at nights, when she was alone at home, all she would do is to cry, cry and cry.. It became her habit.. At one point, she could live without consuming food but not without crying...


She finished her Engineering.. Applied for a job.. She got placed in FITE Limited, Mumbai.. That was her first day in Mumbai.. She was thrilled and looking forward for the first day at office.. Sanyukta didn't know anyone in Mumbai except Vidushi, her school friend.. The moment she landed up in Mumbai, she dialed her number.. "Vidushi..! I reached.. Can you tell me how to come to your place? I need your address.. !" Vidushi on the other hand asked.. "Where are you right now?"

Sanyukta looked at all the directions.. She found a coffee shop nearby.. "I am near Lokhandwala.. Outside Barista.. !" She replied.. "Oh waha! Ok you get in and stay there.. It ll take 30 mins for me to reach..! I ll be right there..! Okay?" Vidushi asked.. "Yeah Vidushi.. I ll wait..!" Sanyukta turned back, disconnecting the call when someone went past through her, she almost dashed and fell down.. The person who went past her never even bothered to look back.. Sanyukta was astonished while she got a hand to pick her up.. The guy smiled at her, "Please get up..!" Sanyukta caught his hand and helped herself.. She still couldn't take her eyes off the guy who entered the coffee shop.. The guy who helped her spoke up.. "U okay? Or u hurt or what?" Sanyukta replied "No I am fine.. But Mumbai me Kisi ko sorry word ke baare me nai pata hai kya?" She asked sarcastically.. The guy smiled "Look.. I am sorry on his behalf.. He doesn't mean to be rude it's just that.. Hmmm.. Whatever.. I am sorry..!" She nodded her head "It's okay..!" N when he looked up, she was gone.. He went inside the coffee shop to accompany his friend..

Sanyukta took a chair opposite to the "ATTITUDE" guy... Parth was consoling him, he heard him calling "Randhir..!" Randhir..! Naam me hi attitude hai, she thought.. She ignored them and ordered a cold coffee.. Parth spoke up "Randhir..! It's high time you forget all this and move on man..! Life is so short to have such feelings like revenge n all.. She came in the middle and she is gone now.. Forget it.. It's over..! Try to concentrate on your career now Randhir..!" Randhir was hardly listening.. His eyes were fixed on the table next to them..

There were a lovely couple, probably on their first date.. She looked cute while he looked handsome.. Randhir's eyes were fuming in anger, the girl said "You can't even do this for me? You're so bad yar..! You don't love me at all..!" Apparently they were having a lovable argument over some petty thing.. The guy replied, "Baby how can you say that? I love you Yaar I love you so much.. I can do anything for you.. Just anything..!" This was enough to fuel the fire inside Randhir.. He thumped his fist on the table and dashed towards theirs, leaving behind a stunned Parth.. Even Sanyukta was frightened.. Randhir went up to them and pointed his finger towards the girl "Hey you! You are trying to cheat him na.. You girls have no other business other than manipulating guys? Why on earth you people are so cheap..!" The girl looked frightened.. She was looking at him with her eyes wide.. The guy came in defense "Hey dude..! What's wrong with you? Why are you behaving like a maniac?' Randhir raged towards him.. "I am not a maniac but yes you ll become one, if you trust this jerk..! Bro, I am telling you she is not what she pretends to be..! Don't trust her..! Don't fall in love..!" He yelled... The guy cut it off "Dude! Mind you own business.. Honey, let's leave..!" They left the place not wanting to pick up a fight with Randhir.. Parth caught his hand and stopped him from following them.. But there was no stopping Randhir.. He kept yelling "Hey you ll be heartbroken..! Trust me..! Ditch her right now..!"

Sanyukta could not take it anymore.. She was so hell frightened by the way she saw him behave.. Thank God, Vidushi arrived just in time.. Sanyukta left the place, wondering "I have never met such a jerk in my life.. So cheap he is.. I never would want to see him again in my life.. Never..! I was right about guys.. They are jerks.. I hate them.. I HATE THEM..!" She left..

Randhir fell on the floor and broke into tears.. Parth tried to calm him down.. Randhir rushed into his arms, and cried his heart out.. "Never trust these girls Parth.. Never..! I hate them..! I HATE THEM..!"

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