Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 105

It was as if all hell had broken loose.. It was his worst nightmare, or even worse than that. Never had he once thought, that he would get to see his Ex-father in law, in such an awkward situation.. "Damn!! I am sure this is going to hurt me more than the tumor itself" his brain gushed.. Every single time they had met in the past, It was Randhir who held a upper hand. One could say, it was only Randhir who could keep the Senior Agarwal at bay.. But it was altogether a different scene today. Trump card was on his hands, it was as if fate had handed it over to him, to play with his life which was already a mess. Randhir had no choice but to keep his attitude low, atleast for a while "Give it to me.. " he paused.. "...Please" how he wished there wasn't a word "please"in the dictionary.

Kishore threw a wild laugh at him.. "So.. Finally, you have learnt manners, Young Man!" he smirked.. "Oh Shut up and Get lost..!" Randhir's heart was abusing him, still he couldn't let it slip from his mouth. He maintained his calmness "Why have you come here?" he proceeded towards Kishore, trying to grab the report from his hand, while Kishore moved backward "Ahh.. Not that easy boy.. I thought I should request you for this favour.. But I now I don't see any need for it.. Let me get straight to the point.. I want Sanyukta back in my home, as my daughter" Randhir was stunned to hear this from Kishore.. "Want Sanyukta back? As his daughter? Really? I cant believe this!" his mind warned him to be alert.. "This Agarwal guy is dangerous Randhir.. No way he would do something that doesn't benefit him"..

Randhir tried maintaining his calm.. "Now you remember that she is your daughter? How come all of a sudden? Mind explaining?"

"Look, though I behaved rudely with her, one cannot deny that she has been my daughter for the past 21 years and I have been her father. I have provided her with everything she could ever ask for" he put up a weak defense.

"Love? Care? Trust? What about these stuff? Have you provided her with any of the mentioned ones? Or do you even know the meaning of it? Did you ever behave nicely with her?" Randhir's eyes fumed with anger but his lips continued to dance sarcastically.

"Look, let me put it this way.. My wife isn't well. She wants to be with Sanyukta.. That's the reason why I am pleading you.. Call me selfish but I really don't care.. I want my wife alive and happy.. "he tried to sound emotional. "Anyways, Please chuck it.. I know how to behave and what to provide to my daughter.. I don't need to take classes from someone who is going to die soon.. After all, you wont be there to protect or provide her anymore.. So its better she stays with her family than someone like you, who's dying.." his words just struck his heart and had created a deep wound..

"No.. I won't give her back.. Now, get the hell out of here.." Randhir yelled at Kishore. He almost forgot the fact, that the reports were still in his hands.. "Listen you have to give her back.. Some day.. Why not now?" Kishore put up a worried face on how to tackle this angry young man.. While he was still thinking, Randhir's expression changed seeing something or may be someone. Sanyukta was approaching him from a distance. She had worn a cute smile on her face. Kishore was standing with his back facing Sanyukta, hence, she hadn't seen him yet.. Kishore turned back slightly and caught a glimpse of approaching Sanyukta.. The look on Randhirs face made it evident that something was wrong.. While Kishore was still wondering, Randhir jumped to make a futile attempt to grab the reports from Kishore.. That made it clear, what was wrong.. "So you haven't revealed your cute little secret to her.. Have you?" he winked mercilessly.

Randhir's heart was racing fast.. Rank No. 1 was running out of his mind, he had no idea how to stop him from revealing it to her.. She wouldn't be able to bear it, he knew.. She couldn't absorb the pain her, father had given her by dumping her so badly. How would she take it when she comes to know that even Randhir would be doing the same? Yeah, in a different way though, but still he was going to leave her alone. Kishore turned to face Sanyukta with a smile on his face "Sanyu beta.. Kaisi ho tum?"

Sanyukta was initially taken aback seeing Kishore, but then her expression changed, as she found a calm Randhir standing right beside him.. Had things been serious, she wouldn't have seen a quiet Randhir.. "I am fine.. Aap yaha?" she questioned.. Kishore tried to say something, but Randhir blurted out in a hurry.. "He has just come to see us Sanyukta.. Matlab.. To see you" he bit his lip.

"To see me?" Sanyukta gave a puzzled look at Kishore, who in turn smiled at Randhir.. "Hmmm yeah.. To see you and to tell you that.." he was about to say something..

"It's a yes..!" Randhir said in a hurry.. Randhir nodded his head in a yes, when Kishore turned to look at him with a smile..

"Whats a yes Randhir?" Sanyukta was confused..

