Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 83

Randhir’s heart started to bleed seeing her cry.. He did everything, just everything, right from becoming a Hacker, Lying to her and his best friend Parth, hiding the biggest truth of her life and he even tolerated Agarwals. He did everything not to see her smile but to refrain her from crying. Its not that, she looked bad while crying. She looked best in whatever she did… Just that, he was jealous to see the tears kissing her cheeks, where only his lips belonged to.. One might have heard about the Guardian Angel, but here it is in the form of Randhir.. He kept her away from troubles whenever he was around, he stood in between her and problems, he protected her from every damn thing that might cause her trouble.. He acted as the "Ozone Layer" of our life.. He was her Guardian Angel, by all means.. He had left her alone only for a couple of hours, all her Good luck charm vanished, she came across the bitter truth of her life in the worst way possible.. Had he been there, such a situation wouldn't even have arose.. Randhir kept patting her back, promising her silently, "I am there for you.. And when I am there, I wouldn't let you miss anybody.. I ll grab all your attention, I ll take out all the pain from your life.. I ll fill your life with loads of happiness.. It's Randhir promise.."
They were walking on the streets of Delhi.. She had her head rested on his shoulder, her hands gripping his arm, eyes fixed in some random distant object.. So many thoughts were battling it out in her mind.. She could hardly believe Randhir did all this just to hide this truth from her.. It was already 7 PM in the evening.. Randhir was the first one to break the silence.. "Sanyukta.. Kuch Khaogi? Afternoon se tumne Kuch bhi nai liya na.." He bent down to see her reaction.. It was blank.. Her face was expressionless.. The eyes, that said so many things whenever he looked deep into it, now threw a bland expression back.. He raised his voice a bit and asked the same again in order to bring her out of the trance.. This time, she slightly nodded in a No.. 
As time passed by, Randhir felt something wrong.. "How far can I make her walk like this? It's not safe.. I need to do something.. Parth.. Let me call him up.. He ll help us.." Randhir pulled out his phone slowly without disturbing Sanyukta.. 
Vidarth had gone on a big tour of Darjeeling today.. They were hell tired.. When they returned back to room, Vidushi was messaging someone in her phone.. Parth grabbed it from her.. "Parth cell do mera.. Mom se baat kar rahi thi Mein.." Parth was in no mood to listen.. "Dekho Vidushi.. We have come out on a holiday.. That means it's only you and me, aur koi nahi.. I am turning off both our mobiles now.. Don't worry, I ll not do anything to you.. Basically, I am doing this only for one reason.. You and I have been dating, still we know nothing about each other.. So tonight is the night.. We ll get to know each other, every single minute detail.. I don't want anybody to disturb us.. So, tonight the subscribers calling us, will receive a "switched off" message.." Vidushi found him very cute.. "Oho.. Parth I can't believe this.. Your Romantic Romeo version is way beyond awesome.. Mujhe toh laga mein Ek emotionless idiot se pyar kar Rahi hu but acha hua ki God ne mujhe bacha liya, tumhe romantic banake.." She hugged him tight.. Their phones were lying on the bedside table, lifeless..
Randhir tried almost ten times.. All the time, the reply was same.. "The number you are trying to reach is currently switched off..!" He tried Vidushi's, but the result was same. Randhir felt like throwing his mobile in frustration... "Sirf naam ke dost hai.. They ll not be there when I need them the most.. Shit..!" He looked down to check Sanyukta.. Her legs were moving constantly, but her eyes seemed unmoved.. Randhir checked his watch.. It stuck 9 PM.. He had no money left, he had spent almost all the money on the gift he had bought.. So many things had happened in such a short span of time that he even forgot to show that to her. He decided to stop by somewhere and spend the night.. It's too risky to make her walk to an unknown destination all through the night.. There was a banyan tree nearby.. He walked upto it, cleaned the place with his jerkin, made Sanyukta sit near it's bark and sat beside her.. She leaned on his shoulders yet again.. He had covered her in such a way that nobody could spot her.. From a distance, all one can see would be Randhir.. He kept checking her face, looking for something to feel she was better.. But there was no trace of even the slightest smile on her face.. Still he maintained silence, he knew talking anything at this point would cause more pain.. Sometimes silence, is the best healer.. Just a pat on your back and your soothing caress would mean more to someone than your words.. That's exactly what Randhir was providing her right now.. 
