Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 107

Kishore could hardly believe what was happening right in front of him.. "Hadn't I devised a foolproof plan??" he wondered.."Yeah you did.. Just that, the foolproof plan was being devised by a fool himself" Randhir answered, as if he had read Kishore's mind.
"How did you..?" before Kishore could actually finish the sentence, Randhir intervened "You are feeling sad about your kidneys dont you? Dont worry they are just doing fine flushing the useless shit out of you. How I wish they could flush the shit out of your heart as well.. And moreoever, you gave me the honourable "Brain Tumor" cause you knew I had brain.. But I couldn't do the same with a brainless brat like you. Thats the reason why I chose your Kidneys.." he laughed sarcastically.. Kishore gathered some courage and managed to speak "Randhir.. What the hell is this? I will tell everything to Sanyukta. I will reveal her the truth. She will hate you for doing this with me" he tried to act normal.
Randhir got up fiercely with a "Sshhhhh...! Not a word more. You are a pathetic actor so stop acting. As I said earlier, your game is over..!" Kishore knew he couldnt do anything more. He had been cornered. 
"By the way dont put too much of stress on your petty little brain.. Before your kidneys actually fail, let me know what exactly had happened.. You know what, us din jab mein yaha aaya tha, my head was aching like hell. Probably, due to the hangover the previous night. I had my blood test done and boom the very evening I was summoned here and made to listen "You are suffering from Brain Tumor last stage" and the way the doctor announced it was like "Son, You have won a crore rupee in lottery" Let me be frank with you. You indeed fooled me that day. For a while, I was convinced that I was going to die. I suspect things, I dont trust things blindly. But that day I couldnt suspect anyone or anything. My brain was totally occupied by Sanyukta and hence suspicion couldnt make its way inside. The way back, and the next couple of days, all I had to do was to think "What will happen to Sanyukta? Will she smile after I go? Will she become an Engineer?" I foolishly prayed to God to extend my life to couple of months more, so that at least I could see her become what she always aspired for. It was not the Tumour you created but the fear of leaving her alone that was going to kill me. Everything was going fine as you had planned. You could have left it that way. But no, you had to ruin your own plan. You had to come in.." he paused and smiled..
Kishore still seemed clueles.. 
"Aapko yaad hai? Us din aap mere college aaye tey.. As they show in the old hindi movies, letter ko tabhi udna tha aur aapke charano me aake ghirna bhi tha.. Thik hai mein maan bhi leta hu.. You read the whole damn thing and didnt show a bit of surprise in your face. You seemed so relaxed. Something seemed fishy. Most importanly, nowhere in the hospital records did I ever mention my college name.
No way the letter would have reached me, Unless some donkey which knew my address, deliberately handed it over in the reception. You came, you threatened and you left. It all seemed staged to me. A mere blood test cannot confirm a disease. No way, someone can say how long the patient would love just by testing a few ounces of blood, no scan, no further tests, no medicines, no hopes too. I was told that I would die straight on my face. No sane doctor in this world would do that. Since then, I wanted to make my every move very carefully. I had a feeling that I was being watched. I contacted the hospital nurse via a different number. To my surprise, she had already been looking for my number in order to contact me. She told me everything. How you visited the doctor, paid him money and staged all this. That's it. You were done a long time back. But I wanted to play it your way, so I had the doctor work for me. Did everything in your way, but changed the Brain to Kidney and the victim from Randhir to Kishore.. Thats it!" he finished.
In the corner of his eyes, he could Sanyukta reacting to the shock she had received. The nurse said "He would die in a couple of hours, and hence wanted to meet you.." The moment she heard it, she collapsed. Randhir wanted to rush out in order to help her but the nurse signalled via the screen that she would take care. Randhir turned to face Kishore in anger. Another screen flashed before them. Someone was lying on the hospital bed. Randhir received a call "She would be there any moment. Be ready." he said. 
"Dont worry.. Sab thaiyar hai.. Kishore saab kaise ho aap?" Parth teased. He had disguised himself to pose as a middle aged man. 
Kishore was wondering what was happening around him. Randhir squealed "Parth.. Fix that thing in your face properly. Its about to fall off. Aaj kuch gadbad hua na, dekh lena.." 
"Randhir sab changa.. Fikar not" he disconnected the call.
Nurse splashed water on her face and she slowly opened her eyes. They were moist "I will donate my kidneys. Please save him" Nurse nodded her head slowly in a No. Sanyukta couldnt control her sorrow. Yes she hated him, she hated him to the core but could never think of him leaving her altogether. She felt helpless "Can I see him?" she pleaded. Randhir so wanted to rush upto her, hug her and comfort her and tell her "I would not let anything wrong happen to you. Not until I live atleast." Nurse led her into another room where Parth was pretending to be sick. Sanyukta rushed upto him and hugged him "Papa.." He turned to face her "Beti.." he coughed. Sanyukta moved back swiftly "Kaun hai yeh?"
"Yeh Rakesh Agarwal hai. Aapke papa.." nurse smiled. "Arey nai yeh mere papa nai hai.." Parth coughed wildly, he had bandages all over his face, he had covered it up completely in order to make sure Sanyukta doesnt identify him. "Do din me meri 5 saal ki beti itni badi kaise ho gayi?" he coughed. 
Nurse went near Parth "Aap hi ne kaha na aapki beti FITE me padti hai. Inhe hum FITE se hi laaye hai sir ji" 
"Arey meine kaha meri beti FIGHT karti hai mujhse, FITE me nai padti.." he coughed again.. Randhir urged over phone "Pagal Parth.. Tumhe Kidney failure hua hai Tuberculosis nai zyada khasna mat.."
"Sorry There seems to be a misunderstanding. We are extremely sorry" Nurse apologized. Sanyukta wiped her tears away and proceeded near Parth, whose legs and hands were now trembling.
"Parth relax.. Kuch gadbad mat karna" Randhir warned over phone, that was lying below his pillow.
"Uncle. I am so sorry to hear about your condition. Can I help you in anyway?" she asked.. Parth was finding it difficult to breathe. "I think this bandage is hindering your breath. Shall I help you remove it?" she placed her hand on his face. Parth screamed "Noooo.." Nurse somehow convinced Sanyukta and took her away from Parth.
Kishore was stunned to see the way she had behaved upon knowing that he was sick. Randhir turned to face him "That's Sanyukta for you. Waise, I know, nothing would happen inside you even after witnessing all of this. I am not expecting it either. You staged all of this, to make her hate me but I showed you how much she loves you still. That was my punishment for you. I am forgiving you for all that you've done. No way I would do that. But I cant deny a fact, you did something good for me. I want to thank you for that.." Randhir smiled..
"So far I knew I loved her, I loved her so much.. But you made me realize that I love her beyond my death. My love is way beyond this universe. Even death couldn't occupy my brain more than SHE did. So, a big THANK YOU to Mr.Kishore" he left him behind with a cute smile on his face.
Sanyukta came out with a happy face. Nurse apologized again, Sanyukta didnt mind it much. "Please let me know if I can help him in anyway.. I will definitely do so.." She said and bid her goodbye with a smile. She had only taken two blocks outside the hospital, she heard some footsteps. She turned to look at a figure which seemed known to her. "Kaun tha woh?" she wondered "And where is Randhir?" she pulled out her mobile to call him and just then dashed upon someone. "Vidushi.. Tum kya kar rahi ho yaha?" 
"Shit Vidushi...! I am done.." Parth pulled himself back into the room.

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