Monday, 4 September 2017

Always Be Mine - Part 100

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Part 100:
"What the hell..!" Prof. Vardhan released himself from the hug and stared at her.. She turned to look at the trio who had challenged her but they were nowhere to be seen.. PaRan and YoYo were already on their toes, running hard with immense sweat wetting their shirts.. "Yoyo we are dead today.. That girl ll take our names and we ll be gone.. We just tried setting her up with the Macho Man Vardhan sir.." Parth snapped.. They all stopped running when they reached the classroom entrance.. "Parth Pagal hai kya? We never told her our names.. She doesn't even know we are from ME department.. No way she can identify us among 1000's of students.. So chill.." Randhir had a point.. They never even had introduced themselves to the girl.. Now, they got back the confidence... The trio entered their 4th year class with full of confidence.. 
"Randhir Chalo na.. Let's sit together in the last row.. Please... It's 4th hear already and we wouldn't get an opportunity to sit besides each other ever.. " Parth sounded emotional.. Randhir smiled.. "Chal.." They comfortably took a seat behind everyone, in the last bench.. Last benchers rock in every classroom.. Randhir kept playing with his pen, awaiting to see his lady love.. Just then he remembered that he had asked her to come to canteen.. He immediately pulled off his mobile and texted "Sanyukta come to the class.. I am here.." He smiled.. Parth and YoYo suddenly got under the table, leaving a perplexed Randhir.. "Yeh kya? Tum dono waha kya kar rahe ho? Parth yeh koi nayi tharika hai kya? Dekh, Mein niche n all nai aa sakta.. Upar aa Jao dono.." Parth signaled Randhir to keep quiet and pointed towards the door.. Randhir who turned towards the direction, froze for a minute... There she was, Avantika standing right beside Vardhan sir.. "How on earth did she find us out?" He was stunned to see her over there.. Vardhan and Avantika entered the classroom and Vardhan called out "Randhir.. Come here.." Randhir stood up in awe.. "Sir? Mein?" 
"Yes you..! Come here..!" Vardhan said, Randhir looked down at his best buddies.. "Sir Sirf Mein ya Parth aur Yoyo bhi?" He asked.. Parth and Yoyo went pale... "Parth and Yoyo? Where are they?" Vardhan corrected his specs.. "Sir they are right here.. Dono ke dono Kuch dund rahe hai.. Ek min.. Bhulake ke aata hu.." He bent down.. "Parth Yoyo aao na.. Sir bhula rahe Hai.. Wapas aake dundenge.. Mein madad kar dunga.. Chalo.. Jo mera hai woh Tum dono ka bhi hai na.." He smiled sarcastically, pulling them both from under the table.. Trio cursed each other and their fate and proceeded towards the Man of the morning.. "He seems hungry.. He ll eat us for breakfast dekhna.." Parth was horrified.. They finally reached the place where they were about to be buried..
Vardhan stared them to the fullest and turned towards Avantika.. Trio, expected a full on drama.. "Avantika this is Randhir.. Topper of our department.. Parth and khushwant.. Brilliant bunch of students.. " turned towards Randhir.. "Randhir she is Avantika, once a student in FITE and now.." "Your Professor..! Hi Randhir..!" She offered her hand for a shake, this time he couldn't avoid.. "Mam?" Trio opened their mouth in shock.. "Hi Parth, Hi Khush.." She leaned forward, whispered in such a low tone, she made sure Vardhan couldn't hear them... "Guys don't react too much.. Vardhan is very smart.. And yeah, chill.. I won't let him know about what happened between us.. By the way, I forgive you coz I loved your dare.." She winked at them, leaving them stunned..
"Kya baat hai? You seem to know them already?" Vardhan queried.. "No no.. I just like this bunch of boys.. They seem very intelligent Vardhan.. By the way, I am new here and would like to know more about all of you.. This evening I am organizing a party, do join me to have fun.. I am expecting you people along with your girlfriends.. " she winked again.. "I don't want to bore you with the classes on the very first day so have fun and do join my party.. See you soon.." She left the place along with Vardhan..
"Vardhan.. See you tonight at 7.. Invite is for you as well.. Don't forget to attend.. I hope you don't mind me calling you Vardhan.." She smiled.. "Absolutely not.." He returned the smile..
Evening 7 At the Party:
Sanyukta looked absolutely stunning in a red saree, yeah, it wasn't the dress code of the eve, but she knew Randhir always craved to see her in a saree.. Randhir was looking stunning nothing less than the male lead of Jamie Dornan of Fifty shades of Grey, dressed in a black blazer.. Aww, Sandhir grabbed all the eyeballs of that evening.. He was completely mesmerized by the way she was dressed.. He offered her his elbow and she held on to it, like a perfect couple.. "You look stunning Miss..!" He whispered in her ear.. "And you look perfect Mister..!" She smiled.. Vidarth were the next cutest.. Avantika addressed the crowd..
"Good Evening all of you! Thanks for joining me in my party.. So to start off, let me introduce myself.. I am associated with FITE for quite a long time.. When I was in my 1st year, Vardhan was in his final year.. He then became my professor.. Now here I am, joining him in his profession.. I am not as strict as you think or Atleast as Vardhan is.. I can be your best buddy in college.. Trust me, I love fun.. Few of you, might have already seen a demo.. Hai na Randhir?" She looked at Randhir, who gave an embarrassing smile.. "Yep.. So enjoy yourselves to the fullest.." She came down but then suddenly remembered something and got the mike again.. "By the way, I have done full research on FITE.. I have heard a lot about a couple lately.. SanDhir.. Talk of FITE isn't it? They indeed look very cute.. Randhir, come up the stage and let us know what you feel about love, this Valentines day.. Come on..!" Randhir hesitated a bit but decided otherwise.. He adjusted his blazer and got onto the stage..
Randhir looked at his lady love, gave a smirky smile, that hit her right on her heart.. "Sanyukta.. You know na? I suck in romantic talks.. I am so very blunt.. Ask about machines, I might give a ten page long speech, but when it's love, I go speechless.. For me, you define love.. Our relationship gives a perfect meaning to the word LOVE.. Just remember one thing, Randhir will always love you, no matter what.. I don't need a reminder on my calendar, to mark 14th feb in order to express my love for you.. I love you from 1st Jan to 31sf Feb, irrespective of the years.. Every day is a valentine day for me.. I may hurt you, but not hate you anyday.. I take this opportunity to announce our relationship to the open world.. Guys, we aren't just a two love birds anymore, we are married.. Perfectly married couple.. She is my lawfully wedded wife and I am her lawfully wedded husband.. People take our relationship to the next level through marriage but our relationship started right there in that level.. We are Sandhir we did things differently.. If you ask me, what's the difference between you and us, I would say, it's our unconditional love that we have for each other.. Sanyukta, I would like to propose you yet again.." He went down on his knees.."I will be everything you wish me to be... Will you be my everything too?" He gave her a look that swept her off her feet..
Sanyukta rushed upto the stage to hold on to his Randhir.. Tears, he gave her happy tears yet again.. "You are my everything Randhir.." She pulled him up and hugged him tight.. He hugged her back.. "My Rotlu.. Mat Rona please.." He whispered, got hold of her face and wiped her tears.. "I love you Sanyukta.." He kissed her on her forehead..
"I love you too Randhir..!" She went for a hug, but ended up hugging empty space.. Randhir was down on the floor, unconscious... "Randhirrrrr.....!" She froze...

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