Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 93

"Where has he gone so early in the morning and what the hell has happened to his mobile?Wait a minute.. How Am I assuming that he must have gone out in the morning? What if he had stepped out in the midnight? He was in such a delicate state.. May be I shouldn't have left him alone.. I should have been with him.. Shit.. Sanyukta, you have failed and failed miserably as a wife.. Its not your Engineering that you could solve with a defined sequence.. Its Randhir, he is above Engineering.. Please God.. I just hope Randhir comes back home safe.. What if he is in some sort of danger now?" he heart started to beat fast and her eyes widened.. Sanyukta's mind was forcing her to think so many disastrous things wherein her heart asked her to calm down.. "Randhir aisa kuch bhi karega jisse tum hurt ho.. So don't worry!" It soothed her.. Just then, she heard a noise from the main gate, it must be Randhir.. She rushed down to check..
"Hey Renuka Sanyal.. Bahar aao.. How dare you!!" Renuka went out to check who it was.. Who could it be, other than her monstrous husband Harsh Shekhawat..He seemed to have drunk.. He always finds some reason to justify his drinking act.. To Randhir, he would say, "I drink only coz of your mom.. She has spoiled my life" but today, even after knowing Randhir is back home after a long time, he still had managed to get himself drunk.. This time, the justification would be "I am so happy to see my son back.. I couldn't handle this happiness, thats why I got drunk". But the truth is, no matter what, drunkards will always find a reason to get drunk.. All they care about at that moment is only themselves.. She wore a sarcastic look on her face, "Jo bhi bolna hai, andar aake bolo.. Dont create a scene here.." she lowered her voice.. He screamed again "How dare you not inform me of my son's arrival? Above that, you took him to your factory and made him work on some dirty machine? Should I get to know that my son is back thru some random tv channel? Kya lagta hai tumhe? Yeh sab karke tum Randhir ko apne side me le logi? No way.. He is my SONNNN.. Got that? He is my son.. He can never be on your side.."
Renuka replied politely "I am not trying to pull Randhir on my side coz I know he has gone very far from me.. You have taken him very far.. I am just trying to correct my own mistakes.." Sanyukta was surprised to see Randhir's father at the doorstep.. Renuka kept speaking "Neither I was a good mom to my son, nor you were a good father to my son.. I have realized my mistake. If  you do the same, Randhir will be very happy.. Please try to change yourself for the sake of your son, atleast for his happiness" Harsh lost his control.  He raised his hand in order to hit Renuka, when Sanyukta jumped in and pushed him away.. Harsh fell down, when he looked up, he was taken aback to see Sanyukta.. He stared at her deep to ensure if it was really Sanyukta.. He slowly got up gaining his balance.. "Hey ladki.. Tum wahi ho na, the one who studies with my son, the one whom my son hates.. Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Are you with this lady? Tum dono milke Randhir ko chot pahunchana chahte ho na? Sanyukta Agarwal, how dare you?" he yelled.. Sanyukta replied to him with a slight smile "Sahi pehchana aapne.. Par Sanyukta Agarwal nai Sanyukta Randhir Singh Shekhawat.." when she uttered those words, Harsh's eyes widened.. "Whatttt?" he asked in disbelief.. Sanyukta replied again "Yes sasurji.. Randhir and I are married for the past one year.. He is my husband.. Believing it or not, is upto you... But let me tell you one thing, I will show Randhir the right path, not the one you followed.. I don't want my Randhir to become like you.. You are such a monster.." This word "Monster" triggered his ego big time.. He raised his hands, to hit Sanyukta.. This time, not a pair of hands but a rigid voice put him down "Don't you dare touch her.." They turned in the direction from where the voice emerged.. It was Randhir.. "Don't you ever dare to harm her Dad.. Warna mein bhul jaunga ki aap mere dad hai.." Sanyukta's eyes became wet seeing Randhir in front of her.. She quickly scanned him from top to bottom, he seemed fine.. She rushed into his arms, he received her with both hands.. That was one emotional moment, tears rolling out from both their eyes.. Though she tried hard not to think otherwise, somewhere in her heart she was worried for him. Now that he was back in one piece, her happiness knew no bounds.. "Mein thik hu Sanyukta.. I love you" to which she replied "I love you more Randhir"
