Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 102

Randhir's bike was racing at 60 kmph, thus disturbing the silent atmosphere of that night.. He was sweating ferociously, his mind was occupied by a set of thoughts that wouldn't let him calm for days together. "What has happened to me today? What has changed all of a sudden? Is something really serious?" his heart threw so many questions at him, to which he had no answers or probably he was driving his way towards those answers.
His bike stopped at a place, that read "24/7 hospital". He had come all the way till Delhi in search of a hospital mainly because of the unusual time.. He jumped from his bike and parked it in a corner.. On his way inside, he quickly glanced at his watch.. It read 4 AM.. "Damn! I have been driving for a long time" he cursed his memory for a second, next second he smiled coz it had remembered only what he wanted to remember "His Sanyukta".. She was all he wanted to occupy his memory, mind, body and soul and rightly she had occupied every bit of him.. Randhir was profusely sweating, and struggled to complete his breath.. He caught hold of a nurse and quickly explained her, his situation.. She was quick enough to get him admitted.. "No No I don't wanna get admitted. Just check whats wrong and fix it as soon as possible.. I have been sweating a lot lately" Randhir ordered, the Engineer inside him spoke aloud.. Nurse gave him a loud stare when he said "Fix it asap".. "You aint a bike that's come in for service Mister, Get that! You have got some problem, you need to get admitted, we need to perform some tests on you.. Only then, we will be able to treat you" she quickly pulled a needle and injected it in his veins, thus drawing some considerable amount of blood from his body.. "Ouch" he jumped.. She removed the needle, sent it for tests and rubbed his bleeding vein with cotton..."I need to leave soon.. When can I expect the result?" Randhir hurried... She wiped his sweat, handed him few tissues and wrote something in a long prescription.. "Get these medicines from the store.. You can check back in the evening.. Your results would be ready by then.. Don't worry you ll be alright" she consoled him.. He wasn't interested at all in anything what she said "Fine.. I ll be back by 5 to collect the reports" he rushed out after paying the initial amount.. Randhir grabbed the medicine from the store and swallowed it hurriedly.. Kick started his bike and made his way quickly towards FITE.. He had to reach before someone could spot his absence. That medicine, seemed to have provided a quick relief, his sweat vanished in a while and his head seemed fine as well.. "Nothing to worry Randhir.. You ll be okay.. You better be okay.." he consoled himself..
By the time, Randhir reached FITE it was already 5.30... "I just hope Parth isn't awake by now" he prayed silently as he did not want anybody around him to know what was happening with him before he himself wasn't sure.. Randhir slowly peaked inside his room, to find Parth and Jiggy lying just the way they were when he had left.. "Thank God, my buddies are still asleep..All thanks to Avanti Mam for the last eve's party.. Had they found me missing, I would have to lie to them unnecessarily.." Randhir slowly sneaked inside his blanket and covered himself up completely.. Only God knows, what happened the next moment.. All one could hear was a loud snore erupting out of his blanket.. He had fallen asleep within no time.. Last night's travel had taken its toll on him.. There existed an unusual silence in the room, probably the one that prevails before storm..
Next Morning 7 AM:
"Randhir bhai uto na... " Randhir slowly opened his eyes to the familiar shrieks of Jiggy.. "Aaj Vardhan sir aur Avanti Mam ka joint lecture hai.. I don't wanna miss it.. Its gonna be fun.." he giggled.. Yeah, he had every reason to giggle.. These days, Vardhan sir had become a treat to watch.. With Avanti Mam by his side, his kadoos smirks have been replaced by his killer smirks now.. The way, she looks at him, right into his eyes, making him shift his focus to something else, that's something the students of FITE have never witnessed.. It was quite a sight to watch Vardhan sir's lip take a curve, and his eyes find an excuse to avoid meeting hers, his silent smirks, quite giggles and his cute blush, was a visual treat to one's eyes.. He always likes to mess around with people but look at what love has done to him.. These days, he simply messes with himself.. That's the change love can bring in one's life.. So what he had already fallen in love with someone.. It isn't necessary to stick to your past and drive away your present.. Everybody deserves a second chance.. Prof. Vardhan is one gem of a person and he deserves a second chance. Jiggy failed in his attempt to wake up Randhir, so he rushed out without wasting anymore time, while Parth followed him with a smile "Rukh Jiggy mein bhi aata hun.."
