Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 87

Randhir’s inner turmoil was not allowing him to think straight.. He wasn’t thinking at all, he was in no mood to listen to his heart.. Sanyukta was only trying to help him get over it.. But he saw her as the only way to vent out his anger. Not that he wanted to hurt her intentionally, its just that he had so much inside him that was literally eating him up.. The moment he saw, his mom, being kissed by some xyz stranger, something within him exploded. He could not digest the fact that it was all happening in front of him.. Right from his childhood, he had witnessed so many bitter moments, so many.. Any kid in the whole universe never deserved such childhood moments.. 
Childhood means happiness, the only period when we will  not be bound by anything, no worries, no responsibilities, absolutely tension free. When a normal kid gets back home in the evening from school, he would witness a loving father, extending his arms to hug his son, a loving mother, preparing  all sorts of lip smacking snacks to quench her son’s hunger.. It’s a scene that happens in any normal house. But in Randhir’s case, he has neither witnessed his loving father nor a caring mother.. Whenever he returned home, even before he entered, a strong smell of alcohol  will hit his nostrils, thus indicating him that his father is home.. One day, he would see his dad lying on the floor, yelling at everyone in the house, the next day, he would see him picking a quarrel with Renuka Sanyal on petty topics.  Randhir hardly saw his mom home.. Whenever he spots her, he would run upto her for a caring hug, all she would do is to keep him away from her saying “Beta, Mumma ko kaam hai.. Upar jao and padai karo.. Disturb mat karna.. Jao” That’s it, all his excitement would vanish in a second.. He had the worst possible childhood memories, that kept haunting him... A part of him, transformed into an animal.. Every time someone or something would revive these painful memories, he would go mad.. Wild.. No force in the world would be able to control him when he turns wild, except Sanyukta..
Randhir undressed her, he was behaving wild.. Sanyukta did not stop him.. Neither she wanted to.. She tried to maintain eye contact with Randhir.. His eyes were fiery red, fuming in anger and frustration. He held her close, and tight, it hurt.. Whatever he was doing to her tonight, was hurting her.. But she never complained, rather she wanted him to go on.. She could never let him hurt himself, instead she chose to get hurt. Randhir had done so much for her so far.. It wasn’t a payback.. She was just trying to be ‘HIM’.. Relationship was not all about happiness.. It's the pain that you share equally.. You can do anything to erase the sadness of your partner, at times, it doesn't matter how much pain you take, it's all about the pain you relieve your partner of..Randhir kissed her, or I should say, pecked her lips.. He went down her neck, sailed through her valley, caressed her all over.. Whenever he was harsh, she would hold him tight and close her eyes firm.. If this would serve the purpose of calming him down, then so be it. Randhir wasn’t man handling her but he wasn’t being the same Randhir anymore, who would put her pain above his pleasure. He kept kissing her, smooching her all over.. Sanyukta closed her eyes firm, letting him take complete control over her.. Renuka Sanyal’s words echoed in her ears... "Roshan.. I want to tell you something..!"
Roshan: Yeah tell me baby.. Kya baat hai? 
Renuka: Roshan let me get straight to the point.. I think we shouldn't be meeting often for the next few days... 
Roshan: But why?
Renuka: You know right? Randhir has come home, after a long time.. I finally have the privilege of seeing my son, stay with me under one roof.. It's almost my dream come true Roshan.. I am sure he wouldn't want to see me with you.. I don't want to make him feel weird.. To have my son back, I can do anything.. If not meeting you for a while, will bring son back to me, I am very well ready to do that.. She kept talking, her motherhood glittering in her voice.. The tone, conveyed how much she had been longing for this moment.. Sanyukta found it quite interesting..
Roshan had a weird look on his face, quite disappointed he was to see the sudden turnaround in Sanyal's behavior.. "Renuka.. What do you mean? You wanna dump me?" 
Renuka nodded in a No, but she wasn't sure herself.. "No Roshan.. I just need some time, alone time with my son.. I see this as an opportunity for him to understand my love.. I did so many mistakes in my life.. I want to make it all okay.. I am asking you to stay away from me, till Randhir is here.. No phone calls, no msgs, no meetings.. I hope I am not asking for something unusual.. As a dad yourself, you can definitely understand what I am going through.. Hai na?" She looked at him, for an answer.. He seemed to have understood what she was trying to say.. He quietly nodded in a yes, Renuka smiled.. "Finally I ll have my Randhir with me" She thought.. He leaned forward to kiss her Good night.. It was unexpected, but Renuka smiled thinking of her son... Randhir who was watching it from the window of his room, fumed in anger... He lost control.. He threw whatever, was at his reach.. He became wild animal yet again.. 
Sanyukta came out of her trance, when she heard someone sobbing.. That someone, was none other than Randhir.. He was hugging her tight, weeping like a little kid, who had been denied a chocolate.. "I hate you Renuka Sanyal.. I hate you.. You've completely destroyed my life.. You've successfully managed to transform me into an animal.. Hats off to you Sanyal hats off...(he screamed) I know I was hurting Sanyukta, badly... But the wounds you have given me, didn't let me think.. I became mad...(he cried loud) I am sorry Sanyukta I am sorry..! Don't ever forgive me pleaseeeee...!" His cries could bring the roof down.. Such was his vulnerability.. She had seen a roaring Randhir so many times and have even fallen in love with that arrogant Randhir.. But she has never witnessed such a weak Randhir.. She hated to see him weak.. She kept patting his back... "Randhir.. Everything ll be alright..! My Randhir, can never cry.. He is not that weak.. I ll not let you cry.." She was consoling him like a mother.. He was a baby in her arms.. Randhir snuggled more closer to her.. He felt safe.. A sense of calmness occupied him all of a sudden.. She was pure and so was her love.. It had managed to calm the animal in him... She covered them both with a bed sheet... He slept in her arms, hugging her tighter like never before... 
Sanyukta whispered "I know what to do Randhir.. I precisely do.. I ll do it.." She kissed her sleeping husband on his forehead... 

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