Randhir released her from his hug, wiped her tears, smiled a bit and proceeded towards Harsh.. He was so prepared to put all the allegations on Renuka.. "Randhir this woman, this one woman, gave us both a hard time.. How can you let another woman ruin you? How? That Sanyukta, she will separate us Randhir.. She is with Renuka.. Just throw her out of your life, my son" .. Renuka could not get a word out of her mouth.. By looking at Randhir's expression , she felt Harsh has succeeded one more time in convincing him against her.. "Dad.. I want to live my life.. I want to let others live their life.. My life is with my Sanyukta.. She is my happiness.. By this state of yours, I can clearly see you dont have a life for yourself.. So its better you let others live their's.. Mom hasn't done anything for me so far and so didn't you.. If I can be in good terms with you, then she doesn't deserve to be in my bad books.. Now atleast, that she has realized her mistakes, I am.." he paused and looked at Renuka, who kept looking at him in disbelief "I am happy to have her back in my life.. After all, she is my mom.." Sanyukta smiled whole heartedly.. This was the moment she was longing for.. Renuka rushed upto her son, Randhir hugged his mom warmly.. Such an emotional re-union it was, leaving behind a shocked Harsh Shekawat.. All his evil plans, had been crushed and ditched forever, by one strong word "Love".. Randhir released Renuka and she placed a kiss on her son's forehead "I am sorry Randhir.. I cant thank you enough for forgiving me" she uttered.. Randhir smiled "Mom.. Dont be sorry.. I love you" he hugged her again.. Harsh left the place in utter shock.. He knew there wasnt any space for him, neither in the house nor in their lives.. Sanyukta rushed upto them and joined in their group hug.. Randhir had his one arm over his mom and the other one over his wife.. This moment, made them look like a complete family.. Picturesque moment it was..
After 5 long and amazing mins of their lovely hug, Renuka pulled herself back.. "Beta.. This calls for celebration..Mein abhi jaake tumhare har ek favorite dish banaungi.. We ll party together.. " she rushed into the kitchen, leaving a smiling SanDhir behind.. Sanyukta pushed Randhir away, pulled him again by his collar "Randhir.. Where were you all night? You literally gave me a heart attack do you know that? I was so scared.. pata hai?" she hit him gently.. He smiled and caught her hands that were hitting him and leaned forward "How will you get a heart attack when your heart is with me? hmmm bolo bolo" and rubbed his nose against her's.. His cute antics made her smile and fall in love with him all over again..
That afternoon, was the afternoon, he had never experienced in his life.. He dined with the amazing ladies of his life, his mom and his wife.. After Sanyukta's love, it was only his mom's love and care that made him smile.. They played carrom, watched good movies, laughed, giggled, screamed in joy.. They were having the time of their lives.. Randhir slowly snuggled closer and reached for his mom's lap.. Sanyukta had always wanted to see this come true and here it was, happening right infront of her eyes.. Renuka caressed his hair lovingly, he closed his eyes, with smile dancing on his lips and tears escaping his eyes.. Renuka pulled Sanyukta and she occupied the other side of her lap.. Sanyukta closed her eyes with happiness "Finally, I have witnessed Randhir reach his favourite destination.. Thank you Gods, I wouldn't ask for anything in my life ever, coz you have given me more than what I deserve, you have given me, My Randhir"
Evening 7 PM:
Randhir's sleep was disturbed by the landline that was ringing.. He picked it up.. By now, even Renuka and Sanyukta had woken up from their peaceful sleep... "Hello? Kaun? Ji kahiye? Kya??? Hum abhi aate hai" Randhir's tone was tensed.. Renuka was worried... "Randhir kya hua beta? Koi problem hai kya?"