Once Randhir heard the footsteps getting away from him, he shuffled his blanket and woke up holding his head tight.. That injection's effect seemed to have faded away.. His head was bursting yet again.. He glanced at the wall clock that showed " 7.30 AM".. He lay back in his bed, closing his eyes, all he could see in front of his eyes was his love, his Sanyukta.. "Its been more than 12 hours since I saw her last.. Such an insensitive and irresponsible husband I am.. I have to get to class atleast to see her.. She ll be worried if I don't turn up" he sprung up the next moment.. "I am cominnggg..." he got ready in less than 5 mins, grabbed some random book and rushed to class.. By the window side, he caught her glimpse.. She was waiting for someone and he know who that someone would be.. Randhir hid himself behind the window, bent his head down, shuffled his hair and pulled it up in a Jiffy, thus setting his hair in a perfect manner.. Only he knows, how it works for him so perfectly all the time. His head was bursting as usual, but he hurried into the classroom, wearing a slight smile.. "May I come in sir?" he asked.. Vardhan nodded his head and let him in.. Randhir waved his hand at his love slightly so as not to disturb the class and she waved back.. Sanyukta let out a sigh of relief after looking at Randhir, he seemed normal..
Vardhan was busy explaining a particular topic about car engines while Avanti was letting her eye gaze him from top to bottom.. He was never a kind who would stammer in the middle of a lecture but that day he did.. Her gaze didnt let him concentrate at all.. He kept coughing and sniffing.. All the students were having a Gala time watching their favorite professor in the clutch of love.. One of them stood up to ask something about the topic that was being discussed.. "Sir I have a doubt.. How much power input is required to operate this engine?" Question went above Vardhan's head instead of heading into his ears.. He kept looking at Avanti, she winked at him.. He stammered "The answer to your question is.." he just couldn't take his eyes off her.. She leaned towards him "You are too hot" she winked again.. "You are too hot" he repeated it as if it was the answer.. "Sir me?" the student seemed confused.. Vardhan came out of his trance at once and realized what he had just said "I mean, you are "not".. You are not allowed to ask questions during my lecture.. I ll clear your doubts once I finish.." he somehow managed to handle the situation.. At the corner of his eyes, he saw Avanti smiling naughtily at him.. "Lectures over.. Your mam will take it over from here" he adjusted his specs and left the place in a Jiffy.. He sticked himself to a wall "Vardhan.. Whats wrong? You can't let her dominate you like this.. You just can't.. What has happened to you?" he whispered.. "The answer is Avanti.. Avanti has happened to you Mr. Vardhan.. Be smart and accept it.." she smiled.. "No way.. May be in your dreams" he said it in a hurry and left the place without looking back.. But he knew, somewhere down his heart, she was sitting prettily like a queen.. She was ruling a part of his heart, soon she would be ruling him all over.. Avanti gazed at the Stubborn Vardhan, with a smile in her lips.. "Not only in my dreams, soon it would be a reality Professor.."
Randhir's mind was racing, while he still managed to match his smile with Sanyukta.. She signalled "All okay?" and he replied back with a thumbs up.. That brought a cute innocent smile on her face, making him forget all the pains he had whatsoever.. They had only half a days lecture that day.. Randhir continued to flash a smile whenever she looked at him but made sure not to overdo it as he is very much aware of her smartness.. Anything above the daily dose would make her suspect him.. Hence, he chose to play it simple... "Randhir.. Shall we go out in the evening? I would like to spend some time with you, alone" she held his hand.. Randhir gently avoided "Sanyukta.. I have some work that needs to be taken care of today.. Shall we go tomorrow?" She seemed disappointed but agreed.. "Par kaha jaa rahe ho?" she asked, while Vidushi pulled her hand "Sanyukta I need to have this chapter covered today and you are gonna help me.. Chalo.. Randhir is your husband ab bhi usse boy friend ke tarah treat karna band kar do.. Kahi nahi bhagega woh" she dragged Sanyukta away from Randhir before she could finish her sentence.. Randhir let out a sigh of relief.. Its harder to lie to her and its even more harder to face her after lying.. He immediately rushed to his room to find Parth immersed in his laptop.. He was browsing something related to Engineering... Randhir's phone rang.. It was the nurse at the other end.. "Randhir... Your reports are ready. You may collect them this evening at 5" she hung up...
