Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 110

Randhir was trying to position himself properly so that he could view what was happening in Sanyukta's room.. Yes, he had once again climbed up the wall, his favorite place.. He could see Kishore at her door.. "Sanyukta.." he called her.. Sanyukta was so stunned to see her dad right in front of her.. One part of her felt so happy that her dad is fine and standing right infront of her but the other part worried her.. She thought he might have been back again to cause her more pain.. Her mixed reactions stopped her from saying anything.. She somehow gathered courage and welcomed him.. "Papa.. Come inside na.."
The word "Papa" out of her mouth, made him feel more guilty.. He felt as if he was standing in a ring of fire.. He slowly walked upto her.. Randhir was more tensed than Sanyukta herself.. His eyes had forgotten to blink.. He somehow prepared himself to jump inside the room in case if he senses something wrong.. 
"Sanyukta please forgive me for what I did to you.." Kishore sounded apologetic.. Randhir's words were ringing in his mind.. He did not want to hurt her by exposing himself, so he continued " I have never given you true love. I took your custody just for the sake of my own selfishness.. But trust me Sanyukta, I love you more than my son now.. You showed me what true love is all about.. The things you have done for me, I would never ever be able to do that even to Ankit.. I know asking for forgiveness will not erase all my deeds but it will altleast give me a sense of relief.. I would strongly recommend you not to forgive me though.. You have made me a proud father today.. I owe you my entire life for that feeling you have given me.. From my being my little girl, you have grown up to be a icon.. You are all I have now.. I will not invite you to come home.. If you ever forgive me, please do come and visit us once Atleast for your moms sake.. What I said here is real nothing is fake.. I love you beta.. I love you so much.." When Kishore stopped, a gush of tears escaped Sanyukta's eyes.. This was all she wanted to hear from her dad so far.. Not all of it, only the last few words of what he said.. In fact, that was the only thing that touched her heart more than anything else.. Seeing her cry, Randhir's heart wept.. She rushed into her dad's arms.. "I love you too Papa.. Love you so much.." 
It was a father daughter moment.. For daughters, their dads would always be their first heroes.. They would want a husband like him.. They would trust everything their dad did or said.. Dad would be their Gods.. Nobody can match mothers love but there's one more thing that can't be matched.. It's a fathers love.. He may not be expressive as a mother but he would love his kid more than anybody in this world.. For the next few minutes, there were tears all around but nobody was sad.. 
Randhir wiped his tears with his hand, forgetting that he was clinging onto something.. The moment he realized he was already half a way down with a big "Ahhh..!" That sound broke their hug and Sanyukta at once realized where it came from.. She rushed to the window, only to find Randhir comfortably placed in Parth's arms.. Parth had known that Randhir would do such a thing so he had come after him.. Randhir was waving a kiss and a hi at Sanyukta from below with a smile.. He turned to look at Parth "A friend in need is a friend indeed hai na Parth!" Parth who was already frowning, dropped Randhir to a floor with a loud thud and said "Ha" Sanyukta burst out laughing seeing this and it seemed all her worries had vanished into thin air because of that one person lying on the ground.. He was her ANGEL.. Randhir forgot to scream of his pain once he saw her laughing.. 
Sanyukta and Kishore came down when Kishore apologized to Randhir as well and invited them both to come home.. Randhir smiled "Sure" and they both hugged.. Kishore bud them goodbye and went back with a sense of relief..
Later that evening, they were doing group studies.. They had screwed up so many things as a group so it will take a group effort to save them in exams.. They had borrowed notes and video lectures from the regular class goers.. While Randhir and Sanyukta were trying to gasp the things they had missed Parth and Vidushi seemed fearless.. Their mantra was either study fully or study none.. They were wanted to be in the middle ground.. 
Exam day came.. They wished each other good luck.. "I ll beat you this time around too Mrs Sanyukta Shekawat.." Randhir winked.. "Dekhte hai Mr. Shekawat" Sanyukta smiled.. First few exams went well.. They were on the last day of their exams.. It was a tough and an important paper.. The moment Parth saw the question paper he smiled at Vidushi.. "Viduuuu.. Mujhe samaj aa gaya..." Vidushi felt relieved thinking they had got what hey had studied the previous night but when the paper was handed over to her, her eyes opened wide.. "Parthhhh... Mujhe tho yeh Kuch aur hi lag raha hai.." She squealed.. Parth was still smiling.. "Hum dono ko koi alag nai kar sakta re.. Agle Saal bhi aayenge hum arrears dene.." "Whatttt!" She let out a loud scream.. "Kal meine Jo book utaya na, woh pichle Saal ke maths book tha.. Hum dono ne raat bar Usi se padai ki 😁 pyar anda hota hai, suna hai meine par Ab experience bhi kar liya.. Dekho.. Kal Tum mere paas thi aur meine galti se galat book uta liya 😜 Ab Mein akele nai dubunga.. Dubenge bhi hum dono ek saath 😘" Parth was so cool.. Vidushi hit his hand hard.. "Mental kahika.. Ab Ek aur saal kaise jhelungi mein iss engineering ko.." She laid her head in the table and decided to take a nap.. All she was going to do was anyway to fill the paper with her name and roll number.. That would take only half a minute.. 
Sanyukta tried hard to wake her up.. When she failed to do so, she signalled Randhir who threw a scale at her.. She woke up with a frown.. "Kya hai?" She asked.. "Likho Kuch.." Randhir said in a low tone... "Arey iss mental ke Wajah se Sab Kuch satyanash ho gaya.. I don't know anything.. Mein kya likhu?" She threw a angry glance at Parth, who was still busy in filling the paper with something.. "Kuch bhi likho.. Tumhari ajab prem ki gajab kahani hi likho.. Par likho.." Randhir said.. With that, Vidushi opened her sheet and started filing up.. Parth even got additional sheets.. All 3 wondered what on earth he would have written that he needed an additional sheet.. 
"Time's up..!" The examiner announced, thus announcing their final few moments in FITE.. It had been a wonderful journey.. Neither Sanyukta nor Randhir would ever forget a single moment spent in it.. There was total silence when they walked out the exam hall.. They looked back to find the chairs and tables come alive.. The moments they spent there, their happiness, their cries everything just everything fell in front of their eyes.. 
When Sanyukta was about to get lost in the past, Randhir's voice brought her to the present.. "There's still time to get nostalgic.. But before that, we have a task to do.. Probably Dream team's final task.. Come on, let's do it.." He smirked, leaving others confused..