Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 109

Parth dragged the guy aside before he or Vidushi could react.. After he went fairly away from Vidushi he lowered his tone and looked into the guy's eye.. "Dekh bhai.. Tujhe Vidushi achi Lagi na? Koi baat nai.. Iske liye fight vagara karne Ki zaroorat nai.. Mein khud usse tumhare haatho mein saumpatha hu thik hai.. Khush raho.. Jao leke Jao usse.." 
"Arey bhai.. You don't want me to be happy or what.. I don't want your girl friend.. Uss pareshaani ko apne paas hi rako... " having said that he bursted out laughing.. Vidushi neared them with a puzzled look.. Parth punched him once again on his face.. This time the punch was even more harder "Kameena.. Bada aaya mere girlfriend ko Mujhse cheenne" 
"Kya hua Parth?" She was concerned.. The guy opened his mouth to say something when another punch landed on his face.. "Bhai Ab thik hai?" This time it was Randhir.. Poor guy couldn't argue more and left the place immediately.. Randhir and Parth hi-fied as if they had achieved something..
"Why the hell did you guys hit him?" Vidushi yelled.. "What the hell Vidushi! That guy was here looking at you.. How can we just stand and watch?" Randhir shouted back..  
"Arey he just came here to look at notice board not me.." She said.. "That is why even I was shouting.. Notice board Dekha Tum logo ne?" 
"Notice board?!? Woh kaha par hai?" Randhir turned right and started to search.. 
"Randhir wahan tho Mechanical Lab hai.. Notice board yaha hai.." She pointed to her left.. "Yaha kab shift kiya in logo ne?" Randhir argued.. Notice board was always there to his left it's just that he had forgotten everything due to the disturbing things that had happened with him in the past few weeks.. 
Both Randhir and Parth looked at each other in disbelief.. "Whatttttttt! Exams? So soon?" Parth screamed "Kisse puchke lete hai yeh decisions? Kisine mujhe consult nai kiya, Arey inform bhi nai kiya.." Randhir's "Would be" marks were dancing before him "gol gol shape me" "0".. He was shocked "Woh bhi do din me? Par Parth abhi abhi tho we wrote exams na phir Itne jaldi kaise?" Randhir squealed.. 
They heard a voice behind their backs.. "Abhi abhi nai Randhir.. You had your exams 6 months back.. And this notice is here for the past one month.. Woh kya hai na.. VIP's in dream Team just got time to notice the notice board.. If you had finished sasur damad drama, can we concentrate on the upcoming exams now?" It was Vardhan sir.. He kept proving the fact that nothing goes unnoticed from his eyes, NOTHING..
Prof. Vardhan neared Randhir.. "By the way Randhir.. You go right it's the Lab, first floor left it's your class.. If you take left it's the Library.. I can take you guys on a tour of FITE if you wish.. Just to make you all comfortable with the surroundings.. Shall wee?" He teased..
"No sir thank you.. " Randhir left in a jiffy... Parth and Vidushi turned RIGHT "Sir we are going to the library.. See you.."
Prof. Vardhan shook his head with a slight smile.. "Kuch nai ho sakta Dream Team ka.. !" 
"Gone.. Totally gone.. Iss baar tho Sanyukta Mujhe beat karke rahegi.. Mujhe tho Electrical Engineering ka E tak Yaad nai hai.." Randhir was talking to himself.. Suddenly something struck him.. "Arey Mein tho Mechanical Engineering kar raha hu.. 😟 Course tak Yaad nai hai Mujhe.. Bhul Jao Randhir bhul Jao Rank No. 1 tho nikal Gaya samjho haathon se.." While he was busy talking to himself, he noticed a familiar figure standing opposite to him.. It resembled Kishore Agarwal.. 
Randhir cursed himself " Oh God! Ab yahi hona Baaki tha.. I am hallucinating aur mere hallucination me mere Biwi ke jagah uska baap.. 😑 Jaha dekhu Wahi dikhta hai.. I have lost it.. Completely.." He closed his eyes and tried to move away while he heard someone. Along out to him.. "Randhir beta.." 
"What the hell?!? Can I even hear voices in my hallucination? Or... Is it for real?" He turned to face him while Kishore was still standing there.. " You are here for real? I mean seriously? Sharam naam ki koi cheez hai.. Suna hai bhi tumne? Phir chale aaye Muh utake jo bhi hua kal uske baad bhi? Isse Pehle koi tumhe yaha dekh le, just nikal Jao yaha se.." Randhir himself felt he was behaving a typical sasur in a Saas Bahu story but Kishore hadn't given him a choice.. He had always surrounded him and Sanyukta no matter where they went.. More than the lovely moments they have shared the lonely moments.. It was taking a heavy toll on him.. 
"No Randhir.. Please let me talk for a while.. I am here to apologize for all my cheap behavior.. Seriously trust me.." Kishore kept pleading.. Randhir looked around for a while, went near Mr. Agarwal and lowered his tone "Look Mr. Agarwal, if you have any grudge on me, I ll let you know the time and place.. You can come and torture me all you want.. But I just want you to leave Sanyukta alone.. She doesn't deserve this.. She doesn't deserve any of this.. You want money? I can arrange how much ever you want.. Just please leave us alone.." It was very unusual of Randhir to plead to someone.. He never did it for once all his life but when it came to her, when it came to his "HER" it was all different.. He could reach the Mount Everest at the same time he was willing to touch the deep Mariana Trench, all for her..
Parth who was watching all this from behind, came forward.. "Randhir.. Yeh yaha kya kar raha hai? Already exams ka tension hai, Ab yeh? I don't like his face, please ask him to get out.." He said..
"I was just asking him to do the same.." Randhir replied.. 
"Randhir.. I am not here to justify any of the things I did or said.. I am simply here to apologize to both of you.. Once I do it, I ll go away from your lives.. I promise you that.. But please let me apologize.." Kishore had tears in his eyes
"Randhir.. This guy is really upto something I am telling you.. I smell something fishy" Parth was concerned..
"That's your girlfriend Vidushi Parth.. Look.. She is eating fish.." Randhir pointed to the corner of that room.. "Oho yeh bhi na.." Parth rushed to her "Viduuuu Mujhe bhi do na" Vidushi just flew from that place in a flash.. 
Randhir turned to Kishore.. "I know I can trust you this time.. I have seen both fake and fair tears.. I am an expert differentiating between them both.. Though I do not wish to believe you even in my wildest dreams, your tears somehow seems real to me today.. Go to her, talk to her, if she slaps take it.. I bet she won't though coz she still loves you.. Fix what you screwed.. Assemble the pieces of her, that you had earlier dismantled and get the hell out of here.. You have 30 minutes and it starts now.." Randhir looked at his watch.. Kishore was already on his way to Sanyukta's room, with a wide smile and thank you expression on his face..
Randhir watched him leave.. He secretly hoped that his decision to let him talk to her would turn out to be a right one.. He couldn't let him talk to her alone though, but he can't even be present there.. It was her moment.. He did not wish to intrude.. His mind was thinking fast.. "I know where I should be going.." He smirked.. 
TO BE CONTINUED.. Ah, I know you there had been a long wait.. And I am really sorry for making you guys wait.. I ll try to update in weekends from now on.. Please do leave your comments to let me know that you still haven't forgotten me.. 😉 I ll be looking forward to interact.. Love you all 😘 #Ash

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