"Oh.. That.. Hmmm.. He is sorry for what he did with you Sanyukta.. He feels genuinely sorry.. I was initially rude to him, but then, since he is regretting his mistakes, I thought it would be wise to give him a chance. So it's a yes from my side.. What do you say?" he looked at Sanyukta.. After a good two minutes of awkward silence between them, she spoke slowly "It isn't that easy Randhir.. Not for me atleast.. I am sorry" she left the place immediately.. Kishore was stunned to see her reaction.. Randhir pacified him.. "She needs some time.. I am sure she will agree.. I will take care of that part.."

"Hmmm I trust you!" Kishore smiled.. "Now give that to me!" Randhir put his hands forward to get the report back from Kishore..

"It ll stay with me, until she gets back to us..! Trust me, I wouldn't do any harm to you, until you keep your words.. Hope you understood what I said! 1 week is all you have..! " he warned again and left with a frown..

9 PM:

Sanyukta couldn't get Randhir's words out of his mind. "How could he say that? How can I forget what Mr.Agarwal did.. You do everything and one fine day, turn up with a sorry and expect everything to be alright, just like you expected. Nah, its not that easy.. I cant forget what he did.. Pata nai aaj Randhir ko kya ho gaya.. " she said that loud..

"Ho gaya nai.. Ho jayega..!" she heard a familiar voice, right behind her, emerging out of the window.. She rushed to check.. It was none other than her hero Randhir.. He had as usual climbed the window, but got himself stuck in the middle, from where he could neither jump down nor climb up.. "Randhirrrr..! Kar kya rahe ho tum? Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Call kar dete toh door open kar deti mein.. Aise aane ki kya zaroorat?" she kept talking, without lending a hand..

"Arey meri maa.. Pehle haat toh do, mein bach toh jaun.. Phir jee bar ke daat lena.." he hushed.. She lowered her hand a bit and pulled up him after a brief struggle.. Randhir landed perfectly on top of her, though placing his hands below her so that she couldn't get hurt.. Such was his care for her.. Randhir looked deep into her eyes "Princess.. You angry on me?" He smiled.. Sanyukta had been arguing with herself so far on how to fight with Randhir.. She had invented so many different fighting techniques but she hardly knew that his one smile could send her anger packing home.. Tonight, was no different.. His smile did the magic again.. Yet she pretended to be angry and pushed Randhir away from her.. "Ouch!" He cried.. She came back running to him.. "Randhir.. I am sorry.. I didn't mean to.. You are fine na?" He pretended to be hurt and when she neared him, pulled her closer with one hand and wrapped her with himself with the other.. He winked "Of course I am fine.. Tum Jo mere saat ho.." That's it, Sanyukta couldn't force herself to pretend anymore.. She hugged him tight with a happy smile.. "Randhirrrr.. You Monsterrrr..! I missed you and your smile.. I really did" She whispered.. 
"I am going to miss you for a lifetime Sanyukta..! I want to remember this night every moment that's left out in my life.. Gods, make this the best night but not last.." He whispered to himself, and stopped the lone tear that fell from his eyes, from reaching her.. He placed her on the bed, cuddled her, never let her go away from him even for a second.. She felt something, something different in his warmth.. Randhir was always known to be not so passionate yet elegant lover.. However, the things he did today, was more passionate than ever.. He was warm, caring, yet there was some urge in him that created panic to her.. "Randhir..!" She mumbled.. "Hmmm" he whispered in her ears.. "Is everything okay? Like really okay?" She looked deep into his eyes.. For a moment, he wanted to say everything to her, everything.. But the after reactions that would follow forced him not to say anything.. "I love you Sanyukta..!" He hugged her tight and that night was indeed something to remember. He never made love to her that night, but he never stopped loving her.. 
God knows, how he spent the rest of that week.. Wherever she went he followed her like her shadow.. Sometimes with her knowledge and many a times without her's.. He insisted to spend with her, all the nights that followed.. He had to convince Vidushi to stay with Parth so that he could stay with Sanyukta.. He never missed a chance to kiss her.. Never failed to gawk at her.. All he wanted to hear, see and feel was his love and love only.. Sanyukta liked his transformation of Randhir but something alerted her from within.. She chose to shut her conscience off for a while and chose to get wrenched in his love, that had taken a new avatar..
Until the fateful day came.. This 7 days had passed on like 7 seconds.. Kishore had called Randhir that morning, to remind him that the time he had given her had elapsed.. "Remember.. Your time's up?!" He laughed sarcastically.. "I know" Randhir cut him off.. "I am bringing her home.." He said.. 
"No.. Not to home.. Bring her to the CITY hospital..!" He said.. "What? Hospital? Why?" Randhir was shocked.. 
Ksihore spoke again.. "So that you don't act too smart.. In case if you do, your sweet little secret will be revealed to her then and there with the proof.." He warned.. 
"But what will I tell her?" He hurried.. "That's your problem.. Tell her some story and get her in.." He disconnected the call..
"Some story?" Randhir wondered...

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