"I have to get out of here now.. But I can't lie to Parth.. He would ask me so many questions.. I need to somehow escape his eyes.." Randhir decided.. "Parth.." He called.. "Ha Randhir.."
"Woh ladki jo first year me aayi hai, kya naam hai Uski?" Randhir asked.. 
"Kaun Randhir? Anushka?" 
"Nai yaar.. Woh 6 foot wali.."
"Oh woh.. Uska naam Ananya hai.. Why are you asking about her? Kuch hua hai kya?"
"Jab bhi mein usko Dekhta hu na Kuch Kuch ho jaata hai yar.. Uski recent FB profile pic dekha tu ne? Mast pic hai yaar.." Randhir teased.. 
"Ahhhh Sachi? Miss kar diya meine.. Abhi Dekhta hu..."
Parth sprung up and opened her profile.. Not that he was drooling it's just out of the curiosity that Randhir had created about her pic.. While Parth was browsing, Randhir pulled out his phone and dropped a message to Vidushi.. "Vids.. Your life is in serious trouble.. Parth is busy with his laptop drooling over some random girl.. Need to take preventive action immediately. Walk into my room ASAP.." 
Parth screamed.. "Randhir yahi pic ke baare me baat kar rahe ho na..? Sach me Bahut hot hai yar.. Kitni sundar kudi hai.." He had just finished that sentence, and screamed loud "Ahhhh" someone was screwing his ears.. Parth's jaw dropped when he saw Vidushi over there in a Maa kali avtar.. "Hot hai? Ek baar bhi mujhe dekhke tum ne yeh baat nai kaha.. Par kisi aur ladki tumhe hot lag Rahi hai.. How dare you!!!" She squealed..
"Vidushi Randhir ki Wajah se hi meine yeh profile khola.. Kasam se I didn't mean to see her pic.." He managed to speak while screaming in pain.. Vidushi screwed his ears more.. "You were drooling over her and upar se Randhir ko blame kar rahe ho.. He was the one who saved me.. Besharam, Kuch toh sharam karo.. He is married and committed to Sanyukta.. Tumhare tarah majnu nai hai woh.. Samjha na...! Aaj Teko bataungi "HOT"kisse kehte hai.." She unveiled something she had hidden in her right hand.. Parth's eyes popped out seeing the thing in her hand.. It was a burning hot iron rod "This is called HOT and you ll feel the hotness today Mr Kashyap.." She gave a evil look.. Parth jumped down from his bed and ran out of his room, followed by a furious Vidushi.. Randhir smiled at the cute fights of these two.. "Bahut hot tha woh rod Sach me.. Hope Parth is okay when I return.. Baba ji Parth ko bachana Vidushi ke haaton se.."
Randhir picked his bike keys and rushed out of his room, in the next 5 mins he was on his way to Delhi.. His head seemed perfectly okay now.. But any moment, that severe pan would come back to haunt him.. Randhir parked his bike outside and ran inside, he stopped after seeing a familiar face, it was the nurse he had met that morning.. "Sister.. Hmmm.. Randhir.. You had asked me to come and collect the reports.." That nurse gave him a weird look, it was nowhere close to the look she had given him that very same morning.. There was some difference, something had changed, but he had no idea what it was.. "This way.." She held his hand and got him inside the doctors room.. Doctor was middle aged man.. He was examining something deeply.. Even the knock at his door could not disturb him.." Doctor.. He is here.." That was all she said.. Doctor himself came upto Randhir and offered him a seat.. "Sit down Randhir.." 
Randhir's heart started to panic.. Nurse just said "He is here.." But he recognised him as Randhir.. "Doctor what's happening? Is everything okay?" Randhir hurried..
"You've got someone with you or have you come in alone?" Doctor asked making him feel more furious.. "Doctor I have come here all alone.. Whatever it is, you can tell me.. Please, speak up" 
"Sorry to say Mr.. Randhir.. You've been diagnosed with...." A lone tear escaped Randhir's eye, when the doctor finished.. His worse nightmare had become a reality.. "I can't leave her alone.. I can'tttttt...!" He screamed...

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