Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 92

Randhir at once forgot what had happened with him.. His focus shifted to his weeping angel.. "Sanyukta kya hua? Ro kyun rahi ho Tum? Kuch hua hai kya? Please batao.." He was tensed... She released herself from the hug and went a bit far from him.. He followed.. "Sanyukta Mein Kuch puch raha Hun Tumse.. Tum toh niche so rahi thi na? Fir Tum upar kaise aur to kyu rahi ho?" Sanyukta ignored him yet again and continued to weep.. He shook her shoulders in anger.. "Sanyukta tell me damn it!" He yelled.. Sanyukta slowly started to speak up.. "Randhir I am missing my parents.. I don't know what happened to my dad... He is behaving wildly with mom it seems.. She was crying over phone.. But Mein kar bhi kya sakti hu? I love him na..!" She uttered. Randhir's anger was at its peak now..
"Have you lost it? He is hurting your mom and you are telling me Ki you love him? He is a bloody damn MCP... You used to call me MCP na! I am not the MCP, your dad is.. Why is your mom even sticking with him? Why can't she just walk away? How can she still survive with such a pathetic abusive guy? She is such a jerk..." Randhir vented out all his anger.. Kishore was just a reason.. 
Sanyukta wiped her tears and smiled at him.. "Then why do you think your mom has to spend her life with your abusive father Randhir? Why are you being so unfair to your mom Randhir? If my dad is a MCP, then your dad is nothing less than a MCP.. Don't you agree?" That question did hit him hard.. For the first time ever, he was running short of words.. Rather than arguing, his heart forced him to listen for a while.. Sanyukta hadn't finished yet..
Sanyukta continued.. "Look Randhir.. Everybody has problems.. Nobody is 100% happy in this world.. But, breaking relationships and behaving rude will not solve any problems, rather it will trouble you more.. I agree your mom didn't give you the normal childhood that every child in this world deserves.. She was unfair to you.. But for once, put yourself in her shoes.. She married your dad who is a drunkard.. He hardly takes care of himself.. What love and care would he have provided to your mom? She herself has had a miserable married life.. Your dad's hatred and abusive behavior forced her to divert her mind in something else.. Yes, I agree, she failed to notice you.. But she wasn't the only one at fault.. Even your dad didn't bother about you.. All he did was, to provoke you against her... But still you love him.. Isn't that unfair? " she looked closely at him, he stood still..
"Okay let me put it in easy terms.. My dad forced me into a relationship that I never liked.. I thought of accepting it just for the sake of my dad.. You entered into my life.. You came all the way, just to stop my marriage.. Why did you do that? Reason 1. You knew I wouldn't be happy with Sameer.. Reason 2. You were madly in love with me.. Have you forgotten? You staged a drama to kick Sameer out of my life and married me.. If you can do it, why can't your mom? If you can't see me spending my life with someone who isn't worth my love, how can you expect your mom to be with your abusive dad? Why are you differentiating between me and your mom? Rules should be rules na? You remember, we did so many things to make Parth move on.. He did move on and is now happy with Vidushi.. If you can support your friend moving on, why can't you support your mom? You know why? May be you don't.. I ll tell you why!" She paused.. Randhir kept looking at her, waiting for her to talk further..
"You are being partial just because she is your mom.. You can't see her with someone else coz you still think she is bound to stay with your dad, no matter how bad he is..! For once, just for once, look at her as a women, who has been abused by her husband, abandoned by her own son.. What if she demands love? Is she not entitled to invite love in her life? Women are not a show piece.. They have feelings too and there's nit hug wrong if she wants to move on.. What if I was her? Would you still be taking a drunkard abusive husband's side? I know Randhir.. You don't like me commenting on your personal stuff.. But this was needed.. That's why I had to say this.. One more thing, the other day, I believe you saw her talking to Roshan and that was the reason for your violent behavior.. You saw just her with him, but I heard what she said.. She said "If I had to choose between you and my son, I ll choose my son.." If you know what that means.. Mujhe Jo kehna tha meine keh diya.. Now I ll leave you alone.. Ask yourself few questions.. When you get the answers for all of them, come down.. I ll be waiting for you.." She left without waiting for his answer.. 
Randhir was left alone in the darkness, with only his tears for company.. All the images of his bitter childhood flashed right infront of his face.. Yes, Sanyukta was right.. His mom wasn't fair to him but his father wasn't a saint too.. The only achievement he had done so far, was to poison Randhir's mind against his mom.. He made Randhir accept him even though he was a drunkard.. But kept portraying his mom as a Villain.. Little Randhir had no idea what was being spoon fed to him.. Little did he know that he was letting hatred for his mom occupy his brain and heart.. He grew up with all these feelings.. One day, he had no place to store more hatred coz his whole body had already been occupied with so much of hatred.. All he knew was, he hated his mom.. He even forgot why was he hating her.. Tears trickled down his cheeks.. Sanyukta's words kept echoing in his ears "Why are you being unfair to your mom Randhir?" He fell down on his knees crying.. He cried, cried and cried and finally managed to get some peace.. The silence of the night and the darkness, had managed to calm him down.. He laid there, watching the skies, tears kept escaping his eyes.. He had no control over them..
Sanyukta was waiting for him to return to the room.. It was 12, 1, 2, he never returned.. She fell asleep unknowingly.. Next morning, when she woke up, he still wasn't there.. That sent a chill down her spine.. She rushed to the terrace to find no one there.. She tried calling his mobile "THE SUBSCRIBER YOU ARE TRYING TO CALL IS CURRENTLY NOT REACHABLE!" Automated voice said.. 
The words "NOT REACHABLE!" Kept echoing in her eyes.. "Randhir where are you?" She panicked...

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