It was 10 PM now.. He couldn't think of anything else.. Randhir turned on the FM and tuned into some random station.. “Chan se jo tute koi sapna.. Jag…” yelled a male voice, Randhir immediately changed the channel, not wanting her to listen to the next line.. “Jab tak mein zinda hu suna kaise lagega tumhe” he murmured to himself.. Next channel was far worse.. “Kyun mein Jagoon” his hands were raping the next button, “Yaha so kaun raha hai jo tum jagane ki baat kar rahe ho?” his frustration reached its peak.. Still he wanted to give a fair chance to the other radio stations. He kept hitting the next button. "Tujhe bhula diya ohhhh..!" He felt like throwing his cell away in frustration.. "Agarwal's ko kaise bhulu mein..!" Finally, there was a station where some RJ was talking to the listeners.. He called himself the LOVE GURU.. One will definitely fall for his voice, such an alluring voice he had.. No matter how he looked, many girls would have already fallen for his magical voice.. On the top of it, he as giving love advice woh b muft muft mufttttt... "Sad songs se better toh yeh love guru hai" Randhir decided to give this guy a chance, anyway he never had another option.. 
"Hey Love Guru.. Thank god I got the line.. I so badly wanted to connect with you.." Someone spoke to the RJ, his voice sounded very low, he seemed to be disturbed so much.. LG interrogated him "Hey that's so nice of you.. Please relax.. Introduce yourself first.."
"My name is Arjun.. I am from Delhi.. I loved a girl soooo much butttt..!" His voice cracked.. LG cheered him up "Arjun please go on.. Let me see how can I help you..!" 
"She dumped me.. I did so many things for her.. I bought her everything she asked for.. I took her everywhere she wanted to.. I spent so much on her.. She meant the world to me.. But all of a sudden, she came upto me today and said "It's all over between us" and walked away from me.. How can she Love Guru? I mean how can she? She is such a *****(long beep) Cheater.. Her love was never true I believe.. I hate her so much I just hate her.." For ten long mins, the guy made it a point to list out everything that he had done for her and continued to hurl abuses at her.. Love Guru tried hard to console the guy, and cut him off.. That guy was kinda happy after letting out all his frustration.. He happily disconnected the phone "I am now relieved after talking to you.. Thanks a lot".. Love Guru moved on to attend his next caller.. "Hello you've connected to me your Love Guru at 93.5 FM.. Can I have your name please..!"
"Randhir... Randhir Singh Shekawat.. From an unknown street in Delhi.. You are doing a good job Love Guru.." Sanyukta's expression changed when Randhir started to talk..
"Hello Randhir.. Thanks a lot for calling.. How may I help you today? What's your love problem?" RJ asked...
"Oh that's so sweet of you.. I don't have any problem with my love and if at all I do have a problem, I would talk to herself and resolve the issue between us rather than calling up some unknown Love Guru and discuss my issue in front of all the Laila's and Majnu's of India.. No offence sir.. I just called to answer your previous caller Arjun.. May I?" Randhir asked.. RJ permitted him to proceed.. Randhir continued "Arjun.. I heard your sad love story.. You know what, you deserve to be dumped.. Your ex girl friend took the wisest decision of her life by breaking up with you.. If you are listening, I would sincerely advise you to stay away from girls in future.. Relationships toh definitely nai.. Do you even have slightest idea of what love is? Just because she wanted to move on, you will abuse her? You will list out all that you have done for her so far? There's something called unconditional love.. I am sure you wouldn't have even heard the word.. Till yesterday she was your angel and today she has become the vampire of your life..? Wow, three cheers to you Man.. You have just saved a girl from getting into self destruction mode by prolonging the relationship with you.. Hats off to you.. The moment, you cribbed in front of everybody and abused her, you lost the right to love.. May God clean your dirty soul.. RIP your nasty brain and dirty heart.." He disconnected the call immediately, leaving the Love Guru himself stunned.. It took a few seconds for the RJ to come out of the shock that he had just received.. Randhir would probably be the first such caller who called not to crib but to mourn a dirty mind.. "Randhir.. Three cheers to you dude.. You nailed it completely.. You never even waited for me to comment.. But I didn't mind at all.. I just have one thing to say "How lucky is your girl friend"! Kudos to her.. Next song, specially goes out to Randhir and his lucky girl friend..
Randhir was still panting.. Song played "Tu Mila Jo khuda ka Sahara mil Gaya.." She smiled a bit and hugged him tight.. Yes, he was her gift straight from God.. Her slight smile, was so much soothing for his soul.. He hugged her back.. She had already cried a lot, there weren't any more tears in stock.. She finally fell asleep in his arms.. Randhir slowly moved her a bit, made her lie comfortably and covered her up with his jacket.. He moved away from her and sat nearby watching her.. He kept himself awake just to keep an eye on her... 12 AM, 1 AM finally 2 AM he fell asleep.. His eyes opened immediately due to a noise "Hissssss!" He could hardly see anything in the dark but the sound continued to be heard.. "Hiss Hiss!" He finally spotted some movement near Sanyukta.. His eyes popped out when he discovered what it was.. It was a black Serpent, dancing to the tunes of the wind, it was hissing near Sanyukta... Randhir's heart skipped a beat...

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