"Yes mom.. Factory me aag lag gaya hai.. The manager just called.. We have to rush.. chalo aap.." they hurried to the car.. In another 15 mins, they reached the factory.. Renuka was so tensed.. She rushed before the other two.. It was dark..There wasn't any trace of fire anywhere.. The moment she entered, whole factory lit up with lights.. There were 100's of workers surrounded, factory looked like a party hall.. "Ladies and Gentlemen.. This is Randhir, welcoming you for the night of the year.." Randhir had taken the centre stage.. Sanyukta stood there in amazement.. He continued " Its a very special day of my life.. It may be of no relevance to the gathering here, but today is the day, I got my mom back.. This party has been organised by me to share my happiness with you all.. At the same time, I want to gift my mom on this very special day.. She deserves a gift doesnt she?" he raised the mike towards the crowd.. "Yessss" screamed the crowd in unison..
Renuka stood in Awe.. Randhir announced her gift "Its Mr. Roshan.. I take great pride in announcing the man, who ll take my mom's hand, who ll give her all the happiness she deserves, above all, he would love her more than anyone else, of course slightly lesser than me though(smiles a bit).." Roshan went up to Renuka to hold her hand, Renuka looked at Randhir with her eyes moist.."Yes mom.. You deserve a gift.. You deserve to live your life, with the man whom you love.. But dont forget, I love you more" his eyes became moist too.. He recovered quickly to warn Mr. Roshan "By the way, Mr. Roshan, you are being warned not to harm or hurt my mom. You are allowed only to give her happiness. If you dont, then I am a bad guy you see. I am a person who breaks the bone and then talk.. So better be careful haan.." he smiled and handed him the ring he had bought for his mom.. They exchanged the ring.. Renuka hugged Randhir in happiness and the whole crowd applauded.. Sanyukta pulled his hand "You were away all night to do this?" he winked "Yes, my love" Roshan explained how Randhir came upto him in the middle of the night to convince him.. Renuka for the first time felt, she wasn't alone anymore.. She had her son with her..
Music started to play in the background.. Randhir danced along with his mom and her would be husband.. After a while, he left his mom with her love to spend some time with his love.. Randhir made her wear a beautiful necklace that he had bought on her birthday as a gift.. This moment was special, hence he wanted to make it more special by gifting it to her.. Sanyukta's eyes beamed in happiness not by seeing the necklace but by seeing his Randhir's smile.. Seeing your loved ones happy can be the best thing you can witness in your life.. "You like it?" He whispered... She nodded "I love it..!"He dragged Sanyukta to the stage, when the song that was most appropriate for the situation played "Dehleez pe mere dil ki, Jo rakhe hain tune kadam, Tere naam pe meri zindagi, Likh di mere humdum  Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena" They danced to the tunes of the song.. Such a melodious moment it was.. Sanyukta had her own hand on his right shoulder and he had caught hold of the other hand using his left, his right hand was on her waist... Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum, Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena, Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum".. For a moment, crowd came to a still, they were admiring the adorable couple on earth.. Suddenly, the music stopped but Randhir went on " Sachchi si hain ye taareefein, Dil se jo maine kari hain.. Jo tu mila to saji hain, Duniya meri humdum, O aasma mila zameen ko meri, Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum, Tere naam pe meri zindagi, Likh di mere humdum" Sanyukta was lost in his eyes that were fixed on her.. Their legs went out of their control, dancing in sync, he continued " Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum, Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena, Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum" he was on his knees now.. He held her hand, kissed it and whispered "Thanks nai bolunga.. Kyun ki thanks sirf ajnabiyo ko bolte hai.. Love you for coming into my life... Love you for taking control over me.. Love you for each and everything you have done for me.. Love you for giving my mom back to me.. Love you forever Sanyukta..." she pulled him up and hugged him tight "Love you too Randhir" and the crowd erupted in applause..

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